Monday, August 31, 2009

I've had a crash course in LIVING FOR TODAY, but i'm double majoring in FIGHTING FOR TOMORROW.

(this blog is becoming all that it is because it's a reflection of my life. my life generally does revolve around music. fashion. food. travel. but i omit the obvious in saying that. LOVE is crucial. As is HOPE & STRENGTH & FAITH, so please welcome those additional topics. Thank you!)

p.s. this is IT kids. the last day to redeem vitaminwater sync caps for FREE music. i hope you took advantage. i'll miss this cool deal like you wouldn't believe. have been utilizing it since Ultra Music Festival in March. i think, if you wanted to send yourself on a wild goose chase, you could run out right now and hit every store you could in search of sync, get your tail online to and redeem redeem redeem. or... you can just wait for the next amazing perk to come along. there will be more. life's like that.  Tomorrow i promise you a music blog... Got that Scarpetta. 



I'm loving...
ALL THINGS ORGANIC. I am learning that they hold more value than I ever imagined. So... going forward, I'm striving to implement more organic into my daily life by way of foods & products, and 100% organic into my mom's daily life. It's essential. Tips? Share. ASAP. Thanks.

I'm also loving these delightful shoes from J. Crew, in pewter paisley. The heel is NOT quite high enough but otherwise they're darling. So Marie Antoinette (that ALWAYS attracts me, always). J'adore.

And lastly, this amazing find of a necklace owned & worn by my dearest Kristakins. We spotted it last week at Forever 21 (can't find IT on their site, but this one's equally cool & whimsical!). She was on the fence about it late last week, but she's rocking it again today and I am smitten. Layers of chains, birds & leaves = chic brilliance & for cheap!!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

OK... this isn't the place you go for a culinary experience. but the location is in my opinion, a good one. just west of the Intracoastal bridge in Lantana, on the right, somewhat of an institution in south Florida. yeah, Old Key Lime House. WHY go there? It's salty. It's waterfront, they've got FRIED CLAMS (crispy! with REALLY good fries) and... a relatively HUGE new screen and projector set up that amazes. Love how it sits right over the water, the image on the screen reflecting into the Intracoastal.  So I asked (because they were showing football tonight, not my thing) if they show movies on said killer screen and they said YES!!! On Tuesdays. Everyone should check it out. 

Went for a long walk on the beach tonight, which I need to do MUCH more, then there, just because I needed to get out. Heart is heavy. Need to be surrounded by people. Being honest. If you pray, pray for my dear mother. She needs it. I do believe in hope and miracles. I do believe in unforeseen possibilities. I do believe in things turning around for the best. I want all of this. But I am scared. I am strong. But I need her. Yes, this has taken a way too serious turn. But it needed to be said. Please, whomever you are, stumbling upon this, close your eyes and wish one of the most amazing souls on the planet WELLNESS, MIRACLES, HOPE, STRENGTH & A WILL TO FIGHT. 

Am excited about things I've read and heard about clearing the body of toxins. How it helps. Going completely organic. If you have thoughts on the power of this, positive thoughts. Share. 

In fact ALL positive stories, thoughts, perspectives- send MY way. I want to be surrounded, and I want HER surrounded by LOVE and POSITIVISM. 

Thank you SO very much.


(Illustration is from the Old Key Lime House Web site)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One last "episode" of my Egypt trip coming up! With another movie for more of a glimpse into what is was like to actually be there...

...Guess what? We've missed our flight due to major confusion with departure time. June 28th 1:30AM was late LAST night, not late tonight. So... there were not four seats on tonight/tomorrow night's flight out so we must depart tomorrow AKA EARLY Tuesday morning. Poor husband had a nervous breakdown. And he may be angry with me. this will cost us big plus another night at the hotel, + missing two more days of work. What a mess. I feel terrible, but these things happen.  :-(

I am in limbo. Like I'm here in EGYPT, WOW, but stuck kind of, in the middle of nowhere (Giza's a little remote) & running out of cash. Ugh. All part of the experience I suppose...

Maggie & I went for a walk down to the pharmacist & the mobile on the run (yes, again, candy!)  Maggie got a prescription ointment @ the pharmacist for the equivalent of ONE DOLLAR, a Novartis product. WOW, talk about affordable health care. She has a bad sun rash, this should help. Then we went to Felfela for a GREAT BIG Stella ($8 for two)  the to felfela fast food for three falafel sandwiches and a big hot dog for her, + tahina and babaganoush  all for a total of $4.50!? Then brought it back to Tim & Belen at the pool. Now we're hanging by the pool and I feel overwhelmingly off, we should be almost home and instead we're going to be two days late! It is SO quiet at the pool because the weekend is over and everyone we've met has left. It's just bad all around. :-( It's weird I'm so affected by an extended vacation? Gotta let that go. 

So- after the pool we got dressed, had more perfect cappuccinos, & watched the bizarre candle lighting ceremony that takes place in the hotel lobby nightly at 7pm.  Weird, they dim the lights, blare cool music, then four guys in white gowns come down the stairs and light a lot of little candles. 

Then we caught a cab to Mena House, finally. And I finally felt "this was meant to be." WOW. Fabulous. Lavish. AND a belly dancing convention going on?! Amazing views, the presidential suite where GW Bush actually slept has a MAD view of the pyramids. Lanterns and details Tim & both LOVED, everywhere. Hand drinks in the GORGEOUS bar, while a flutist, violinist  & pianist played. 

Took a cab back to Felfela (yes, again. i know. but the freakin' falafel there!!!) Dinner, then outside on their patio, before a HUGE screen, with the Brazil  vs. USA game on + sheesha. Brazil beat the us, 3 to 2, boo! Otherwise, considering, a good day...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the night has escaped me. so i leave you with this excerpt from a magazine i'm reading, such a valuable message to take to heart: 

"Life is a ceremony. In ancient times it was important to be connected, to be 'in a relationship' with each moment of life, not to push away or devalue everyday life—to give a 'thank you' to another day."

let that be your wee break from all things FASHION. MUSIC. FOOD. TRAVEL.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Yesterday I woke up with a smile on my face, and it had nothing to do with being excited about some new piece of clothing in my closet waiting for me to wear it. (although I DID wear a new dress!)

Instead, it was the knowledge that in a few short hours I would be rushing up an elevator to a delicious and champagne-filled experience in the sky.

We were meeting excellent friends of ours at Hyatt Pier 66,
Finally, the stars had aligned. I'd seen photos, I'd heard tales. I'd imagined, I'd LUSTED. This lust began last year, upon spottingsaid photos, upon hearing Veuve Clicquot flowed endlessly. Trust me, I've been patient. It's been tough.
OK so yeah, we arrive, we valet the car, we make our way to the elevator, we go up, we exit, I beam. It looked exactly like the photos. The brunch spread was glorious. And there were
beautiful orange-label bottles everywhere. And that says nothing of the
view at the top of the tower
that is Pier 66. I've been there for a wedding reception. It's all glass and it revolves. It's GOT to be the best view in Ft. Lauderdale.
We're greeted instantly, by an extremely pleasant guy with a nice accent, asked immediately if we'd like a glass of champagne, the answer's yes. ICE cold bubbly in hand we move magnetically to a window to stare out upon a gorgeous South Florida day.

Seriously, picture
the perfect surroundings, every detail is right on, top notch, elegant, yet modern. Down to the silverware, the glasses, the petite plates and dishes. When you arrive at your table an understated menu is tucked into the napkin at your place setting. Read it, you'll salivate. Then, check it out in real life! As you make your way to the center of the room you'll find yourself marveling over the perfect and creative presentation of
some insanely good culinary delights. DIG THE HELL IN! Remember, I'm a pescatarian. So the delights I indulged in were either vegetarian or seafood, and trust me, I wanted for nothing.

The offerings were delectable and their presentations were so charming I shook my head in disbelief. I'm not exaggerating.

Those with me enjoyed everything else. My champagne glass never came close to being empty. Fresh squeezed OJ mimosas are also available, as are Grey Goose bloody mary's. Only the finest. Perhaps next time. There WILL be a next time.

We definitely over did it a little. But I loved the small plate sizes, they kept you in check, I coined the experience "tapas brunch". The location is definitely what draws you in, but it's the food & the service that make you fall in love. Please. ASAP. Treat yourself to brunch
@hyattpier66 -yes, that's their twitter name. (I highly suggest reservations: Tel:
+1 954 525 6666 )

i HAVE NOT forgotten you! At least two BIG blog topics in the pipeline, competing to be written first. Patience is a virtue. ;-)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I had to take a brief video of me using way too many adjectives
as i stood and stared at the sphinx in babble-inducing awe. note the egyptian
speaking to us towards the end, offering to take our photo with the sphinx &
pyramids behind us.
"Thank You!" "Shukran!" " اﺮﻜﺷ "
thought i'd share. nice segue back into the journal no? we last
left off with me about to board the night train back to Giza via Cairo.

...Le Meridien is lovely.
The pool- perfect. the view from the pool- UNBELIEVABLE. Pyramids in full view,
you can't help but gasp upon first sight WOW. Spent the day relaxing by the pool
had a yummy cheese & tomato sandwich. Tim & I took a walk & found a Mobile
On The Run. A pyramid-VIEW Mobile On The Run. Bought some candy (ALL
EUROPEAN CANDIES HERE), water, chips & hallelujah! conditioner! (hair's in
knots). Then dinner, don't laugh! at Laredo "Tex Mex", a wee break from Egyptian.
(I ALWAYS seek out Mexican restaurants in foreign countries, Germany, India...)
Then they smoked sheesha & we watched Brazil vs. South Africa.

Today we had cappuccinos & pineapple pastries then set out for the great pyramids
& sphinx. Our driver took us in his old Mercedes. Once we took in the perfect panoramic
view of all three we hopped on camels & rode through the desert to the base of the largest
pyramid. My camel was a little brat. :-) But a pretty white color, named Ali. We got great
photos & i took a small video. (see above) we also visited a large wooden boat they
excavated by the pyramid. that boat is believed to be built for the sun god or for a pharaoh
to cross to the after life in. was amazingly crafted.

Then, THE SPHINX- OMG i could not believe it. I couldn't. I felt so lucky to be there. Just
staring, the three majestic pyramids behind it. There are no words. There really aren't.

Tonight we ate at Nubian Village, tons of mezzah (appetizers), then I tried Om Ali, a layered
dessert of pastry, cocont, cream & raisins. decadent. good. Now we're by the pool, they're smoking
sheesha, I'M SICK OF SHEESHA. :-( I wanted to check out the Mena House Oberoi hotel instead.
I will INSIST tomorrow. Maggie & Belen bought me the most lovely bracelet today, I love it.
But right now... I'm full. Until later.

Next night-
Woke up & had cappuccinos and pastries again, then set back out for a return go of wheeling &
dealing at Khan Khalili. All of us, on a mission. A nice girl we met a few days prior tagged along.
We all did quite well finding, bartering and collecting some incredible treasures & tokens of our
trip, as well as presents for everyone. Was fun! You DO get good at it!

It's thrilling diving into the narrow passages & small shops in search of this & that.

After the bazaar it was back to the hotel, take-out lunch from felfela & the afternoon by the pool-
one of the hotel shop owners made & gave me a sterling silver cartouche with my name in
hieroglyphics upon it. quite nice of them, a "present" he said. another hotel shop owner gave me
a pack of gum, another "present". Egyptians can be crafty. Egyptians are very kind.
oh how i love swim up bars!
further, swim up bars with pyramid views.
Tonight we went to the Sound & Lights Spectacular @ the pyramid/sphinx. i was reluctant,
certain it would be so cheesy & touristy, i generally RUN from things like that however a
chance to see them all together one last time. sun setting.
A beautiful breeze, an insane sunset & a spectacular show. We are so lucky. It brought ancient
history to life, it choked me up a bit. We all loved it. tomorrow we will enjoy a big breakfast, check
out Mena House & pack. We don't fly until 1am but must check out by 4pm. UGH.
A lonnng day of travel to come.
p.s. some disturbing news, both Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett have died. :-(
oh and, I LOVE EGYPT.
'til tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I interrupt this day to thank Target for fueling my headband, pyramid stud & glitter addiction for less than $5 BUCKS. Got that Target?
Thank you.
Love, Sunlovey

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Super Quick, Incredibly Edgy Throw Back to Punk DIY Necklace

Fall '09 is BIG on statement necklaces.
You, however have no cash, or perhaps, just want something fresh and different to wear tomorrow. On the fly. A killer reason to get up in the morning. Round up safety pins. you have them somewhere. oftentimes they're used to attach pretty tags to new clothes, or used to attach dry cleaning to hangers, FIND SOME. the more, the better.

then, rummage through your jewels. faux pearls and costume rhinestones work best. strive to use two (or more!) necklaces of the same length. lay necklaces out, unclasped and begin affixing necklaces together with safety pins. your done. mad easy, no? now get out there and wear your instant DIY creation with pride. YOU ROCK.


Do you have an ex, that has held a deep, huge chunk of your heart since you were in junior high?
An ex that you fell hard for the summer before 8th grade and loved with severe naiveté for years & years.
An ex that taught you passion, taught you danger, taught you hard cold truths.
An ex that you left behind at times, but returned to again & again, because your addiction to said ex ran so deep. 
How about an ex that kicked you when you were down just a few years back. Made you swear off such devotion forever. 

But then, like always, time healed all wounds. Time allowed you to look backwards with a crazy fondness that managed to trump and crush your anger. That slyly coerced you to forget the kick in the teeth that ex dealt you. 

Then rumours surfaced that your ex was back, a fierce, familiar obsession returned, and you found yourself blaring Enjoy the Silence in the car and counting down the days 'til you were reunited... Depeche Mode is that ex. No joke. 

Just 18 days.
Until musical euphoria.
Seen them live?
It's an experience.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Had a fashion epiphany over the weekend: web shopping is double the euphoria. 1st Placing the order & 2nd receiving the package!!
And now, back to Egypt...We went out last night with a man we met at the pool that was from Cairo, an actor & A NUDIST, with an American accent!? to a place called Genesis—insanely decorated & owned by a Egyptian man and Russian woman. Crazy atmosphere, huge light up fish tanks for tables, Christmas lights, country flags... a petite pool out back with a light up water fall. So surreal. The owners' daughter was named McKenzie, spoke perfect English and had a HUGE personality and imagination. They had a great dane, a horse and a CAMEL—the prettiest one I've ever seen!!! The camel was a pale, creamy color, so clean and so friendly. What a night! The Egyptian man we were with was hilarious, such a character. Got home around 2, slept 'til 10, skipping breakfast, then went to Karnak Temple. It was hotter than the fiery pits of hell but quite impressive. You can't fathom the vast scale of these places. The columns' circumferences were like red wood forest tree trunks, perhaps bigger?! And covered entirely in hieroglyphics. How much those ancients had to say on every single flat surface they could carve their symbols into!It's beautiful and it makes me crazy I want to read it all! Curiosity fills me as I stare on end at these perfectlyformed symbols everywhere!!! There are many depictions of Pharaohs, their queens, gods, their children. And some of these things are still, after thousands of years, SO COLORFUL.I learned yesterday that they made the various colors with crushed semiprecious stones, water and egg whites. The stone explanation completely makes sense regarding the color lasting the way it has, so impressive. There were many sphinx's there as well and striking statuary of kings and queens. All enormous. I just can't tell you enough! But GOD it is so hot.
Here in Egypt, all sites requiring tickets for entry have the same beautifully designed tickets with small holographs upon them. I'm saving them all. After Karnak's impressive structures there was also an ancient lake that existed as far back as Hatshepsut, but then again, hello! So has the Nile river!

After Karnak we went to Luxor temple, which at a certain point in time was taken over by Roman Christians who painted their frescoes OVER hieroglyphics, for a surprising mixture of both today.

However, I totally omitted writing about yesterday! Our trip to the West Bank, Valley of the Kins, Valley of the Queens, Hatshepsut's temple & Memnon's colossi. All outstanding. I can't believe I'm here. I can't. I can't believe the brilliance of the Egyptians so long ago. We saw King Tut's actual tomb & his mummy!!! CAN NOT BELIEVE IT. The photos that we were allowed to take will somewhat capture all of this, somewhat.

Hatshepsut is fascinating. She ruled for 20 years as a man!! Had them all fooled! And was apparently very powerful and productive, her temple attests to this.
Then we went to an alabasterfactory which truly did blow me away. to take chunks of jagged stones & rocks and turn them into fragile,delicate vessels, I can't believe the beauty. I got one piece and a couple of old ceramic pieces, as well as a bust of king tut in lapis for my dad. Then we came back to the hotel, ate a little lunch had a drink and spent a couple hours at the pool. It is so refreshing after the heat and the view is great. (THE NILE!) Then, we took a felucca (a wooden sail boat) down the Nile to Banana Island. All the bananas we could eat and hot tea! Plus an encounter with Egyptian police! Was an experience.

Back to today... just had a pedicure, fuchsia glitter with black flowers. When in Egypt. ;-) Tonight we take a train back to Cairo, Giza actually. And stay at Le Meridien. Ah the night train again. :-( Will pick up food to take on board this time for sure.

***I told a fib, I said I'd blog over the weekend & I failed to do so. How can I make it up to you?***

Just a couple weeks left to drink Vitaminwater Sync & use the cap code towards FREE music. I brought a couple bottles on the lake with me yesterday which = gratis tunes today!!

I'm leaning towards The Big Pink...

Listened to Phoenix all weekend & I'm loving it.
Another awesome Sync purchase... Am going to be so sad to see this promotion go. :-(

Friday, August 14, 2009

I've got GREAT jeans... Just sayin'. I am madly in love with the ones I'm wearing today and it's taken me ages to fall hard for a pair of jeans. Seems there is ALWAYS something not quite right, you know? Gapping in the back, too short, too long, bunchy knees, not enough stretch, poor pocket placement, yeah i could go on & on...

But these babies, that i got from a little over a month ago are IT. They're by Taverniti, which if you do a web search, aren't terribly easy to come across. They're not even on's radar. I don't care. The length is right, the wash is right (faded black) the distressing is right (not too much), the leg is right, love the twisted belt loops, random extra stitching and the pockets are insane.

There are a lot of "boyfriend" jeans (way oversized & baggy) out there right now, a lot of "destroyed" denim (tattered, holey, even slashed), high waist, ultra-low rise, boot-cut, straight leg, skinny leg, wide leg, colored denim, dark washes, light washes, it has GOT to be overwhelming for many.

Need help? Here's what I'd do...

I say start with the rise and the leg. Get your butt into a place like Nordstrom. WEAR heels. If you're a big fan of flip flops, stash them in your purse too. Then, let your eyes guide you to a few pairs that strike your fancy. Read their tags re: rises, note the length of the zipper, if it's quite short, they're LOW rise. Note the leg, does it sort of bell out? Look straight? Look tapered and skinny?

I'd suggest that you take a mid rise and a low rise, a boot-cut and a straight leg in the fitting room with you and put them on. I guarantee at least one pair will appaul you, possibly ALL FOUR. It's cool. That's normal. Keep trying. Do not run out screaming! All things considered of those first four, find the silver lining! Which rise do you think you look best in? Feel most comfortable in? Bend over, do you look like a plumber? Yeah? GET THOSE OFF.

Point is, once you figure out your rise and leg style (try on WITH shoes to perfect length), you're in great shape. OH, but how could I forget, A LOT of designer denim comes in sizes from like 25 to 35. Gotta narrow in on your number too. OK, so RISE, LEG, NUMBER. Figure that out and you're on your way. From there you can wade through ALL the other factors, (I personally find this so fun, & if you need help, seriously ASK, i've been known to personal shop for both male & female shop-aphobes.)

In the end, YOU MUST have at least ONE pair of jeans you ADORE. And I'll go out on a limb and say at least FIVE pairs you really like (yes five). In this day and age, that's just how it is. Right Scarletti? :-) HAPPY FRIDAY! & I PROMISE to blog this weekend. I hope you care! ;-)

Love, Sunlovey

p.s. by no means do i love the "butt" shot. but i wanted you to fully see the pocket detail as that's what sold me on these. they are low rise, and skinny leg by the way.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Egypt in Photos...
from bottom to top: cairo sunsets (photos 1 and 2), Khan al Khalili bazaar, piles of pitas in bazaar, delicious fare at upstairs restaurant in bazaar, me on the Abela sleeper train, our first view of the Nile in Luxor (that's a felucca)

Egypt Continued... (raw & uncut)
Had lunch @ a little upstairs place recommended by a shop owner that sold scent oils, it was called Al Ahd Al Jadid- they brought a huge tray out with everything they had & asked us to pick what we wanted- we were the only tourists and the food was so good. really. Egyptians are so curious about us, about us liking it here, if we're being treated well, feeling welcome. & MANY of them tell us they love Obama. "Obama is for peace, Bush was for blood" one man said to me.

So... got some sleep on the train once the beds were set up. I was on the top bunk, tim on bottom, maggie stayed up the entire night looking out the window. I stared out as well & all night long we saw people out and about & about. Also, mosques at night are lit up by bright neon lights. It seemed like no time and we were being told to wake up, get ready to get off the train!

what a b!tch carrying our luggage up the many stairs, esp. at 5:30AM with little sleep in HOT AS HADES Luxor. Lord have mercy! Got a cab for 20 Egyptian pounds to Iberotel. They were kind enough to let us check in right away and we went up to our rooms, checked out the view from our balcony (AMAZING, the Nile is so lovely here in Luxor, breath taking), showered and passed out for a few hours.

I ended up getting up and checking out the pool etc. with maggie. We had tea & coffee, then came to get tim, he walked down to check out the pool too (OH, i forgot, maggie shopped her BUTT off after coffee) then we were going to have lunch in the hotel restaurant... they said buffet or a la cart? we said we wanted to look at the buffet, maggie went first and totally fell, HARD, screwing up two of her fingers badly, one looked broken & i saw right then tons of dirty water on the floor!

She was eventually taken in a cab, with the manager and tim to the Luxor hospital, it was a disaster. The day slipped by and poor, poor maggie went thru a lot. when they finally came back the hotel gave us lunch- bread, cheese, eggs & french fries? and we ate with the managers as they apologized. WAS SO WEIRD. & I am still MAD about that water by the buffet, the mgr. said it was a bottle of water spilled by one of the guests, i told him right away, NO WAY.

We then went to the pool for the afternoon, then showered and walked along the Nile to the Winter Palace for dinner. What a gorgeously furnished hotel, so Marie Antoinette. I had yellow lentil soup & sea bass. We walked back and I sorted out a guide for tomorrow's West Bank sites. 250 Egyptian pounds. We will leave at 7:30 & see AMAZING things. We'd like to take a felucca ride on the Nile while here. Until later! Prayers for maggie to feel better. Thanks to tim for being so helpful...

(the down low: i sorted out said guide with a guy at a tourist trap shop, got to be "friends" with him. he got us a brilliantly educated English speaking guide, a driver and air conditioned van for approx. $30 for an entire day, it pays to be friendly & to get to know people you encounter out there)