Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm huge into vintage coins and cogs and keys as jewelry. So when my new friend, Christina sent me a link to these necklaces, I was instantly in love. But this love grew deeper when i read further and discovered that 25% of the sale of each of these rare & unique necklaces by Chairman of the Board Jewelry goes to Y NO CURE, a new and growing organization dedicated to the fight of finding a cure for ALS, aka Lou Gehrig's disease.
Both my mother AND Christina's mother have been diagnosed with this ridiculous and debilitating illness. It's been around for over 70 years with no cure. But there are people out there working diligently to find one. And I'm grateful to them. It's very difficult watching your mother suffer from this degenerative disease. Yeah, that's a massive understatement. It's physically crushing. So if you too dig this necklace, buy one. right here. Fast. These tokens are becoming rare. And it would mean so much to all of us with loved ones suffering from ALS. Fashion for a cause so close to my heart & soul. Thank you so much!

p.s. Y NO CURE is working closely with Project A.L.S. And that is where the proceeds that Y NO CURE raises go, because Project A.L.S. is working diligently through science on developing the cure for ALS.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

craving ultra vivid dreams
sleep is eluding me this week damn it. which is why a popping print bra dress was the obvious answer this a.m.
no thinking involved. a few moments extra morning zzz time granted.and a serious jolt of pattern & color to open my eyes. got this summery knit from VS. comes in other prints. (wore this same frock to pitchfork music festival & got snapped
by Venus Zine, check it.)
you better believe i'm still mad for my silly bandz. turns out i'm not the only person over 12 digging them either. i love how they look like neon electricity on my wrist and the fact that i can wear them in the shower, pool, ocean, whatever, no worries.
mmm, more dress candy.
this vibrant frock is on its way to me right now, from the dangerously addictive (very much like candy) dress candy boutique. the neckline is covered in brightly colored wooded bead medallions. it is so so right for summer '10. something tells me it's what i'll be wearing to ÉTÉ D'AMOUR—what's that?
some cool party (translates to summer of love) in miami at the lovely grand central, featuring france's breakbot, that i must check out. turns out this event's been blowing up paris for 10 years, and nyc for three or so? 1st time in MIAMI. i'm in.

hope this post finds you more well than me. wish me sleep please. merci beaucoups!

p.s. below: breakbot

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pitchfork Music Festival - Sunday - Union Park
Right when we exited the train the sky let us know who was boss. Rain came down, hard. We anticipated a mudfest. We contemplated buying a crap umbrella. But then...

Best Coast
Like that, the sun was back with a vengence. Suddenly it was mad hot & humid. Best Coast's laid back devil may care vibe felt right for the state of things.
Chill, beachy, Cali, smoke up sound that felt vintage. Quotes like "This song is about weed!!!" & "This feels like Woodstock in the '90s... minus Limp Bizkit... too bad they're not playing." amused between songs. I think Best Coast is cool ...and good. I did miss the muffled lo-fi sound of their recorded sound, Beth Consentino's vocals rang super clear.
#LOVE: mmm, no. i'm sticking with like & respect.

Washed Out
a mixture of excited energy & anxiety kicked in in the minutes leading up to Washed Out's (washed out is chill-waving sound genius, Ernest Green) set. he was also a major reason i trekked up to chi-town. once positioned against the rail before the stage, i instantly noticed that the vibe all around me was so right. danceable tunes were being played as he set up. and then, as if sinking into a sparkling dream, his own beats kicked in and i remember immediately thinking he should just play the rest of the day. Ernest sings with earnest. the layers of his sound and the blending happening from song to song make seeing Washed Out live a worthy cause. I will say I DO wish small black was there with him. Hopefully another time. Nevertheless, Belong, You'll See It, Feel It All Around, You and I... all of it. WAS. GORGEOUS. i was in heaven. -summer was MADE for chill wave- that is all.
#LOVE: like a junior high obsession. yes.

Beach House
I high tailed it from the balance stage to the connector stage knowing that due to the schedule overlap, i'd already missed some portion of beach house. the first thing i noticed was the weather was different from one stage to another. I asked our new & local friend if it was about to monsoon or was the sky just being nice and he smiled and said he thought the sky was in fact, just being nice. overcast and cool, all of sudden, to the gentle musings of beach house. hmmm... they're cool. really. i get it. they are. beautiful even. but. maybe they're a little too chill for me?
#LOVE: don't freak out. no. i don't. like only.

Lightning Bolt
And like a true clap of unexpected lightning: BAM! Lightning Bolt tore into the atmosphere, mere moments after Beach House faded out. Frenetic blaring madness. The drummer in a whacked out mask. Hot damn. I tried to walk away but I had to come back. I don't know what it was. The speed? The fact that I was getting '90s Ministry vibes? I was in awe. They freakin' rocked. They are so aptly named. They strike.
#LOVE: i tried to fight it. but like a moth to a flame, i do. i love. live, at least. not sure what i'll think of their recorded stuff.

Surfer Blood
the crowds thronged to the small balance stage to catch surfer blood. i told the german it was a good time to grab something to eat. but even from the stretch of food booths, you could hear surfer blood wooing the masses. they've got it live.
#LOVE: well, they didn't piss me off this time AND their sound was LOUD & CLEAR in comparison to others that played pitchfork.

Here We Go Magic
i watched their entire set. i remember thinking, ah yeah, this is agreeable. at the time. and that's what i've got for you. can't really explain it. what i'd heard recording wise, previously, digable. maybe live they were dream like. maybe it was magic? yeah, that's what i'm thinking.
#LOVE: no, but i do like, i think.

Neon Indian
The last of the BIG FOUR that inspired my pilgrimage. (to recap, that's delorean, LCD soundsystem, washed out, neon indian.) A few minutes before they came on, I set out to get as close as I could on my own again. Massive water bottle & camera in tow. I found myself wedged, far too tightly for my own tolerance, within a sea of very young adolescents. I'm talking, not able to drive yet. And that was weird. Did my best to set that aside and the brilliance that is Neon Indian helped in vast ways. Two seconds into the first song I was enraptured. I think I actually tweeted something to the effect of, 'don't let this ever end'. This era of sound, this genre, it is true, dreamlike genius. Songs like Deadbeat Summer, Mind drips, Sleep paralysist = MIND BLOWING DANCE-YOUR-A$$ OFF BEAUTY. layers. atmosphere. beats. are you feeling me? this, kids, is where it's at.
#LOVE: enough to plant myself upfront between 3 million sweaty 15 year olds, i'd say YES.

Sleigh Bells
"Are we in a library?" I'd warned the german about how loud he would find Sleigh Bells. then they came on & practically whispered their set (in contrast to their West Palm Beach Respectable Street show just the week before). Alexis, despite volume handicap, still managed to astonish. She's a firecracker. And now I have to see them but again, sans bully relatives & sound issues.

#LOVE: it's an elusive love. i still long for my perfect sleigh bells show.

so there you have it. the #MUSIC i experienced at pitchfork music festival.
LIGHTNING BOLT (yeah, strange)
BEAR IN HEAVEN (but that goes w/out saying)


vids are still to come. look out. no seriously. do. they're going to jolt your brain.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We were in & out of all three stages soaking up as much as we could. Caught some of Dam Funk, some of Kurt Vile, but not enough of either to say much of anything here. Those we did invest our time in, I talk about below.

Delorean—we rushed to Union Park to catch Delorean’s festival set, which wasn’t until 2:30PM but Friday had been a late night. Got there and to their stage with five or so minutes to spare. They came on after a cool guy from Pitchfork came on stage and told us that this was OUR festival. And that it was extremely hot out, so to take care of each other. And that they’d reduced the cost of water to $1 so people would buy it and stay hydrated. (They also had a water fountain station and Greyhound was so kind to give out large refillable water bottles.) OK so back to Delorean. Man was I glad we saw them the night before. They sounded beautiful and so right for a hot, sunny, summer day, but they definitely shine in a small venue with contained sound. Nevertheless, despite being mad hot, I danced through every single song and thought to myself how lucky I was to see them twice in 24 hours. Keyboardist continued to rock his keyboards, curly hair bouncing, loving his own sound.

#LOVE: ha. you know the answer.

Why? We made our way to the stage in the shade to catch Why? Which I found quirky and comical, grooving and strange. There were times I was totally vibing on them and others I tuned out. Nevertheless I am glad I caught them. Observation: The vocalist, Yoni Wolf had some interesting dance moves, flapping his arms like a bird you'd catch on animal planet.

#LOVE: no, i like. at times, more than others.

Wolf Parade These guys have BIG SOUND. They command the crowd. And they play well. They’re probably going to be around for a good while. I feel them despite not being the kind of music I’m currently obsessing over.

#LOVE: hmm, no, i like. but i do understand why others do.

Bear in Heaven Funny, the first thing I noticed was that Joe the drummer had shaved his beard and chopped his hair since we’d last seen them in Orlando. We got new friends we met at Delorean the night before to come check out their set and they seemed grateful that they listened to us. These guys are solid. Comical between songs and just, well, kick ass. From vocals, to synths, to drums, to bass, everything about Bear in Heaven’s sound is perfection. They entrance & you dance.

#LOVE: yeah, yeah i do. and respect, immensely.

Panda Bear Panda Bear’s (Noah Lennox) set started while Bear in Heaven was still playing. I looked back towards the stage he was on and got entranced by the killer psychedelic screens of flashing color pulsating to his music. And dashed over to his stage the second Bear in Heaven finished. I was greeted by loud, rich, textural, atmospheric awesomeness. I was a bit surprised. (Confession here: @kris_1 are guilty of leaving an Animal Collective show early due to being over it. Thus the surprise.) I felt Panda Bear far more than I’d felt Animal Collective live. I loved it. I danced.

#LOVE: i do now. hot damn. i dug that set.

LCD Soundsystem

Despite the fact that they were simply NOT loud enough, LCD was mad mad fun. The sun set and glow sticks of many colors flew through the air. The bass was deep and ground shaking. Pockets of revelers tore it up to every single beat. James Murphy’s sense of extremely wry humor is like a cherry on top of their brilliance. Gotta say, I Can Change and Someone Great were my absolute faves. Was so sad they closed with vibe-killing New York I Love You and failed to play Dance Yrself Clean though. Nevertheless it’s still love.

#LOVE: i suppose i answered that above. YES.


Bear in Heaven Lincoln Hall is a killer, state of the art venue. TOP. NOTCH. And so right for Bear in Heaven. It was hard to get to this show after the late night before and the long hot day we’d just wrapped up. But I was glad we made it. They covered a disco tune that gave me a fresh jolt of dancing energy. John Philpot's vocal’s are sublime and the drums are LOUD and precisely pulsating.

#LOVE: 'nuff said.

Tomorrow... a wrap up of Sunday @ Pitchfork.



p.s. photos above appear in order of band descriptions.

the berghoff
We set out Monday, after sleeping like bears, ravenous for lunch. We saw Berghoff’s eye-catching lighted sign and said, “Why not?” Interior is dark wood and stained glass. Cozy enough, but no music playing makes me nuts. It’s a busy spot for lunch. We ordered Hefe Weitzen to drink. Then I ordered zucchini-wrapped white fish with a meyer lemon burre blanc, roasted vegetables and potato galette.Tasted like home-cooked comfort food. Opened in 1887 by a German immigrant. Wouldn't have known the place existed if it weren't for Pitchfork Music Festival, they had a booth there pedaling sausages.
The Berghoff
17 W. Adams StreetChicago, IL

this new t-shirt tunic dress, happily acquired at pitchfork music festival by megan lee designs.
we'd just exited the pink line train at ashland to the sky above union park raining bloody cats & dogs. grrr. i made sure we got to the park early that day because i wanted to check out chicago coterie, pre-bands. the rain stopped quickly enough but it turned the coterie tent into a sauna. was way too early in the day to get that hot, i had 1000 bands to see. so sadly, i was in & out of that hot box in minutes. that said, it was fate that i found the little killer peacock must-have as swiftly as i did. AND that megan lee designs took credit cards! (hadn't had time to get cash) #love the raw edges, the way the turquoise pops against the grey, the way the peacock itself would make a fab tattoo. am totally going to wear it as a dress on its own too. please do check out megan's other chicago-made silk screens & darling little sock creations.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Delorean - Glasser - Light Pollution @ The Empty Bottle

Light pollution—was happy to see Light Pollution on the bill for Delorean’s show at The Empty Bottle, based upon what I’d heard previously. Their sound was good. Their demeanor, earnest. I felt them.

#LOVE: well, not quite. liked a lot will suffice. Check out: Good Feelings.

Glasser—Admittedly I was not looking forward to Glasser’s set. Not anti-Glasser by any means. Simply just not interested. Then they took the stage, Cameron started singing and there was emotional power in her every word. Music itself was thunderous and danceable. Eclectic, exotic and beat driven. FASHION NOTE: She wore a voluminous Asian inspired dress and wooden Japanese platforms. The dude in "her band" appeared to also wear a kimono of sorts. I vowed to find her after the show and tell her she was a bad ass. And indeed, I did.

#LOVE: LIVE? yes. Cameron Mesirow haunts and captivates. Check out: Apply

Delorean—Total love. The band came on stage and I felt a crazy surge of excitement. Delorean was one of the main reasons I made the trek to Chicago for Pitchfork. Learning that they were playing a club show in addition to the festival was delicious icing on the cake. Their set was energy. It was fresh, sparkling and gorgeous. It was full, joyful and atmospheric. It was sound you had no choice but to move to. I tried not to stare too much at adorable little Ikhi. The infectious dancing of keyboardist, Unai helped. Eventually I busted my way to the front of the stage to soak up their last few songs. The room was on fire. What a party! It felt like 2009 at Ultra Music Festival during Cut Copy’s set. THAT exciting. THAT blissful. THAT brilliant. Spoke to Delorean for a bit post show, thanking them for such a fun set. Asking the keyboardist how often he has to replace his equipment dancing on it so hard. Congratulating them on Spain’s World Cup win. Ordering them to come play Florida. Ha. We’ll see.

#LOVE: yes. hard. EVEN MORE. Check out: Deli.

Tomorrow? I'll fill you in on Saturday at Pitchfork Music Festival.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Recovering from Brilliance...
Riding the train to ohare right now trying not to fall apart post one of the best music weekends I've ever had. Festivals are generally a b!tch. They're hot, sweaty, smelly, rainy, congested, chock full of crap food & expensive beers + shockingly ick porto-potties. All that aside, they're celebrations of sound shared amongst thousands, they're an opportunity to mix & mingle w/ those that share your own love for music & most importantly, they're a brilliant concentration of hours of blissful band-after-band over-stimulation.
Further, a whole foods tent purveying cherries, fresh hummus & pico de gallo = love. $5 heinekens weren't TOO ridic either. Fact is, Pitchfork music festival has left me with good, good feelings. Do stay tuned for photos and thoughts on friday's after party, saturday's festival, saturday's after party & sunday's festival recaps.

(p.s. that's washed out in the photo above)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In case you were wondering...

this is what the loveys in norway are wearing right now. these photos were snapped for me by ma mere on a very recent trip through a COLD (40 degrees) & BRIGHT (sun never sets) norway summer. i see LAYERS. LEGGINGS. LEATHER. PAPER BAG SHORTS. MILITARY. SHINE. EXOTIC TUNICS. DENIM SHORTS. ROMANTIC CROCHETS. thought you might dig.

love you mom!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

packing for a trip i'm mad excited about is almost as good as going on said trip. i literally could not sleep last night post-laying out the above clothes in anticipation of chicago & pitchfork music festival. plaid cat eye shades were discovered in a random box of junk from my old car yesterday and they are SO excited to come along too. #fashion aside, it's the #music i'm having trouble containing myself over. here's who i'm MOST excited to see at pitchfork, trust, there are others i look forward to checking out (i.e. local natives, girls, here we go magic, wolf parade, best coast, panda bear, WHY?) but these are the bands i'm flying to chicago to SEE:




BEAR IN HEAVEN (have seen, but want more.)


wish you were coming too...
(lot of chicago-bound fashion above from: kitson, H&M, kensie girl, dress candy boutique, VS, urban outfitters, lulu lemon, harajuku lovers, etc. etc.)

Monday, July 12, 2010

i was standing three feet away from alexis krauss before she bounded up on the small respectable street stage and began flailing around as i'd seen her do in youtube videos. i reached out, tapped her, and said "thank you for playing florida". she nodded at me, looking mad determined. alexis wore a really cool, goth-ish spider webby knit jacket, atop a long black tunic, atop a fluorescent green bra, atop neon splatter-pained liquid leggings. and she went up there and killed it. she crowd surfed, she stomped, she let the audience sing. derek miller did a fair amount of flailing about too. with guitar. the largest audience i'd ever seen at respectable street seemed transfixed. the temperature in that room had to be pushing 115. it wasn't bearable. alexis made note of that "it's hot in florida". no love, it's hot when you sell out a small venue, it felt chilly outside compared.
their entire set hinted at dark electro and industrial shows i went to in the '90s. this audio atmosphere is somewhat difficult to describe, it's haunting, sexy, sinister and explosive. for me that vibe was there and i was stoked. it's something i don't really feel when i listen to their album, treats, so was a killer surprise. would have LOVED this show so much more if it wasn't the worst kind of hades in that place, if i had had space to MOVE to their sound and if someone's sweaty, bully-ish obnoxious relatives hadn't butt kris_1 and i out of the spot we staked claim on during opening act, po po's set.
as luck should have it, i'll see sleigh bells again this sunday at pitchfork music festival. in a great big outdoor setting. where i can move.

p.s. Po Po or PO(zeb) & PO(shoaib) were pretty cool, two exotic dudes rocking out a guitar and drums, interchangeably. as in, yes, they traded places mid set and went on playing. check 'em out. also, i apologize for photos looking a little jacked. could have to do with my phone taking a swim on saturday and living to tell about it.

(crowd photo is from new times.)

I couldn't resist posting this. I love it.
You go, Hard Mix.
(for those of you with cluttered brains like mine, i blogged about hard mix back in april, since, he's been recognized by pitchfork, gorilla vs. bear, played on XMU, etc. etc. all i can say is WOW. p.s. this video is gorgeous, dreamy and nostalgic. enjoy. over & over.)
happy monday.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


two words: CHAIN MAIL
or is that supposed to be one word? WHAT. EVER. this beautiful work of art is on the verge of being mine. IF it fits. another fab find from dress candy boutique, whom i'm getting angry with for taunting me with frocks i have no business buying.
next up:
I Want Candy (Kevin Shields Remix) Bow Wow Wow

Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) Ashlee Simpson

Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex CSS Cansei de Ser Sexy

Heartbeats The Knife

Gimme More Britney Spears

Seventeen Ladytron

Le Disko (Radio Edit) Shiny Toy Guns

Hong Kong Garden Siouxsie & The Banshees

Tony the Beat The Sounds

Ice Cream New Young Pony Club

Possession (Rabbit In The Moon Mix) 5:52 Sarah McLachlan

Gold Lion Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I send you off on your weekends with my somewhat ancient #hotb!tchmix, jam packed with shameless pop, '80s classics & girl-dominated electro

are made of shoes like these.
i spotted them in the most recent issue of marie claire & i gasped. loud. and would you believe? they're GUESS! guess is over the top italian hottie most of the time. these are, well, like the shoes of marie antoinette's rebellious bff. i'm in love. if this is a sign of brilliance to come from GUESS fall 2010, i'm in. they WILL run you around $250. but they look like something from gaultier or mcqueen. you go, GUESS.


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

hey kids, so sorry i've been MIA, is being a b!tch to me, will explain later AND i've been a little consumed by a MAY-JUH event called the  #WORLDCUP, as previously mentioned.  don't freak out, by no means has it interfered with my MAIN sunloveyforever obsessions. let me catch you up...
on the music front:
spent the weekend dancing to black kids & pop glow at their miami & west palm beach shows. 
lights & music + amazing vibes  = MAD FUN. catch them together at their upcoming Tampa & Gainesville shows.
on the fashion front:
it's rare for you to catch me in ANYthing that's not boldly patterned right now. be it splashy neon, exploded animal prints, what have you. top dress: victoria's secret vintage tee dress collection, bottom dress, from
on the eats & drinks front:
sra martinez in miami's design district. charming façade, killer little upstairs bar, great ambience & fab tapas by michelle bernstein.
on the travel front:
epic hotel located in downtown miami, wows you from the split second you see it. LOVED: River Bar & it's glowing tower of bevies, as well as the rooftop pool with mad cool furnishings. Evening wine happy hours. & MASSIVE balconies too.
Sleigh Bells at Respectable Street, WPB tomorrow.
Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago next weekend.
p.s. won't let me create a new post, am writing this one in an old "draft" post, gotta sort that out, help?