Wednesday, June 30, 2010

health disco::2 is a fantastical remix journey through 10 health songs via 24 tracks (-1 sparkling new one, USA boys which i've already gushed over on this very blog). sometimes it's impossible to believe that you're hearing the same song four times back to back due to the amazing & distinctive variance in interpretations. upon 1st listen, i wasn't smitten, but by listen 2 i was already retracting my initial snap judgement. this album gets blasted in my car. i just know that the best tracks are evoking envy from those driving beside me left wondering "WHAT in the bloody world is that girl listening to?" you'll find that my faves got the bold treatment below. (do a search to HEAR this stuff if you don't believe me, or listen to itunes' little blips of tracks.)

Before Tigers (Blindoldfreak Remix) - soft, pretty, sedating.

Before Tigers (CFCF Remix) - MAJOR love, dreamy beats, vocals really soar in this remix.

Before Tigers (Gold Panda Remix) - danceable beats right out of the gate, textured layers w/ beautifully ambient detours.

Before Tigers (Rainbow Arabia Remix) drumming, shrill beeps, space meets tribal. not fave.

Death+ (Clipd Beaks Remix) underlying tribal, slow, percussion driven, sounds like: horror flick background music. nich fur mich.

Death+ (Delivery Remix) organs & clicks give way to trancey meanderings w/sporadic drums. finally builds into a good enough groove.

Die Slow (Nastique Remix) asymmetric beats & layers, twinkles & pulses. you do end up grooving to 70s undertones. it's A-OK.

Die Slow (Nite Jewel Remix) smooth, glistening sailing in a reflective sparkling sea, that gives way to soft beats & keyboards.

Die Slow (Pictureplane Remix) builds & grows properly, cool echoes, tribal drums, fuzzy beats.

Die Slow (Pink Stallone Remix) LOVE LOVE LOVE hard. vocals allowed to shine, fat beats, twinkling layers, smart, clean, happy, dancey.

Die Slow (Tobacco Remix) HOT DAMN MORE LOVE, just 'cuz this remix SLAYS. tough AND sexy.

Eat Flesh (Baron Von Luxxury Remix) would be cool to walk into a club to this song. cool vibe. i dig & feel.

Eat Flesh (Crystal Castles Remix) slow. dull. then messy with shrill headache bleeps. not surprised.

In Heat (Javelin Remix) Juicy beats & rad 80s-feel layers, happy rollerskating sound.

In Heat (Rodion Remix) this is good, i dig. recalls a 70s groove & a touch of daft punk.

In Violet (Hidden Cat Remix) starts slow & blah, but then it ebbs & flows alright. kicks in nicely 3/4s in. yeah, it's ok.

In Violet (Salem Remix) dark vibe, echoes and chanting, 90s jungle beats and pitchy, trippy layers.

♥Nice Girls (Blondes Remix) trancey, reflective, smart beats give way to, well, 8:08 minutes of just that—trancey, reflective, smart beats.

Nice Girls (Little Loud Remix) there's something about it. builds so organically. fun & fluid, you want to "ride" it over & over.

Severin (Small Black Remix)Novel, imaginative, bubbly. this mix takes your brain on a fantasy trip via dreamy, quirky atmosphere.

Severin (Yip-Yip Remix) not fave. slo-mo nature kind of loses me.

USA Boys Health's own. pure addiction. LOVE LOVE & LOVE SOME MORE. it kicks, it kills, with an anticipatory, attention-keeping build, gorgeous vocals, perfection.

We Are Water (Azari & III Remix) disconnects & reconnects in a chaotic frenzy of percussion mixed with fat fuzzy beats.

We Are Water (Soft Encounter Remix) goes back & forth between abbrasive & cool. perhaps a little too haphazard for me?


poppy print knit alloy dress discovered in the recesses of my closet.

grosgrain stripe D-ring belt i got where??? also old.
killer heart lock necklace that i *believe* is from guess, yes, it's that ancient too.



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i ♥ the 80s
and this track is like a hot tub time machine right back to me rocking my green & yellow stripe weswyn swim team racing suit in raleigh, n.c. it's old depeche mode yet, modern english-y. that's #love, kids. 
who are you blank dogs? i want more of you. more. more. more. oh wait, but you've got ties to china and terrorism and your website makes my head hurt. whatever, get heat & depression from the fader here. feel it?, you'll find additional sound from blank dogs, equally 80s, if not a bit darker if you search.(seems to be another artist out of brooklyn) all with that same fuzzy analogue feel you miss from your old cassette tape collection. now onto my...
 MAJOR SAMPLE SALE SCORE: a graphic print knit mini-dress with KILLER black sequin banded waist by tart = #LOVE. insane prints continue to ROCK MY WORLD this summer. what's rocking yours?

Monday, June 28, 2010

err, well, not so anonymous. but i do need a support group. so wow, i've fallen for the #worldcup more so this go 'round than in 2006. and have been beyond swept up in watching some of my fave teams kill the field, as well as crash and burn upon it. sadness was: watching #USA United States , #ENG England  and #ITA Italy go. Although #ENG England falling to  #GER Germany  lessened the blow a bit. 'Cuz sunlovey LOVES #GER Germany too. do know, i still have my eyes on #BRA Brazil as well. madness, i've been consumed, i'm telling you. so much so that i didn't have a choice but to shop for the cause this a.m. GOOOOO #GERGermany !!! need your own world cup gear? do plan to expedite shipping.
my new tank.

wrist bands.

temp. tatts

and yeah, something for the german too.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

yesterday while dutifully writing fashion copy i spied a status update that sparked an instant and fierce reaction. IMPROMPTU SHOW TONIGHT @ PROPAGANDA! $2, 10PM, STARTING AT 11 (sharp) MILLION YOUNG!!! i'm in. missed million young at respectable st., they missed ME in tampa. this had to happen. and so it did. well, sort of—propaganda is a small, cool venue in downtown lake worth, that if you ask me, pulls some decent live sound in a small city that is so real, it's love. the dj played some fab tracks as a small crowd amassed. (there were some surprising characters in attendance) insane kaleidoscopic video flashed on the walls. equipment was eventually set up. and so began the opening act: sumsun. a beat and thud driven cacophony of danceable noise.
i think i'd like to hear again. his set felt rushed this go round. next time. million young took a lifetime to go on. and once they did, eeeek, they let us know they didn't have a chance to sound check pre-show. (this show was a total off-the-cuff last minute deal, so i get it) yeah. sound was jacked to say the least for a couple songs in. and there was a little tiff between the band & the propaganda sound guy. via microphone. but we all persevered. and what we got as a result?
total. love. 
mike diaz's music is so stunning, so emotional, so right. my fave song of his, cynthia (i met THE cynthia the song was written for in the bathroom, she's lovely), live, was sparkling and gorgeous. finally, everyone was dancing. sadly, the set was far too short. a brief chat with him post show was consolation though, million young plans to play respectable st.'s anniversary party, end of july. i'll be there. should they come to a city near you, make it happen. here's a little taste, if you're prone to dizziness, be warned. we were dancing.
love, sunlovey

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer is...
via Memory Tape's actual blog.
(photo taken at lantana beach yesterday, check out that deep sea storm & rainbow. )
Summer also is... sparkling. Yes, to wear AND to drink. 
Tank is Urban Outfitters.
Sip on this:
You'll find this prosecco at Total Wine &/or your fave wine shop. Make it as cold as you possibly can without freezing it pre-drinking. Then, thank me. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

hey summer! Wow, you are hot.(a scalding 90 F here today.) i'll be going to new heights in major wedges in honor of you. 

for the girl that shuns the flat (ick, HATE flats) this season (read: ME), cork & rope wedges exude a "i'm not trying too hard" vibe & are MUCH easier to walk in than your reg. 4" stiletto when picnicking in the grass, or cruising a beachy pier.

check out the pairs i've nonchalantly acquired so far... 

these are report signature from boston proper. and i am high on life, literally when rocking them.
the others? HOT PINK delicious brilliance from shoe dazzle. am not a big pink fan generally(unless you're talking about THIS  big pink), but these POP. live life on the wedge, loveys.
happy weekend! 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

hey kids, sorry i've been a little negligent this week. am now back at it.
so yeah, last weekend i managed to squeeze in two shows. earlier this week i blogged about passion pit at the fillmore. which through & through, ruled my world. but the night before that, i finally got to see the pains of being pure at heart with surfer blood & hooray for earth at a truly killer new venue in miami called grand central.

i'm going to digress for a sec. pre-show we had dinner at a HOT new restaurant (both literally & figuratively) in midtown miami called Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill. the place is gorgeously appointed, has a modern caribbean vibe. the indoor/outdoor bar is hip, even the bathrooms are stunning. what sucks is, it is HADES hot in that place, partially due to indoor/outdoor bar, i'm thinking, but that adds to the caribbean feel, right? the food was quite delicious. we noshed on squid, japanese eggplant, edamame, octopus, olives, scallops, cheese, shrimp, +++ all creatively prepared, tapas style. i'd totally go back.
ok back to the show, unfortunately we got there a bit too late to catch much of hooray for earth's set. what we did see/hear, i dig. spunky, synthy, upbeat. whatever song they closed with rocked the room. i assumed & hoped surfer blood would play next, and that the pains of being pure at heart would headline. i feel like i read somewhere that they were alternating the headlining spot.
 however, the pains of being pure at heart played next. WOW. WOW. WOW. their sound was beautiful, sparkly, stunning. the vibe was dreamy, light, dancey—well, exactly what i thought they'd be like live. seriously they're just darling. Peggy Wang is surreal cute & spacey. is she for real? she's like that friend of yours that spews out of nowhere thoughts on end, outloud, that you and the rest of your social circle just sort of giggle at and dismiss. i want what she's on. Their set against a killer LED backdrop of vivid color was sensory, blissful, perfect. but sadly, over in the blink of an eye. #love was: everything with you AND OF COURSE higher than the stars. i'd of killed for them to just play the rest of the night.
esp. based upon the attitude of the other band. do know, they put on a solid show, absolutely. that was my second time seeing them and i feel like they have grown a lot and played a tight set. but they need to grow the eff up. second show, second time they've left a crap taste in my mouth. there's punk rock a$$hole behavior that you almost have to admire and then there's childish whining/ranting without thinking that simply annoys & too bad, they again succumbed to the latter. so, while they did sound good, antics pre-show and post-show marred my experience. whatever, it is what it is.

point is, i look QUITE forward to seeing loads more shows at miami's grand central. and on the whole, am glad i hit this one.

p.s. #YAY #YAY #YAY for my new 80s dress from Urban. it's #LOVE.

Monday, June 14, 2010

livesoundrush ( = mad band crush )
i want to follow @passionpit around the globe like a dead head. i can't believe i EVER, for single second, considered NOT seeing them in miami last night. the utter SH!T i feel like today is so very, very worth it. the band set the tone with this tweet early sunday:
Hello Miami. spent the morning on the beach. getting ready to soundcheck at this beautiful venue. vibing for the show and afterparty -jeff

Post the underlying MESS that was the surfer blood show the night before (i'll blog on that too, just really felt like hyping the good 1st), reading that tweet was MAD refreshing. the rest of the indie music world can only lust after the presence michael angelakos has, even when he's being bossy. (he preached between songs that shows are for being in the moment and those of us snapping photos could go on doing so but in essence, we were missing out. which he's SO RIGHT about, but it's a bloody catch 22. humans WANT photos of experiences that they freakin' LOVE, michael!)  there's just something about a frontman totally feeling his own sound, bouncing about the stage moving to the beat like it's the first time he's hearing it live himself. if you weren't dancing along, you were dead. 

in fact, the sold out crowd at the @fillmoremb played a major roll in how killer this show was too. the vibe was ON. everyone was sweating their a$$ off, but could not seem to care less. the room was on fire, in motion, literally blowing up. everyone around me was grinning big & grooving. oh and did i mention how much i loved watching Ayad Al Adhamy work his magic on synths whilst simultaneously, blissfully jumping up and down like an overexcited child?? i did. how about how much i adored it when michael called miami a "dance town" just before exploding another song on us. i could gush for days about how incredibly 'higher & higher' we ALL were during 'little secrets'. how internally rocked i was by 'eyes as candles', lyrics + passion = BRILLIANCE. i could write endlessly about the way in which passion pit's little dance darling, 'sleepy head' blew my brain with delicious depth and atmosphere live. i could sing praises about every bloody song. i could. and look, i'm going to say it. and in the process i'm going to sound like a sappy little girl, but i MISS passion pit. just a few short hours post show. if i was just a bit more irresponsible, i'd high tail it to tampa for their gig at the ritz tonight. and that's the live experience all bands should strive for.
love IS passion pit. passion pit is love. 

p.s. one MAJOR gripe for the those in attendance last night that felt the need to chant 'sleepy head' like six songs in. and then again AND AGAIN later. that's lame. a good way to insult the band and to NOT get a song played in my own experience. i'm hoping that was coming from the naive little 13 year olds in spandex boy shorts. (hey moms, do you KNOW your kids are dressing like that???) 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the shun shine state
bear with me if you're reading this & you don't live in FL or if you are in FL but couldn't give a damn about my music obsession. this particular post might bore you. but this week i have been trying to dig a bit deeper into the travesty that is the south florida (and well, florida on the whole) music scene. besides the obvious, we're an inconvenient state to play in geographically, what else contributes to "indie" bands not deeming us worthy?
i've gotten a couple answers: that bands ask to be flown down, which is cost prohibitive for promoters, and that unless artists get offer$ from promoters/venues in florida, to play florida, their not likely to try and play here because it's way out of their way.
not really sure what to do with this information... move? i've done my share of borderline stalking/begging bands on twitter (have nothing to lose) it was actually @holyghostNYC that told me regarding them playing here: @sunlovey its not up to us! Petition your local promoters!
hey holy ghost! am doing my best. got a bit more promising response from @smallblk: @sunlovey Need to hit Miami soon! maybe Winter run down there? thanks, small black. i can only hope. we DO have a small handful of indie sounds heading our way. if you live here and love this music enough to be reading me rant on & on about it, GO to these shows, OK? you can start this weekend, saturday, at grand central in miami—the pains of being pure at heart and surfer blood. or on sunday, at the fillmore in miami beach—passion pit & tokyo police club. see you there?
because #fashion is NOT i repeat, is NOT an after thought, am wearing:

the #love (poppin' blooms!)
necklace & bracelet...forever 21
sequin sash belt...found in a deep dark crevice of closet

stay tuned for the killer finds on my way, acquired in the name of #pitchforkmusicfestival.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

warning: ends in sealing the deal. 

(via second I heard this song a couple months ago?, I was hooked. Already had the 1st Health//Disco release. Which can only be described as a collection of remixes you super cool, eclectic types would love to dance to, to live to. Throbbing beats, pulsing layers, infectious noise, just killer-ness all around to be listened to loud. I suspect Health Disco 2 will follow suit based upon USA Boys.
It's almost here... Complete Health//Disco 2 album releases June 22nd.
Hear more Health. 
MAJOR P.S. THIS CAME OUT TODAY!!! (hint: ...for all that ails you, remastered)

Monday, June 07, 2010

mad happy to see thieves like us & a golden filer remix on this week's #musicmonday offering from  @urbanoutfitters.

*****Kisses' Bermuda is LOVELY. right in step with the effervescent blissful sounds happening all around us right now, with rich touching vocals.  have listened to more times than i'd like to admit already today. #love*****  

Thieves Like Us' Forget Me Not is gorgeous, thought-provoking melancholy electro. I truly can't get enough Thieves Like Us. #soright

ArpLine's Fold Up Like a Piece of Paper is OK. Psychedelic guitar heavy layers.

Whiplash's Sunglasses. Do I have this already? Sounds MAD familiar, in a good way. It captures your ears, it would work good on the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack, or Alice in Wonderland. Dreamy eclectic like that. 

O. Children's Dead Disco Dancer (The Golden Filter Remix) is fair enough.  I did have a certain level of expectations, based upon nearly every other Golden Filter remix I've ever encountered, that have not been met instantly. It does build nicely, it won't get deleted.

On the whole, a sound #musicmonday offering from Urban. Get it.

(p.s. that's moi, in a fitting room at anthropologie, i think i could live in an anthropologie store, if only they sold food. i meander about that place like it's a merry go round. round & round. i bought that little silk chartreuse blooms dress faster than you can say summer floral addiction.)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

(my future's so bright...)
July 16 thru 18
Chicago's Union Park
i've spent the last 100 years b!tching & moaning about bands not coming to FL. seems i reached a boiling point today and finally adhered to that stupid cliché, if you can't beat 'em join 'em. done. am going to chicago next month. the holy grail of indie sound is putting on its yearly pitchfork music festival & the line up on both saturday & sunday boast bands i literally ache to experience live. + i've never been to the windy cindy, so what the hell, right? major #yays appear in aqua, a lot of the rest is somewhat foreign to me, so i've got homework to do.  Fact is, life is short. Gotta jump on these things. Because remember:
This is the only now you ever get. 
Saturday July 17  
    LCD Sound System
    Panda Bear
    Wolf Parade
    The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
    Titus Andronicus
    Real Estate
    Bear in Heaven
    Free Energy
    The Smith Westerns
    Kurt Vile
    Freddie Gibbs
    Sonny & the Sunsets

Sunday July 18
    Big Boi
    Major Lazer
    St. Vincent
    Lightning Bolt
    Beach House
    Cass McCombs
    Here We Go Magic
    Surfer Blood 
    Local Natives
    Washed Out
    Neon Indian
    Sleigh Bells
    Best Coast

would SO love to drag my fave #sparklingsisters, #glowkids & #madnessandmayhem cohorts with me. but this girl's done begging. if you want in, let me know. flights haven't been booked yet. but fest tix have been purchased. if you're already going, hit me up! there's nothing as brilliant as meeting up w/ people with killer taste in sound. 

what else is on at pitchfork music festival, you wonder? (all info from the festival's own site):

CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights
The Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP) Record Fair & Other Delights is a can't-miss event for music lovers and vinyl enthusiasts from around the country. Bringing you the best selection of vinyl and CDs to be found under one tent, vendors offer everything from rock and pop to psychedelia and folk, soul and jazz to country and international, house and hip-hop to rockabilly and R&B, and even more!

At Coterie Chicago, you will find handmade goods created by a skilled artisan workforce committed to providing cutting-edge art, style, and accessories that enhance your life. Buying directly from the maker creates a heightened sense of community, and now, more than ever, buying products from local artists and makers puts you at the forefront of real, lasting economic and creative stimulus.

FLATSTOCK presented by API
The FLATSTOCK poster show series, presented by the American Poster Institute (API), is an ongoing series of exhibitions featuring the work of many of the most popular concert poster artists working today. The FLATSTOCK shows provide the public with opportunities to see fine poster art in person and to meet the artists who've created it, while showcasing the breadth of individual styles they represent. Since beginning in 2003, Flatstock has presented events in the U.S. and Europe and has become the epicenter of the current phenomenon in handmade poster art.

Rock for Kids
Rock for Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free music instruction to underprivileged children in the Chicago area. The Rock for Kids booth features a variety of ways for concert-goers to learn more about Rock for Kids and support their mission, including an auction of unique items from your favorite Pitchfork artists.

(in a BRILLIANT little dress by BCBG, from my beloved Rue La La)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

seems sentiments are shared amongst 
some of my fave  
sound-loving twitter friends. 
we're feeling holy ghost! 
got this vid from itunes last week 
and watched it back 
to back, over & over, wishing 
with my entire soul that i was in 
that city, hitting that nightclub. 
it's in-effin'-fectious

get the killer 'i will come back' 
right here, right now.
then, if you're in FL, throw 
a freaking fit about the
fact that green label sound's 
chromeo tour w/ holy ghost! 
isn't coming here!?!?! if it IS 
coming to a city near you, 
you better go.i am SO SICK 
of getting effed down here.
despite that.
p.s. the vid is very 
very very similar to 
an old new order vid. 
escapes me 
which right now, 
do your own homework. ;-)