Sunday, January 27, 2013

a sun dappled wintry day in sofla.

yeah, this is january in south florida.
yeah, i'm somewhat terrified of zipping down the intracoastal as the driver. 
yeah my fuzzy free people sweater, a gift from my dad in honor of my mom looks fab with spring awakening (the major necklace i'm wearing). 
yeah, i'm obsessed with spring awakening.
yeah, equally obsessed with my spode-like nail polish & brocade shorts too. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

I still get dressed. I still listen to music. Sometimes...

Midtown. Miami. Being led by L. 
Savannah, GA. 

Wellington, FL park stroll with L.

I miss this place. And by place, I mean my little funky land of Sunlovey Forever. It's just hard to "get here" lately. Such is life with a toddler & a new sparkling business venture. Just know you're LOVED, oh readers. I will do better. 

P.S. Some French sound for you (& me), per usual, discovered thanks to Hipster Runoff. The remix is waaaaay more dancey fancy, as you will feeeeeel in the youtube vid below, but I did find the orig. version as a FREE download, so have at it. 

Housse de Racket... Roman. (Oliver Remix.)