Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Once upon a time I had just turned 16, I was stoked. I could DRIVE and mom was letting me drive Steph and I to a show. The first show we didn't have to depend upon someone else to GET TO. It was SO COOL. It was U2. And it was at the teeny little Lakeland Civic Center. The date was February 29th, 1992. The Pixies were opening which we thought was KILLER and U2 was supporting their Achtung Baby album. I was MAD for Mysterious Ways. 

Our seats sucked but in such a small venue, it didn't matter. I don't recall much from that show besides being stoked on The Pixies, Bono & the fact that I DROVE us there...

Fast forward. To basically every subsequent show after. I was there. 

U2 is something like an anomaly in my music canon. They're not dark, they're bright, they're not electronic-y (with the exception of that weird stuff they put out in '95 when I was living in London and STUPIDLY effed up the one chance I had of being in a small English flat with arguably the largest "rock" dude of our time. Yes, Bono was at a party I was invited to and I missed it), they're guitar, bass & drum driven. They're not brooding. They're hopeful

And as I said to my mom on the phone earlier today, attending their shows reminds ME of going to church. A CRAZY, LOUD, CHAOS AND FLASHING LIGHTS CHURCH.  If Bono was a preacher, I'd be a member. I love what he stands for, I love what his lyrics teach us and remind us about the world. 

It's because of U2 that I heard of COEXIST and fell hard for its message. Wish wars would stop? Especially those based on and tainting three different thousands of years old faiths? Check out COEXIST.

It's because of U2 that I own my killer pair of Edun skinny jeans. Eco-, world-responsible clothing.

It's because of U2 that I support a darling little girl named Sikita, in Africa through World Vision. 

Truth is, U2 has made me a better person!? 

And if they're playing near me, ever, I'm going. On October 9th, yep, one month from today, Mr. Beyer & I will travel to Tampa for their current tour. And it's the one thing I'm focussing on to get OVER the Depeche Mode show I blogged about last night being over. 

Riding home from Peanut island on Sunday we listened to their latest album No Line On The Horizon, which admittedly I am NOT in love with. But a few of the songs lingered in my consciousness upon that listen. So yesterday when  I ran on the treadmill, I ran to U2. I generally like to do cardio to pulsating, fast, even angry beats. So listening to U2 while running yesterday was an inspiring change of pace.  

Which led to today, when I vowed to make my very, very dear and HIP mom an uplifting, inspirational U2 mix CD. DONE. Will ship out tomorrow. Fingers are crossed she'll dig in and let the music and lyrics fill her with the warmth and hope they fill me with. 

Music IS therapy. Music DOES tap into the soul and psyche. That said, U2 does the brain & body good. Right? Mom if you're reading this, vow to give at least seven listens OK? Let it kick in. 

So while they're most definitely the most mainstream band I adore ,I've got good reason. They touch me spiritually. I'm wide awake. I'm not sleeping. 


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