Monday, December 28, 2009

Hey there!
Greetings on the Monday between Christmas & New Years. Am recovering from but ANOTHER awful dentist visit and just now finished...

He's English. He was named after his great grandfather, a rosy cheeked man that kindly operated the door at Chalfont Court on Baker Street in London. He taught little Burt to be courteous and kind. Burt's just a couple days away from going to live with his bright blue-eyed new friend to be, Noah. Burt loves music you can dance to (check out his favorite song of all times, Skeleton Boy by Friendly Fires) and Crunchie candy bars. Have you had a Crunchie before? He hopes to find one here in the U.S. to bring to little Noah for when they first meet.

Burt's a first in what's to be a series of funny little imperfect characters that will undoubtedly make you crack up that I'll be creating for my fave kids & fave kids at heart. The German's sad to see this little guy go. That's how infectious he is. Stay tuned...
(that's Burt's backside)

and this is sunlovey on drugs. legal ones. thanks to a massive tooth ache.

I still owe you a music mix. Will try and put that up today, if not tomorrow.


burt here. on a whim, sunlovey just gave me a heart.
THANK GOD. take care!

Friday, December 25, 2009

These thoughts came to me while at the Christmas Eve
service at Christ Fellowship CityPlace:

Live in THIS moment
Make THIS memory

be in it
experience now

embrace today
revel in this instant
make it count

feel it all wholly 
focus on the joy

be blessed by the love
don't fret over tomorrow

don't regret yesterday
this is the only now

you'll ever get

(photo is of my dear mom & i on christmas eve, am wearing the brilliant blue, green and teal jewel-button cardie she gave me for christmas.)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

*Merry Christmas*

Happy New* Year!*

*from sunlovey 

*Can you tell I'm *excited?!
I *hope this finds you *all happy, healthy &* in the spirit* of the season.* 

(p.s. shopped the closet this a.m. hell bent on a sparkling gold theme, found an ancient gold foil plaid puff-sleeve top of mine from VS, a subtly sparkly swirl-embossed tank for layering underneath (Express) i've had for years & years, mad glistening Lurex® leggings & "antique" key necklace in rhinestone-kissed gold from Forever 21. Nothing new, all festive.)  

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i'm in love.
yep. with a bracelet.
a thoughtful gift from a neighbor & dear friend. she gets it. what you can't see is that the aqua gems of this bracelet have a subtle peacock feather backdrop. this = even more love.  it feels good to be got. as in understood. and as 2009 and the first decade of the 2000s winds down, I have to take moments to recognize those i love & feel gotten by. :-)
merci jessiekins!
Style Steal
recent deal i'm still mad thrilled about? my under $6 puff-shoulder chandelier tee from target's little kid section. please tell me you've perused target's little kid section. chances are, some of the darling fashion you'll find there fits you. and man oh man is it inexpensive. j'adre this sea foam long-sleeve tee with rhinestone sparkle. don't you?

Light & bright. there's no time like the present to lighten up! pale ash blonde highlights make my weird winter months POP! so grateful for One Aveda Salon in Delray Beach. it's a peaceful little oasis of fab scents & as close to natural color a girl can get her hands on.


i've just finished wrapping the last of the gifts i have. i still have a bit of shopping to do. no big surprise. i'm a master of procrastination. 

much love to you & yours

Monday, December 21, 2009

this is


i haven't stopped mentioning, in tweet after tweet, a relatively new local florida band for a couple months now. a band i hadn't even seen (until now), a band i'd heard just one song from (until now). nevertheless i was getting a vibe. & getting told by one member of the group, that this was something major, special, natural, sublime. perhaps not in those exact words. but the way in which he described what was happening between the four band members was giving him purpose, giving him pride.

i spied photos from the handful of shows they'd already played between Winter Haven, Florida & Gainesville, Florida, but life was getting in the way of me getting to any of their shows thus far. however, as luck would have it, i was traveling to central Florida to have christmas high tea with my mom, as we do each year and our date for tea coincided with a POP GLOW show at Jessie's in Winter Haven, Florida. 
i literally dragged a friend with me to the show. and we had a fine time bopping about to the synth-driven sound of the 80s DJ set. catching Gainesville's Moon Beard (they're good. loud. i liked.) but we were fading. until the glow glasses were passed around, the lights dimmed, the stage lit up with color and the costume-clad members of POP GLOW took their places. instantly, melodic sound & pulsating beats kicked in, harmonious danceable layers, altered vocals blended beautifully and i was hooked. i took video of much of the show. i recall wishing a CD existed (i pray it will shortly) & i was bummed Josh wasn't selling t-shirts. i can only imagine how much POP GLOW t-shirts will rule. from the start of High to their blissful cover of The Cure's Close To Me to the completion of Tierra Del Fuego, which marked the all too quick end of their set, I was feeling it. EVERYONE was. (POP GLOW has already got a mad energetic following) gorgeous sound. surreal vibe. lights, magic, love. 

i spoke with a friend of the band on my drive back to south Florida yesterday, and he told me that i'd seen them at a good time, that they're getting better and better each time they play out. do know, POP GLOW has only been together a few short months. And this particular performance was the first time they used live bass guitar. they're completely fresh and evolving as i type. it's only going to get better. i'm in love. 

on my drive back it dawned on me in a big way that POP GLOW needs to play a show or FOUR during Miami'S WMC in march. & i'm hoping they'll grace West Palm's Respectable Street Cafe with their presence as well. Will you, POP GLOW? Please?

Last time
Had a lot of friends
Close to me
Do you love me now?
Tierra del fuego

Josh Miller- vocoder, R3, samples

Ronnie Zeller - auto-tune, ION, kaos

Aaron Branch - bass + guitar

Ian Lopez - drums


Videos aren't killer quality. But you'll get the gist. And for now, it's all we've got, until POP GLOW blesses our desirous ears & bodies with a recording. can't wait. In the mean time, glow on POP GLOW, glow on...




Friday, December 18, 2009


Created a Genius Mix on itunes from The Big Pink's Velvet 
but never had a chance to listen. dug in today and WOW! radical mix. 25 songs that ruled, many of which i didn't know existed on my ipod (the beauty of downloading various mixes from outside sources). SO... i deleted the songs on the mix that i did know, because i wanted it to be a playlist of sound completely new to me. And this is what i was left with, extremely electro-synth driven, great beats, FRESHNESS:

Friends    3:10    Luke Top
In This Lonely Town    3:14    Jeremy Jay
Eazy Speaks    3:19    Apostle of Hustle  
Headdress    4:38    Amazing Baby   
Suffering    2:38    Hecuba   
Weak for Me    3:37    Nite Jewel   
Swing Tree    2:38    Discovery   
Future Primitive    4:25    Papercuts
Actor Out of Work    2:15    St. Vincent
Shadows    4:03    Au Revoir Simone
The Tenure Itch    3:46    The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
It Gets Your Body Movin'    4:41    Suckers   
Real Slime    3:56    Lemonade
The Letter    3:32    The Veils  (ok, quite familiar w/this one, but had to keep.)
Silence    4:14    Takka Takka
Postcards    2:32    An Horse    R
Self-taught Learner    4:13    Lissy Trullie
I Can't Get Away    3:16    Stardeath and White Dwarfs
If you wish to seek these artists out, search them on or or maybe  or possibly Can't find? Ask me & I'll try to help.

Sparkling butterflies from a dear co-worker. love.

Hope your Friday's treating you amazingly! Happy weekend! Revel in the moment & those you love!


***had to get my sequin jacket in. even though it serves NO purpose. it's so fun. but OMG guess what it has? SHOULDER PADS. life is insane***

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plaid On Toile
Success! Dug deep & came up with a sweet little toile de jouy pencil skirt. Toile had its brief moment of fashion fame several years back and I stocked up as an avid lover of the idyllic print. When the trend faded, I refused to let go of the pieces I'd acquired. Today I wanted to mix a new(er) plaid shirt I'm digging hard by Guess with another pattern & had a hallelujah moment! Angels sang. My old Forever 21 toile! Perfect! But the look lacked something? I dropped to my knees and began rummaging through the belts I actually kept in light of my recent purge. More angels. Ah ha! Rocking black patent with red plaid keepers, a Boston Proper sample sale score many, many years ago. + my mile high red Shoe Dazzle platforms I worried I would never wear, how delightfully wrong I was! 

Moral of the story? 

...I've had the skirt for at least eight years, haven't worn it for like seven. Put it on today. LOVE...

...Belt, bought for a few bucks like four years ago. Wore it NEVER. And today? LOVE...

Being a fashion pack rat ain't all bad.

And I feel Christmasy. = win. win.

Hope this finds you merry & bright!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mmmm, right? An array of colors and taste that's quite healthy AND vegetarian.

What you need:
*A bag of your favorite salad greens (I prefer a romaine/radicchio mixture)

*Your fave black olives, sliced to the size you prefer

*a couple of tomatoes, chopped

*1/2 bag of veggie crumbles (try Morning Star or Boca Burger)

*Your fave salsa

*Small container of sour cream

*Cilantro, either freshly chopped or the wondrous kind that comes in a tube in your produce section

*Shredded cheddar cheese

*Packet of your fave taco seasoning, if you wish

* Smashed tortilla chips, half a cup

*what this baby's missing, fresh sliced avocado. add this!

What you need to do:
Sauté the veggie crumbles, add a small amount of water + half of the taco seasoning packet, then set this aside. Mix about a cup of salsa with your sour cream, add fresh chopped cilantro to your liking, stir (I added some fresh red chili to this too, that's your choice). This is your dressing, set aside. Plate your lettuce. Add your chopped tomatoes and olives, add your veggie crumbles, add your smashed tortilla chips (this really for texture/crunch, not essential), and sprinkle with deeelish cheddar cheese. Serve your dressing on the side. So as you eat, you decide how much you need. Great way to save on unneeded calories. Takes about 10 minutes max. to make. Tastes yum. Enjoy!

So my nails right now are painted red then layered with big, chunky red glitter. They remind me of Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz, and really, they're quite festive. I keep adding more coats of the glitter, as a girl can never glitter enough, can she?

These boxes represent how lucky the German really is. They belong to him. He's just a few short days away from receiving killer sh!t from my new fave brand. He better dig. Oh how I wish these boxes were for me... Let's see how long I hold out before buying myself a brand new Rugby  wardrobe. I know. I don't need it. But kids, their fashions rule. Ralph Lauren may be an all American designer but this brand is so edgy yet classic Brit. LOVE.

Hope you're writing your cards, wrapping your gifts, sipping your hot chocolate and listening to cheesy holiday tunes.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Help For Fashion Pack Rats

The year AND THE DECADE are wrapping up with great speed. And by accident I've come up with a great way for both me and my fellow fashion pack rats to weed out the closet a bit more, just in time for the new year.

Today I've discovered that while shopping your own closet can be exhilarating and great fun, it can also help you shed some of the things you've been clinging to for once and for all. 

Here's what you do. Force yourself to put something on you haven't worn in ages. Then, make yourself wear it to work, or out and about, for at least three hours. While wearing said item, look at yourself while washing your hands in the restroom, see how you feeeeel in whatever it is you have on. Does it bore you to tears, make you feel uncomfortable? Fit wrong?

Hate it? Toss it. No, not into the trash, but into the donation box. You have given it another go, you didn't feel the love, thus, it's time to let it go. It's fair. It's a great way to assure yourself that whatever shirt/skirt/dress/pants is at hand isn't for you anymore, and deserves a home in which it is loved and cherished more. Worn often and with good feelings.

This happens to be the case for me today. When I get home, the outfit I'm wearing (the top AND the skirt) will not be tossed in the laundry or returned to my closet. They will instead, find themselves at the bottom of a new box marked "donations". Arrivederci!

If you're not a fashion pack rat. Good for you. Move on.

If you think you just might be, reach into that jam-packed closet of yours and start wearing the things that haven't graced your body for a couple years. Some I can assure you based upon experience, you are going to fall back in love with, and work back into your rotation. While others, you're going to free yourself of, easily &finally.

After all, you absolutely must make room for new Christmas acquisitions ASAP.


p.s. heard a catchy tune this morning on XMU that i sought and found. of course, on Pitchfork. They're called The Drums and the song is 'I Felt Stupid'. see whatcha think?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Threads 4 Thought
sustainable apparel
you can make a difference
By purchasing an ORGANIC cotton product from Thread 4 Thought you have bought a garment that is 90% less toxic than a conventional cotton garment.

Without a doubt that's thought provoking. And stamped inside my new fave tee. Initially drawn to the tee because is featherweight dark heather gray and emblazoned with a killer cathedral stained glass window graphic i so love. Reminded me instantly of the hundreds of beautiful church windows I've been in utter love and awe of since my first trip to Paris in 11th grade. Never saw a tee that captured one such window and so beautifully.

But WOW. 90% less toxic registers with me big time. Especially in light of my mother's fairly recent health diagnosis and our quest to make her life and body as pristine as possible. Chemicals, synthetic substances, metals, and long insane words I can't pronounce on labels have truly become my fear and nemesis, especially when it pertains to her.

I sought out Threads 4 Thought 's web site & found no additional info on the brand's MOSTLY non-toxic fabrications. I have found blurbs through out the web relaying their mission:
Threads for Thought is a lifestyle brand of premium organic cotton graphic tees and hoodies for men and women created to provoke reflection and discussion through designs inspired by 3 of the most critical challenges we face on our planet: Africa, the Environment and Conflict. Threads for Thought uses only 100% organic cotton and recycled fibers in manufacturing our garments to reduce the toxic impact of our clothes.
That kind of says to me that their reference to toxicity is more about the way in which production of clothing is often times toxic to the environment. Nevertheless, organic fabrics are indeed better for us. Will definitely seek out more from Threads 4 Thought as their purpose, their causes and their designs are totally and utterly in line with things I find important, myself. And it's not just for the chicas, lads. Check out their guy's headphones t-shirt . LOVE.

Anyway. Like Edun . I think I've stumbled upon another brand with a cause AND a killer aesthetic. YAY. Happy holiday shopping!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

So yeah... it's just happening naturally. This week. Am only wearing skirts. Over the weekend I did a major clean-out of my closet for a Salvation Army trip & realized, I have some bloody awesome skirts. And they work like magic with boots. Thus. Skirt Week is born. Let's begin with Monday.

Not quite sure how this one came together. While I adore my taffeta pleat plaid skirt in navy, red, cream & gold, it's a b!tch to try & match it to anything else in my closet. No joke. So I anti-matched it. Tossed on a cream & black stripe tank with rhinestone & raw-edge ruffle neckline, black harness boots & walked out the door. Receptionist said "Now HOW did you put THAT look together?!," as I entered work. "Ha. Well, I just did. It's Monday." I loved feeling so mismatched. Really. Everyone should do such more.

Tuesday rolled around. And I dragged a chair into my closet to get to THIS skirt. Got it for a party. Didn't make it to the party. However, putting it on, on a Tuesday morning did serve as something like a consolation prize for having to get up and go to work. It's high-waisted and flared in a brocade-like fabric of vivid hues. Photo doesn't do the colors justice. Topped it with a black knit top with ruffly keyhole and my sky high rad red shoes. Oh! + a red plaid headband. Felt posh & party-like.

And then it was Wednesday. Time to shine. Well, it's always time to shine. But I thought nothing would suit wool houndstooth better than sequin argyle. Right?! I know. Layered on my multi-chain & jet cross necklace. YAY. How I love rocking a classic Scottish pattern with revved up sequin argyle (also quite classic) and chains.

So you see, I was on a roll. Skirt week was going nicely. There's something to challenging yourself fashionably. Gives you a fun little purpose each a.m.
So when it came to Thursday...

 A $5 child's tee, that quite frankly, I found too cool for a child when I spotted it at my happy place, took center stage in my attire choices. I MUSIC. Paired to? A chunky heart necklace, shrunken prep school-style jacket and a grey denim mini. Piece de resistance? Of course. My pleather over-the-knee boots. Aw yeah. As I left work today I thought "Man, I really feel like ME today." 

Mañana's Friday. I generally wear jeans on Fridays. But we'll see. Could follow through in a skirt. Should, shouldn't I? I promise you this. My Boynton Beach/Delray boat parade look is comprised of a fab ruffly green lace skirt. OMG + sequins sequins sequins. Promise to add a photo of such to this very blog ASAP.

In the meantime. Can someone give me a ton of cash so I can buy EVERYthing on ? Thanks. Am over-the-top smitten. Play around with their "make your own" section. It rules. Want the cardie BADLY. Hint hint, world. ;-)

p.s. I did it kids. Wrapped the week up in a studded pencil skirt. With? my new fab striped sweater vest from Monarchy via Rue La La  & a metallic elastic belt. The only sweaters a South Florida girl can wear these days are sleeveless...

And my boat parade skirt as promised..!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Once upon a time, the German & I traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to spend Christmas with my brother. Whilst there by the grace of God & fate, we were led, by my wise mommita, to Trader Joe's . Now my mom thought we would like the place, she didn't know we'd ravage it. Boy did we have some amazing snacks and sips that Christmas in our cabin at Punderson State Park . Wow!, had she created a pair of Trader Joe's-loving monsters. We were sad to learn there wasn't a single Trader Joe's ANYWHERE NEAR the lower, eastern part of the U.S. We stopped back for delicious things we could fly home with, obviously not nearly as much as we would have liked to bring home.

Fast forward a few years, making plans to go to the Georgia mountains with our fave friends, I did a search for the hell of it and found that the ATL had acquired a couple Trader Joe's. I announced this to the German with great excitement. And so the tradition began. Driving up that September, Scarlett called Trader Joe's all kinds of other names, Trader Bill's, Trader John's. She and her husband, Mark aren't what you'd call foodies, but they got it. We filled a cart with tons and tons of pastas, sauces, cheeses, chips, veggies, dips, organic hot chocolate, and wine GALORE. (+ quite a bit of prosecco of course!) Oh the meals we had.

Listen, and listen well. This darling little store is packed to the rafters with the delicious, the AFFORDABLE, the unique,  the exotic, the ethnic, the gourmet, the fanciful, the down home tasty. If you live in a state with Trader Joe's stores , get there. Shop there. Make me utterly sick with jealousy. Go on do it. Otherwise, you're squandering an incredible food mecca. And I'll hate you. ;-)

Walk in and you'll feel the difference, it's quirky, it's homey. Soak in the atmosphere. The convivial attitude of the employees. How welcome and cozy you feel. Make your way to the back corner of any Trader Joe's and taste how good it is. You'll always find samples of their latest goodies. Make yourself a little cup of tea or coffee at their hospitality bar. Note the organic sugar, the all natural creamer. Trader Joe's just feeeeels like it cares. And you can't beat the savings on top of all this awesomeness.
For instance, a nice chunk of aged gouda cheese at Whole Foods? Could be as much as $16. At Trader Joe's? A mere $6. I know. It's insane. Unbelievable even. But try it. Test it. Their cheese isle alone is reason enough to go there. Another example? Are you familiar with Amarone? It is a red wine from the Veneto region of Italy. Buy a bottle of it at your regular wine store? You'll pay $30 at the very least. At Trader Joe's? You can get a lovely Amarone for just $16.
While you're stocking up on delectable cheeses and mind blowing wines, do detour into their other offerings. J'adore their spicy black bean dip, their prepared bruschetta, hummus, tzatziki... their incredible selection of Indian sauces and spices, same holds true for Italian (olives, pesto, etc.).  Trader Joe's is a killer place to stock up for a holiday party . Trust me, we did.   Have dietary restrictions? Trader Joe's caters to you. Check out their vegetarian list, their gluten-free lists, the kosher list, their heart-healthy list, etc.

Rumour has it, Trader Joe's WILL make its way down to Florida. There are plans for it. The economy has simply put this growth on hold. If you live in Florida and visit one, ask. Beg.
If you live in a locale with your own Trader Joe's go there. Experience it. I insist. And let me know once you have so I can die of envy.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

And this is when I get bummed about music sites I really love. I get this way when someone trashes a restaurant I adore too. I get sad. And even a little shocked. Like, HUH?! Did we eat at the same place? Hear the same album? It's definitely all relative. It's why I guess I can't be a proper critic. I mean I will go on a tirade about something I think sucks to a live (poor) soul. But not for a gigantic forum. Not unless I've been wronged incredibly. Blah. Let's just get to the album. Have listened since it came out on Tuesday at the very least, 12 times. I don't listen to a new album that I don't FEEEEEL over 12 times in two days. Eff that.

I feel The Bravery took a little detour on The Sun and the Moon . A detour I didn't quite follow them on. Their own remixes of The Sun and the Moon were a step in a better direction. But. Well. I couldn't help but reminisce about their first, self titled album. It's a sh!t feeling when a band you fall for on their initial release disappoints on their second. But that's just me. I'm no pompous "I HATE IT, LET ME CHEW IT A NEW ONE" music b!tch. Nada.

Get to the bloody album already. I know.
Track 1. Adored. - hmm. they're back. an instant return to a darker, more electro feel. energy. i'm in!
Track 2. Song for Jacob. -oh the old bass i love. the guitars. the bass. the angst. his imperfectly perfect voice.
Track 3. Slow Poison . -was the first single. definitely dark pop. infectious. could do without the "doo doo doo doo's" fo sho though.
Track 4. Hatef*ck. -took me a while to get the title. had a dense moment. J'ADORE this song. every bit of it. the lyrics. the tone. the urgency. oh wait, not so much the little metal-ish guitar part. but the rest. YES.
Track 5. I Am Your Skin. -Thank you GOD for synths. all the right pieces that make them them, present.
Track 6. She's So Bendable- SLOOOWS down. am thinking it's bass mike singing. has a totally different feel and tone. still captures me.
Track 7. The Spectator - It's good. It's fine.
Track 8. I Have Seen the Future- Growing up in a household with a dad that dug sci fi & sci fi shows, this song INSTANTLY reminded me of the theme song of Dr. Who .  And strangely, this was a GOOD thing. I totally am head over heels for this one. And can picture them performing it live. It ruled.
Track 9. Red Hands & White Knuckles- Angst-ridden & killer. The chorus is so desperate. so right, grabs me. the rest thrills me too. love the sound layers. electro bleeps and all.
Track 10. Jack-O'-Lantern Man- LAME SONG TITLE. in my humblest of opinions. ;-) words can ruin things for me. however. song's good enough. no need to skip. frantic. i like frantic. sounds like a high speed car chase. a little dalliance in metal guitar (as i call it), but i forgive.
Track 11. Sugar Pill - (hey! watch the vid!) coma like. ethereal.  it's sedating. and that doesn't bother me. it really doesn't. good night.


(killer shrug? yep. forever 21. so elizabethan AND modern. AND metallic. it's love.)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

two urban licks
if you can find it, you'll dig it. thank heavens we were with georgia natives or we would have ended up in a fight trying to locate the place. even jason, jen's husband, was perplexed up until the moment we valet parked. "am i supposed to see that guy over there in the dark waving at me?" he asked. jason's quiet, but when he speaks, i generally laugh. 

must say i loved how remote and weird Two Urban Licks' location was to the outsider. i totally dig underground-ness. it literally felt like we were headed to an empty warehouse or factory = cool. once inside, i know i gasped. loved the lighting (read: dim), the massively high ceiling, the vellum-like curtain that separated us from those already dining and OMG the gigantic work of art  that captured my eye and never stopped catching it, in the main dining room. Their website calls it a trademark painting by artist Todd Murphy. it felt so familiar? not sure why...

anyway, we were seated in a great wide open booth very near to the open kitchen at which time our dry & sassy mohawked server approached and informed us of their wine kegs. cool. we'll try. got a vat of said barrel wine, which they called something else? forgive, i forget. you must see their massive wall of wine barrels. it's, well, massive. 

so the menu. i totally judge a menu based upon its ability to perplex me. by this i mean, finding myself wanting just about every damned thing on it and my brain becoming a true cluster you-know-what. as you know, i'm predominantly vegetarian, i do eat some seafood, so this is important too. it needs a fair amount of selections i will actually be able to order. check. check.

while i did not partake, this was their 'fried chicken'. with grilled corn slaw & chipotle honey mustard. the verdict: pretty creative & good.  said to have been sweet tea marinated?

 Then there was their calamari, described as shaved and topped with a sweet, creamy, spicy basil, cilantro sauce. Loved the sauce. Calamari itself was a bit off. not too chewy, not soggy, but a bit? hmm? stale-like? just a bit.

Crawfish spring rolls... Crispy. Excellent sauce. However, not so much crawfish? so yeah, those were our apps. fried food galore. all good. none, EXCELLENT. 
And then there were our entrees... an insanely delicious scallop dish served with GOUDA GRITS (i was literally dying) and pico de gallo. they WILL serve this dish in heaven, i know it. the scallops were grand and succulent. 

the grits were... portioned WAY TO SMALL for a cheese addict, but wow. so yum. 

i also ordered the wild mushroom ravioli which was decadent goodness, so tasty in a citrus cream sauce with spinach and tomatoes. AND the fried green tomatoes (when in Georgia) accompanied by  perfectly prepared shrimp, avocado & a deeelish creole tartar sauce.  
I insisted upon dessert, which is rare for me, as i usually totally kill appetizers to a degree that ruins my ability to even eat my main plate. somehow i rose above this at two urban licks. and ordered a hunky slice of carrot cake. why? homemade cream cheese ice cream. GOOD LORD. (totally forgot to snap a photo!) ice cream had that homemade ice cream "crunch". & the icing on the carrot cake? man oh man, seemed to be iced with CHEESE CAKE. so indulgently good. 

server had a good sense of humor. a lot of patience with our eclectic personalities and requests (do you have black towels? no? i'll take a second white one then) ;-). atmosphere was killer. great vibe. wide open, awesome space. tables surrounding the kitchen was a cool touch. i would definitely go back. if you're in the ATL i suggest you try it too. will ask the german which wine we have. do pardon me, i can't recall. 

happy december!

Two Urban Licks
820 Ralph McGill Blvd. ATL


The german & I drove to Georgia, anxious for a getaway from an unseasonably hot South Florida autumn. It seemed things were already beginning to change as we rolled through Gainesville, FL. Leaves had turned somewhat, there was a bit of a chill in the air... 

We were quite excited about the days ahead. With plans to stop in the ATL and visit with my old college friend, Jen & her family for a couple days. From there a major shopping spree at Trader Joe's & then, on up into the cozy, laid back, charming, unpretentious Georgia mountains for a few day's stay with my dear family.
Am going to spend the next couple blogs filling you in on a handful of details from my Thanksgiving adventure that I'm thinking you might take interest in. Please bear with me, am all out of sorts these last few days. Hope you all had a relaxing, thankful, thanksgiving full of yumminess & love.