Monday, September 21, 2009

Fashion firstGot home last Friday with a couple of tops I got the day after my Prep School meets Rock chick blog. Threw a couple of looks together to show just how easy it truly is with a little bit of thought. The Look: Super ruffly confection of a shirt with a floppy bow tie ( atop my bebe sparkling sequin skirt. Finished with a gray boyfriend cardigan (OLD, thrift shop purchase, quite possibly in high school). Pyramid stud headband $1 at Target). Chunky pewter heels from Patricia Fields. A fun mix of posh & rock star.

Food Next: Tonight I treated myself to an edible shopping spree at Super Target (even though I'm SUPER PISSED at them re: Anna Sui)... This is an indulgence difficult to understand. I get there, and I let myself wander and wander forever. Circling around, circling back. Dropping delights in, letting ideas of flavor congeal.

The plan: Four Nights of Effortless, Deliciousness, Mostly Healthiness & Yes, Of Course, Vegetarian...

The Grocery List:
Large jar of Kalamata olives
Galilee olive hummus
Goat cheese
Fresh mozzarella in water
Chive cream cheese
White truffle flavored olive oil
Broccoli florets
Organic baby carrots
A red onion
An avocado
Southwestern veggie dip
Baguette from the bakery
Six huge Roma tomatoes
Bulb of garlic
Fage Greek yogurt
Pesto parmesan crackers
Boca bruschetta tomato basil parmesan veggie patties
Box of Tazo organic chai
Box of classic frozen fudge bars

What I partook of tonight:
Chive cream cheese & crackers
Hummus & pita chips (already had pita chips)
Broccoli florets & Southwestern dip

For the next three nights I'll utilize the stuff listed above to create similar, easy, quick, yummy meals. Will fill you in. Eating decently, eating vegetarian is so simple.

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