Wednesday, September 30, 2009


(oh yeah, more fall must-gets)

A few months ago, before summer came & went with a blink, the various Fall '09 fashion week shows brought us hardcore, structured, '80s shoulders. Some such looks caused me to cringe. Others just rocked it. So recently, when I encountered this bright white knit top for a mere $5.99 at TJ Maxx and noted its ultra-ruched and structured shoulders I flung it in my cart faster than you could say hot damn! 

And being such a chic, yet clean palette, I knew what necklace of mine would finally make its debut. Comprised of chunky mixed metal chains (no, mine is NOT the $3K+ D&G version) and black grosgrain ribbon. Its gold and silver strands inspired me to create a little tribute to it on my wrist by mixing up bracelets of  rhinestones set in gold with black beaded silver skull bracelets & studded cuffs. There are few feelings out there like the feelings a girl has when her look is coming together as if by fate. ;-) Hope you all experience such fashion bliss on occasion. 

 Be on the look out for jackets & shirts that focus on extreme shoulders. As well as mixed metal chains & arm candy.  Until tomorrow...   love,  sunlovey

 happy mondays  grooved. 
bouncy and muffled to some degree. try and set that aside. was taken with my silly cell phone. for posterity.

Seeing them live last night was one of those kinds of things that happens in life by chance. You don't really go out of your way at any point to ensure it happens and yet you find yourself experiencing something really cool and you walk away feeling lucky.

Knowing I was seeing them recalled nostalgia for England. Provoked thought about Manchester's Hacienda and the quirky flick 24 Hour Party People . Had to call my 3 One G boys and tell them where I was. Because you see, Happy Mondays played a huge roll in all that was going on with the dance/rave seen in England, post the heavy post punk Joy Division era.

Shaun Ryder's packed on some, err?, years. But man, I know the mad crowds they've stirred up and that made me feel lucky to be in their groovy presence. Their female back-up singer  has some dance moves I must find on youtube somewhere and emulate with abandon. She's a firecracker.  Kinky Afro & Step On rocked the room. 

psychedelic furs = perfection - annoying sax parts at times

Then Psychedelic Furs took the stage and I gawked at Richard Butler the entire show. He does interpretive dance, nonstop. His voice is flawless. Should any hardcore Furs fan stumble upon my humble blog, forgive, because I'm gonna say it. Ghost In You, Pretty In Pink, Heartbreak Beat, Heartbeat, well, they killed it the most and they're the songs that had the most commercial success, I know. Can't stress enough how quality they sounded. Felt like I was hearing them in the studio. I found myself closing my eyes a lot really hearing the layers of their sound. Often reminded me of The Cure. Moody, beautiful.

So you see, neither band was ever my favorite, but each played a real part in the soundtrack that's been my life. Psychedelic Furs (AND Love Spit Love ) in high school, Happy Mondays in college. So it was a privilege to see them both. And I got a bad a$$ long-sleeve Furs shirt out of the deal.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Images&Objects i've fallen for... 

A D&G ad in Elle October so bright & bold

A thoughtful winged & sparkly heart clip

Tiffany's exotic star jewels (Mind you I haven't even gotten over their sparkling keys yet!)

 Insane over-the-knee boots & mini-dresses in vivid metallics as seen in Elle October.

A fragrant hand-carved wooden box given to me by my abuelita like the answer to a prayer (bracelets have been stuffed in this beautiful vessel for now!).

The real thing! Autumn leaves in all their multi-hued glory in an envelope from New Hampshire for a girl who grew up loving fall & misses it madly. (Causing thoughts on escaping SOMEWHERE in the coming months...)

The soothing sea foam backdrop, the strikingly retro black & white funny girl who some love to hate, I personally adore... 

The cutest little sparkly-eyed owl ring, spotted on a friend. 

Until later.


A girl can never have too many Union Jack tops, can she? Oh yes, I'm cluing you in to but another one of my little fashion quirks. I see one, I buy it. I think I currently own four. The latest—spotted at a store I generally ABHOR & am a little embarrassed to say I went to. Max Azria & Miley Cyrus's line at bloody Walmart!!!
Just $7? No love lost.
Purchased Sunday night. (On a car battery run with the German!??!) Had to wear Monday morning. Tossed on my super cute Sequin-lavished zip cardie that I got for a pittance from Boston Proper, black skinny jeans & set out.

The fit? A little annoying. But I like the blurry, stamped on nature of the flag itself. Sunlovey is NOT NOT NOT a morning person. But when I got to work & found a TOPSHOP magazine on my desk with a sheet of Christopher Kane STICKERS tucked inside, brought back to me, thoughtfully,  from London, I perked up a little bit. Ha. OK, a lot. It was, again, like fashion kismet!

And tomorrow night? Off to The Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale to see Psychedelic Furs & Happy Mondays. For me, the British invasion lives on and on and on...


p.s. And speaking of topshop, NO, i DON'T own this one yet... BLIMEY!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Last night, quiet, low key Friday evening. Made the German a nice dinner, had a little wine, flipped through recent issues of Elle and W and Publix Greenwise magazine, then, I saw the Boston Proper catalog staring up at me. As if I hadn't seen it enough, I started perusing it. Then BAM! I saw the skirt . I remembered it from turn over months ago. Total punk rock plaid, slim pencil silhouette, but the icing on the stylish cake? A BOLD exposed back zip the length of the skirt. Went online right then and ordered it. Had to. Wondered how I'd forgotten about it. Things with zips have been capturing my attention since summer '08. 

Was at Nordstrom with friends when I spotted the most killer heels I'd ever seen. They were L.A.M.B.  I told myself I didn't need them. In the end they were the ones that got away... They were SMOTHERED in zips, had an INSANE heel. It was a true travesty. Perhaps a couple months later Tim & I saw another pair, somewhat similar, by Chinese Laundry. This time I made them mine. And since... exposed zips are showing up on clothing, zips are comprising jewelry and they continue to rock out shoes. 

So you can imagine my shock and awe when I spotted a killer pair of black leather pumps donning a massive zipper along their length. Where? TJ Maxx. And in? MY SIZE. I wanted to wear them out of the store!!! (i refrained.)
Meet my new zipper heels:

So are you feeling it? Zippers galore, I mean? I did acquire a pair of black leggings with zip hems recently as well. If you seek, you shall find. Poor Tim, I keep gushing about how much I love all of fall fashion '09s edgy hardware details. AND I keep accumulating such by the minute. See something with mega zips out there? LINK ME. I beg.

Hope you're having an awesome weekend.


p.s. I'm blasting Depeche Mode as I attempt to conquer an Everest-sized mountain of laundry. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Listening to: I Became a Prostitute by The Twilight Sad- sounds like EDITORS! INTERPOL! I LIKE.
Wearing: Fantastic big bow striped shirt with rhinestone buttons from the Twist line at Forever 21.

Have partaken of & enjoyed so far: Venti soy chai tons of nutmeg & cinnamon courtesy of @kris_1, cheerios, tomato salad, spicy black bean salsa & blue corn chips
Am loving: my SUPER JADE nails.
Am excited about: Exploding Head album by     A Place to Bury Strangers releasing 10/6.
Obsessed with: @mrjoezee twitter updates OMG twitpics! show descriptions!
Wish to be: In Venezia or the Georgia mountains.
Grateful for: My parents. NEVER EVER take yours for granted.
Desiring: Almost everything in Elle mag's sept. issue. Yes, just now REALLY digging in.
Anxiously awaiting: Sparkling skeleton key necklace, yes, another one. 
Wish it were: 5:30!!!!!
Looking forward to: Happy Monday/Psychedelic Furs show Tuesday
Have no idea: What my weekend looks like!?
End of day endorphin booster:  10 pairs of cheeky VSpink undies for $25 in the cutest styles & dig-able prints, i.e. heart & crossbones! YAY! tip: gotta join pink nation

More to come perhaps... if not, hope your weekend ROCKS!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

 diaphanous chiffon 
Got a package from Rue La La a few days ago & experienced fashion kismet. After falling for the recent Elle story that featured surreal photos of fluid, sensuous chiffon I got the sheer silk chiffon tunic pictured from Edun . It's lovely. Wall paper medallions in Marie Antoinette shades of smokey pale blue, pale yellow & taupe. A delicate raw-edge ruffle and contrasting stripe print neckline with a petite pearl-closure peep hole. 

Operative word though is SHEER. A light bulb goes off, I practically run to my spare bedroom closet, fling the doors open and rummage ferociously through its contents for a handful of vintage full slips. They were given to me by my dear mom (yes keep praying for her!) and given to her from a loving family friend we knew when I was a wee one back in Raleigh. They're classic. Satin. Lace trim. Really lovely. And low and behold, I found a taupe one matched the tunic perfectly. 

Tried them on together and WOWED myself. No joke. I loved the look of the slip peaking out at the chest AND the hem. It felt appropriately sensuous. Of course the single pearl closure sent me on another mission. Seeking out layers of pearl necklaces and LOVING the fact that I just bought a cool collection of pearl and rhinestone stretch bracelets the day before. 

I still hope to find the perfect belt for this tunic, for another way to wear it. Tried a brown one I found in my closet which was the right style but DEFinitely the wrong color (p.s. i basically HATE brown) and ended up throwing it across the room. 

I'm getting tons of wear out of the antique-style skeleton keys I've grown obsessed with. I strung two on a chain I wore today reading "secret" and "love".  Anyway, just wanted to share... I can never tire of crafting looks. I hope in some way I inspire you to do the same... Run with your ideas. Realize your visions. Get inspired. 


p.s. guess who got the most BRILLIANT shade of jade  nail polish today? ;-)

Last night I had a few of my cookies over for food, wine & a movie.
Girls ONLY.


I whipped up tomato bruschetta and crostini, made all the more flavorful by lots of fresh crushed garlic and white truffle oil.

Krista brought a deeelicious black bean and corn salsa heightened in flavor by subtle jalapeño w/ flax seed blue corn tortilla chips & crazy good goat cheese.

Tamara whipped up a YUM! roasted red pepper, goat cheese and arugula whole wheat pizza drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

And Jessica made DIVINE grilled pesto shrimp skewers.

We drank red & caught up on ridiculous celebrity gossip, spoke of Perez Hilton's Kardashian theories and the joys and woes of our twitter addictions.

Then we watched 17 Again. No joke. And it was quite good. I truly love getting together with people I enjoy, eating, laughing & sipping vino.

Thanks loveys!

✯ ☆ ✯

p.s. I apologize profusely for not snapping photos of our delectable eats last night. I did get a pic of Tamara's hot metallic & studded gladiators. (They would have totally worked at Rodarte's Spring '10 show in NYC) OH! and a photo of my LUNCH yesterday from Maoz. Their falafel is INSANE. As are their salads & sauces (note I have FOUR sauces: garlic, cilantro, yogurt & tahini). LOVE.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

from HINDI script... says Sarah
to diaphanous chiffon & over-the-knee socks
to shocking ethereal blue
to ruffles & train tracks in BLACK&WHITE

(Fashion photos courtesy of the September issue of Elle, with the exception of INKY black, that's a Gucci ad. Hindi... from a friend in Dubai named Siddarth)

A brief history of LOVE
the big pink
Bought the album yesterday. Probably like 24 hours ago. Have listened to it:
3 times at work yesterday
Ride home yesterday
Ride into work today (LOUD as I could handle that early in the a.m. = AMAZING new perspectives)
2 times at work today
Do you think I'm feeling it?!
Song by song... (
's are for songs I react to each time they come on, subject to change with time, do know I AM partial to the entire album, thus the repetitive listening, I'm skipping nothing)
Crystal Visions- sounds like? Kasabian & pure English indie, has an ethnic undertone, good layers
Too Young to Love- has an Animal Collective background noise quality, groovy repetition, distortion
Dominos- WILL BE on TV shows & commercials I fear. Catchy chanting. AWESOME. full sound.
Love in Vain- touches on internal turmoil lyrically. gets to me. sad & slow. reflective. love.
At War with the Sun- An upbeat turn, perfect layers of guitar, synths, beats, makes you move.
Velvet- Currently MY FAVE TRACK. electro intro builds into insane beauty. riveting. listen loud.
Golden Pendulum- By now I'm totally feeling their sound, their layers, their vocals. amazing song.
Frisk- hasn't grabbed me yet. but by no means does it require skipping.
A Brief History of Love- title track. female back-up vocals. intensity penetrates me a little bit. ;-)
Tonight- begins with electro bleeps & beeps, develops into a poppy mix of distortion & groove
Count Backwards from 10- I'm hearing Kula Shaker, The Verve, all Brit greats renewed. Melancholy.
Stop the World- BONUS TRACK. I like it.
Dominos (Rustie Remix)- I don't hear Dominos at all?... Could take it or leave it.

All in all, while it's purely English (forgot to mention, don't you feel a Jesus & Mary Chain thing happening?! and upon more reflection, Love & Rockets?? ), I do feel tinges of NY's A Place to Bury Strangers & that brings me mad delight. Would love to hear other's thoughts on this album. Do you feel it falls into Shoegaze? Thanks.

I leave you with Velvet... remember: LOUD.


p.s. I got The Bravery's new single Slow Poison this a.m. I like. Will likely go see. Oct. 16th @The Culture Room, where we first met...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

HA! I love it. I love you Jessica. How I'd love to have answered, YES! Yes, it's Hale Bob. But, alas, no, it's vintage. And given to me at that, not bought. By my neighbor like 10 doors down, it was her mother-in-law's!

So you see, I noted the pale blue color meandering around throughout the satiny paisleys and had a little epiphany of sorts! Mad dash rummaging occurred and I found it! A satin sash incredibly close to said pale blue, tied it on and thought, A ha! Yes, this is it. Added a stunning Forever 21 necklace that sparkles so beautifully and my super high golden heels from Steve Madden. One of those insanely good fashion Monday mornings. Had to share...

Moral of the story, be a hoarder. ;-) Shop your own closet. Never underestimate things you already own. Just reinvent them. Give them new life.

Just sent this email to Target. I grow more annoyed by the day...

Dear Target Corporate,
WHY hasn't the Anna Sui for Target Gossip Girl Collection arrived in ANY Palm Beach County store??? All the items I wanted, looked forward to purchasing for months are SOLD OUT online and the items NEVER arrived to the Delray Beach location as advertised. Please explain. I am one of many very upset about this. Further, I see I can get ANY of the dresses etc. I like on Ebay for MUCH more than your prices. I'm feeling cheated.

Thank you for your prompt response,
Sarah Christoph

Three days later. They're reply. Pardon moi but, WTF!?

Dear Sarah Christoph,

From your experience, it sounds like you're having a difficult time trying to find the items from Anna Sui for Gossip Girl collection at Target. To check our system for you, here's what I need:

- The 9-digit product (DPCI) number, which can be found on a price tag or the shelf at the store.
- The 12-digit barcode (UPC) from the item.

You can also call us at (800) 440-0680. For your call, please give a team member this reference number: 1-430443673. They'll do their best to find this item for you.

Thanks for writing. I look forward to helping you soon.


Target Guest Relations

And my even MORE brief reply to their ridiculous computer generated one:

This computer generated response did not even begin to touch on the concerns I emailed you about. Try again.
Sarah Beth Christoph

And they replied again, and again it was lame:
Dear Sarah Christoph,

Thanks for your additional e-mail. I'm sorry to hear that the Anna Sui for Gossip Girl collection at your Target store.

In order to check the exact status of the items in your area, please provide us with the information mentioned in our previous e-mail.

Thanks for writing.


Target Guest Relations
(800) 440-0680

So of course, I replied back:
Your website listed the Delray Beach store on Linton Blvd. in Delray Beach, Florida as one of the stores that would receive the Anna Sui clothing line. It did not. In addition, the stock online, that I resorted to when the store never received the fashion line advertised had extremely limited stock from the get go. And yet, EBAY has TONS of the Anna Sui for Target items. Often at double the Target prices. This whole thing has been handled so poorly. I keep seeing the ads for the line during commercials when watching Gossip Girl, the show the line was supposedly designed and inspired by. And yet, you have no stock online and the merchandise never even made it to the store that was advertised to receive it. 
WOW. this is turning out to be a blog-ful day! The Senses are getting pleasantly surprised and that leads to me rambling on here. Your gain, right? ;-)

This mini blog is about itunes' FREE downloads this week.
The FREE single: Bulletproof by La Roux - Chick singer. Decent electro tune. Keeping it for now.
The FREE video: Sing Sang Sung by AIR - Quirky cool. Joyful little graphics. Not bad.
The FREE discovery download: Coffin Factory by The Mumlers - Again, no instant revulsion. Didn't feel an immediate need to delete. Can linger in my itunes for now.

So that's pretty amazing. All three FREE downloads are currently keepers. Will revisit each after I revel in my new paid purchase:
Album title: A Brief History of Love Artist: The Big Pink
So far? Shoegazey goodness, pleasant distortion. Stay tuned.


So, good morning. I'm not awake yet. I will be. I'm drinking my Tazo organic chai. Just wanted to post a quick blog of my ruffly icing-like top from Boston Proper again, today, worn with skinny jeans (yesterday I showed you it paired to a sequin skirt).

I'm adoring the overzealous ruffles and the crushed bow tie big time. What I love most though, is that it's in a crinkle cotton so I'll never feel obligated to iron it. :-) This brings me joy.

(Stud bracelet and chunky chain bracelet de-girlie it.)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fashion firstGot home last Friday with a couple of tops I got the day after my Prep School meets Rock chick blog. Threw a couple of looks together to show just how easy it truly is with a little bit of thought. The Look: Super ruffly confection of a shirt with a floppy bow tie ( atop my bebe sparkling sequin skirt. Finished with a gray boyfriend cardigan (OLD, thrift shop purchase, quite possibly in high school). Pyramid stud headband $1 at Target). Chunky pewter heels from Patricia Fields. A fun mix of posh & rock star.

Food Next: Tonight I treated myself to an edible shopping spree at Super Target (even though I'm SUPER PISSED at them re: Anna Sui)... This is an indulgence difficult to understand. I get there, and I let myself wander and wander forever. Circling around, circling back. Dropping delights in, letting ideas of flavor congeal.

The plan: Four Nights of Effortless, Deliciousness, Mostly Healthiness & Yes, Of Course, Vegetarian...

The Grocery List:
Large jar of Kalamata olives
Galilee olive hummus
Goat cheese
Fresh mozzarella in water
Chive cream cheese
White truffle flavored olive oil
Broccoli florets
Organic baby carrots
A red onion
An avocado
Southwestern veggie dip
Baguette from the bakery
Six huge Roma tomatoes
Bulb of garlic
Fage Greek yogurt
Pesto parmesan crackers
Boca bruschetta tomato basil parmesan veggie patties
Box of Tazo organic chai
Box of classic frozen fudge bars

What I partook of tonight:
Chive cream cheese & crackers
Hummus & pita chips (already had pita chips)
Broccoli florets & Southwestern dip

For the next three nights I'll utilize the stuff listed above to create similar, easy, quick, yummy meals. Will fill you in. Eating decently, eating vegetarian is so simple.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

just wanted to wish you all a
Happy TALK LIKE A PIRATE day!(thanks scarlett for the reminder!)

Friday, September 18, 2009


I salivate a lot. I get wound up by the thought of white truffles. Cheese. ALL cheese. Avocado. CREAM. Artisan bread. Real butter. Sautéing. With garlic. And Onions. Gnocchi. Ravioli. Pesto. Can I say GARLIC again? OMG risotto. J'adore CURRY. Robust. Tangy. Spicy curry. Hummus. Tzatziki. Olives. RIPE tomatoes. Pine nuts. On and on and on and on. And on. Food excites me. Food motivates me. Do you know how many times I've bought plane tickets to eat certain foods in the country they came from? A LOT. No joke.

All that said. Yes, I live vegetarian for the most part. I will eat shrimp from time to time. I am a little sucker for Toojay's tuna on rye. And tonight I was absolutely DYING for white truffle, vanilla bean, lobster risotto whilst watching Iron Chef. So yeah, occasionally seafood. But in an average week, I devour nothing with a heartbeat.

And I thought I'd start sharing the kinds of things I do enjoy gobbling up in an average week in case you might be interested in partaking of less flesh. There are all kinds of reasons to eliminate meat from one's diet. Ethical. Environmental. Overall health. For me it's a bit of each. And the longer I live this way the better I feel. And I feel the need to stress, I DO NOT feel like I'm suffering from the sacrifice. My only weakness, and it's a dumb one, is Chic-fil-a. So I'm not doing too badly.

FUEL. The body needs it. How people go without meals baffles me. On the days I work out, a late afternoon snack is DIRE. I'll burn out without one. What fuels me? I'll give you an idea of my daily food intake. And know. I never eat for plain sustenance. I savor. I anticipate. I enjoy. Life is too short to not revel in delighting your taste buds. I feel quite healthy & thought others might be interested in my daily diet. I would also LOVE creative suggestions. Healthy alternatives. Delicious ideas from you.

So I rise & shine. First thing I put into this 33-year old body is a huge glass of agua. I relish it.

Up next? Spicy hot chai tea. Packed with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, even pepper w/vanilla soy milk. Black tea gives me the oomph I need to get going, spices delight and creaminess satiates.

Then? A bowl of cereal. If you know me you know I love Cheerios. Usually Berry Burst or Multi Grain. With vanilla soy milk.

Lunch- Usually a bowl of soup. A salad. A sandwich. Often supplimented with Sun chips. Mmmm. If I'm lucky, falafel. A burrito.

Late afternoon snack: a Trail Mix Kashi bar (crunchy almonds, raisins, cranberries, sunflower seeds) OR A Handful of Everything
(from Target), packed with dried fruits, nuts, dark chocolate chips. AND a cup of green tea. Definitely, the perfect workout kick!

This brings me to dinner. And right now I'm talking week night dinner. This means Monday thru Thursday nights. The name of the game, about 85% of the time is SALAD. I tend to pack all those servings of veggies the powers that be say we need into one big, healthy meal.

And let me be the first to say it. This can get bloody boring. I throw my hands up in the air from time to time. But in the end, I appreciate the challenge. I like to try and make Tim's eyes light up. It's hard. He's a Euro foodie AND a tad reluctant to fully embrace my meatless, turbo garden-packed dinners.

Blogs to come will feature tales of the way in which I try and shake things up on 'school nights', the way in which I truly do enjoy a fulfilling life of FOOD SANS CARNE. Grocery lists to stock your fridge with things that will make your taste buds & over all health happy... stay tuned.


PHOTOS: Target's A Handful of Everything power snack. Vegetarian tostadas @home. A healthy & decadent vegetarian snack prepared for friends one evening (assorted crostini including goat cheese & pesto AND tomato & blue cheese crostini ).
A typical 'school night' salad of crispy romaine, black olives, gorgonzola cheese, chopped tomato & CHICK PEAS aka garbanzo beans.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do you remember a while back when I blogged about LOVING the rock & roll biker-esque trend coming to light for Fall '09? And how I said I adored it but to make it my own wished to mix in some Gossip Girl inspired plaids and crests and head bands and basically "back to school" the look up. Give bad a$$ rocker  a little girlie twist? No? Here it is:
So yeah... imagine my delight upon receiving (yes I caved and subscribed) the latest issue of Lucky this month. Starting from the back (where all the fashion editorial you really want to see right of the bat exists) I zeroed in on a story that I felt completely, totally epitomized my own little twist. I felt thrilled, as I dug every look, every caption! I even got a little inspired. (Am totally going to pair my sequin skirt to a preppy cotton button down, question is- Do I HAVE a preppy cotton button down? Will absolutely give the posh jacket back to liquid leggings a go, again, if I can dig up such a jacket in my never-ending pit of a closet.) Chances are, this story's probably going to spur another little shopping dalliance. The quest? Likely a preppy button down & and a poshy jacket. Lord knows what else... In the meantime, dig through your own wardrobe. See how (should you love the look too) you too can pull together upper east side-meets-Joan Jett-inspired looks. Go on. It'll be fun. 

What to look for...
Prep school staples:
plaid skirts
plaid jackets
hounds tooth prints
herringbone prints
prepster cotton button-downs
boyfriend blazers
boyfriend cardigans
menswear vests
pearls, strands and strands of them
loafers (heeled and patent preferred) 

Indie rocker staples:
liquid leggings
skinny jeans
destroyed denim
leather jackets/pleather jackets
exposed zippered ANYthing
ANYthing metallic
sparkling sequin miniskirts
MILE HIGH hardware heels
studded booties
dark patterned tights
chunky chains
pyramid stud cuffs

All grainy photos are courtesy of Lucky's September issue. Happy Fall Fashion! 


p.s. am not wearing a tiara in first photo. that's a trick of the sun. simply a black and white patent head band. WISH it were a tiara....