Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Depeche Mode - Bank Atlantic Center - Sounds of the Universe Tour
Our seats, NOT great. BUT, good enough. Section 115. This was good because it enabled us to fully appreciate the band's use of the incredible screens behind them. 

Opening act: Peter Bjorn & John
Thoughts: They're a killer band. And it's gotta be difficult when you're a band like them, that usually plays small venues. usually HEADLINES small venues. has a serious following that loves you mucho, but finds yourself opening for a band that's been enchanting ITS following since the '80s. And doing it BRILLIANTLY. the good thing is, they went first (because post DM I nearly forgot I saw them too), and those of us that aren't total IDIOTS sending ridiculous texts during Peter Bjorn & John's set saying that they sound like bad karaoke really enjoyed seeing them live. Great energy. Pulled off good sound in a huge arena. Said they'd be back in March. Cool. Highlight for me: It Don't Move Me
Crowd caught on to: Young Folks (of course) OK, so they play a pretty short set, leave the stage and we wait, and wait, and wait some more. Fortunately to a good soundtrack. Rumor had it, Martin had everything to do with the pre-music? Confirmation of this?

The energy building before a Depeche Mode show is unique. I don't know how I forgot that. People are moving to the pre-music. People are buzzing. And not from drinks. From this anticipation that's multi-sensory. Truth is every female in that venue is DYING to see David Gahan. Ironic that the show starts with his smooth baritone voice filling the room with "The way you move....." Because it's really about the way HE moves. But I've digressed. AND i have some clarifying to do. If Dave were 300 lbs,  I would still adore them in massive ways.  I promise. 

Yeah, back to the waiting... finally the gigantic disco ball above the stage lights up with a HUGE DM and the entire crowd roars to life. More minutes pass and I feel myself growing anxious but then, finally, the lights flicker out and people are walking onto the stage and my heart accelerates to speeds it ain't used to, then voila. THERE THEY ARE. Finally. And yeah, they open with In Chains off their latest album and I'm perfectly fine with that. Martin L. Gore is sparkling like my Report Signature all-glitter heels and Dave looks lithe and fit in all black. Fletch is just Fletch, happy to be Fletch. The audience is thrilled. 

We get through Wrong (forgive, NOT my favorite, but NOT awful either, liked it better live than recorded) and then it's like a landslide of pure, gorgeous brilliance. Jaw to the floor lights and imagery. Gahan's fluid moves. Martin's star guitar. People, I haven't been this enamored by a show in a good while. OK, since The Cure last summer. But this is different. Depeche Mode makes you beg for them. They don't come around too often. They're like a crazy bottle of prized Bordeaux that you can only indulge in maybe a few times in your life. You cherish their presence. You hold it too high. But that makes the time you're actually seeing them an elevated kind of killer. 

Highlights: Hard to pin point. But I will...
In Chains, Hole to Feed, It's No Good, Fly On the Windscreen (NEARLY LOST MY MIND WHEN THEY STARTED PERFORMING THIS), A Question of Lust, Policy of Truth, I Feel You, OK and the rest of the set... seriously. This is ridiculous. They came with their A-game. We were ALL astonished by how quality, how fantastic the show was. 

What I could have done without: Wrong, Walking in My Shoes, Little Soul

What I HATE that they didn't play: World In My Eyes, Waiting For The Night, Photographic (I know, that's not realistic), Black Celebration, Just Can't Get Enough (jeer all you want, that song live is SUBLIMELY fun)

Cool Moment(s): David Gahan coming back on stage post Martin's Shake the Disease saying "OH MY GOD" like he too was in total awe... 

Dave spinning endlessly. 

Dave dancing.

Martin sparkling.

The boys hugging at the very end like great friends. 

My husband THANKING ME for dragging him to a Depeche Mode show

So sad it's over, so blessed to have been there though. 


p.s. may add more to this blog as thoughts come to me. more videos + photos too. 

Complete Set list:
In Chains
Hole To Feed
Walking In My Shoes
It's No Good
A Question Of Time
Fly On The Windscreen
Little Soul
A Question Of Lust
Miles Away / The Truth Is
Policy Of Truth
In Your Room
I Feel You
Enjoy The Silence
Never Let Me Down Again
Encore #1
Shake The Disease
Behind The Wheel
Encore #2
Personal Jesus

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