Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do you remember a while back when I blogged about LOVING the rock & roll biker-esque trend coming to light for Fall '09? And how I said I adored it but to make it my own wished to mix in some Gossip Girl inspired plaids and crests and head bands and basically "back to school" the look up. Give bad a$$ rocker  a little girlie twist? No? Here it is:
So yeah... imagine my delight upon receiving (yes I caved and subscribed) the latest issue of Lucky this month. Starting from the back (where all the fashion editorial you really want to see right of the bat exists) I zeroed in on a story that I felt completely, totally epitomized my own little twist. I felt thrilled, as I dug every look, every caption! I even got a little inspired. (Am totally going to pair my sequin skirt to a preppy cotton button down, question is- Do I HAVE a preppy cotton button down? Will absolutely give the posh jacket back to liquid leggings a go, again, if I can dig up such a jacket in my never-ending pit of a closet.) Chances are, this story's probably going to spur another little shopping dalliance. The quest? Likely a preppy button down & and a poshy jacket. Lord knows what else... In the meantime, dig through your own wardrobe. See how (should you love the look too) you too can pull together upper east side-meets-Joan Jett-inspired looks. Go on. It'll be fun. 

What to look for...
Prep school staples:
plaid skirts
plaid jackets
hounds tooth prints
herringbone prints
prepster cotton button-downs
boyfriend blazers
boyfriend cardigans
menswear vests
pearls, strands and strands of them
loafers (heeled and patent preferred) 

Indie rocker staples:
liquid leggings
skinny jeans
destroyed denim
leather jackets/pleather jackets
exposed zippered ANYthing
ANYthing metallic
sparkling sequin miniskirts
MILE HIGH hardware heels
studded booties
dark patterned tights
chunky chains
pyramid stud cuffs

All grainy photos are courtesy of Lucky's September issue. Happy Fall Fashion! 


p.s. am not wearing a tiara in first photo. that's a trick of the sun. simply a black and white patent head band. WISH it were a tiara....


  1. Lovin the houndstooth. You rock that look so well!

  2. :-) merci Vanessa. gracias jewel! IN LOVE with fashion. canNOT get enough.


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