Thursday, September 30, 2010

balenciaga explodes prints
& patterns. and that's love.
major love. specifically
houndstooth. and wow,
check out their hot pants.

a wee glimpse
at an otherwise blah
i do ADORE the dimenional blooms on her shoulder.
and the sexy, vintage black frills below.
the rest was rather boxy and shapeless.

hot pants.
hot damn.
i want.
that's one thing i've taken
away from spring so far.
serious pants. they shine.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i caught deerhunter a few years ago opening for yeah yeah yeahs at a strange venue called club cinema in pompano beach, fl that was rumored to be owned by johnny depp. bradford cox was wearing a
bright green fuzzy jumpsuit that reminded me of childhood PJs. i was entertained. but now? i am enthralled.
deerhunter's halcyon digest just released today but i've been playing it over & over via NPR's website. below you can hear the three tracks that have risen to the top for me thus far. hope you dig. if you don't, we're breaking up.


Roberto Cavalli was fringe benefits galore. subdued hues, yet so sexy—in sheer fabrics with peek-a-boo cut-outs.

giorgio armani was a vast sea of midnight blue, inspired by the allure of exotic places. turbans, harem-esque pants, fitted pants under dresses as you see so much in india. all in a rich, moody indigo.

Friday, September 24, 2010

wishing you a light-filled friday
& a brilliant weekend

fave sounds this week:
look at me - mirrors

helicopter - deerhunter

danse pop - greatest hits

i am trying (Flosstradamus Remix) - greenkeepers

paperback - the mouse folk
The Mouse Folk - Paperback by The Mouse Folk
see birds - balam acab


Thursday, September 23, 2010

springtime in bella italia
dolce & gabbana, prada, gucci.
i love you too.
you brought color.
vivid. splashy. prismatic. rainbows of it.
and prints that celebrated spring in such
a femme, demure, inspiring way.
italian fashion = art.
dolce & gabbana
dolce & gabbana
dolce & gabbana
dolce & gabbana
dolce & gabbana

milan's various collections were all so striking.
it's love.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

hope you held on to your harem pants, am seeing them sprinkled throughout fashion, fashion everywhere. whenever i wear any such item with far-off-land leanings i want to do yoga poses & eat spicy foods.
in a total lucky mag-esque random look comprised of my "vintage" floral cardigan from boston proper, bright yellow target tank top, victoria's secret silk pant, forever 21 tassel necklace.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i caught the burberry prorsum show today online & while the live stream had its glitches, the whole concept blows my mind. there was a time that we wouldn't get to see what happened at shows until months and months and months after they took place. now. you can see them immediately. like you're on the 1st row & that rules. while the show began with almost classic trench coats (cool quilting and leather accents gave them an edge), it gave way to deliciously acidic splashes of color. a strong moto focus. eye-popping animal prints. luxe ruching. and WOW me metallics. yay yay yay, london continued to save spring '11. #effwhiteminimalism

in a scandalously annoying knit mini-dress.
(annoying because it hiked up constantly, had me tugging it down all damned day)
by billabong, acquired at quiet flight.
(yeah, the surf shop.)

Monday, September 20, 2010

thank you london.
you have wowed & rocked
spring '11
narrowing down what to post from london was a b!tch.
there was SO much brilliance to choose from. i have only scratched the surface. if you dig what you see, search & feast your eyes on more. london, i love you.
check it:
sass & bide
sass & bide did a ton of these amazing shakespearean collars. & i loved every last one. totally dig the print of this dress too.
house of holland
shining stars on the palest of blue trouser? i'm so in. loved them with the sea-hued space-dyed sweater. hard.
mathew williamson
this dress feels like looking upward in a basilica in italy. but as a hot hot hot mini-dress. how killer.
house of holland
sweet confectionery pleats in sea foam, you can just imagine the heavenly movement this cascading hem dress creates. it's love.
vivienne westwood
these. pants. sparkle. and. slay.
how to get my hands on them? and the rich, gorgeous blue hue.
love love love.
vivienne westwood
what marie antoinette would have worn if she were queen in the spring of 2011. j'adore the mix of patterns. the beautiful colors. the shape of the sleeves...
darling and hot. splashy blooms, ruffles & lace—if this is prim & proper, i want in.