Wednesday, September 30, 2009

 happy mondays  grooved. 
bouncy and muffled to some degree. try and set that aside. was taken with my silly cell phone. for posterity.

Seeing them live last night was one of those kinds of things that happens in life by chance. You don't really go out of your way at any point to ensure it happens and yet you find yourself experiencing something really cool and you walk away feeling lucky.

Knowing I was seeing them recalled nostalgia for England. Provoked thought about Manchester's Hacienda and the quirky flick 24 Hour Party People . Had to call my 3 One G boys and tell them where I was. Because you see, Happy Mondays played a huge roll in all that was going on with the dance/rave seen in England, post the heavy post punk Joy Division era.

Shaun Ryder's packed on some, err?, years. But man, I know the mad crowds they've stirred up and that made me feel lucky to be in their groovy presence. Their female back-up singer  has some dance moves I must find on youtube somewhere and emulate with abandon. She's a firecracker.  Kinky Afro & Step On rocked the room. 

psychedelic furs = perfection - annoying sax parts at times

Then Psychedelic Furs took the stage and I gawked at Richard Butler the entire show. He does interpretive dance, nonstop. His voice is flawless. Should any hardcore Furs fan stumble upon my humble blog, forgive, because I'm gonna say it. Ghost In You, Pretty In Pink, Heartbreak Beat, Heartbeat, well, they killed it the most and they're the songs that had the most commercial success, I know. Can't stress enough how quality they sounded. Felt like I was hearing them in the studio. I found myself closing my eyes a lot really hearing the layers of their sound. Often reminded me of The Cure. Moody, beautiful.

So you see, neither band was ever my favorite, but each played a real part in the soundtrack that's been my life. Psychedelic Furs (AND Love Spit Love ) in high school, Happy Mondays in college. So it was a privilege to see them both. And I got a bad a$$ long-sleeve Furs shirt out of the deal.


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