Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A girl can never have too many Union Jack tops, can she? Oh yes, I'm cluing you in to but another one of my little fashion quirks. I see one, I buy it. I think I currently own four. The latest—spotted at a store I generally ABHOR & am a little embarrassed to say I went to. Max Azria & Miley Cyrus's line at bloody Walmart!!!
Just $7? No love lost.
Purchased Sunday night. (On a car battery run with the German!??!) Had to wear Monday morning. Tossed on my super cute Sequin-lavished zip cardie that I got for a pittance from Boston Proper, black skinny jeans & set out.

The fit? A little annoying. But I like the blurry, stamped on nature of the flag itself. Sunlovey is NOT NOT NOT a morning person. But when I got to work & found a TOPSHOP magazine on my desk with a sheet of Christopher Kane STICKERS tucked inside, brought back to me, thoughtfully,  from London, I perked up a little bit. Ha. OK, a lot. It was, again, like fashion kismet!

And tomorrow night? Off to The Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale to see Psychedelic Furs & Happy Mondays. For me, the British invasion lives on and on and on...


p.s. And speaking of topshop, NO, i DON'T own this one yet... BLIMEY!!!

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