Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Growers & Builders Mix
By that I mean songs that get better and better every listen, they GROW on you. songs that develop as you listen, into something that leaves you no choice but to MOVE. they BUILD into heart accelerating brilliance. They thud, they pulsate. they shake up the solar system. Yeah, that's a big claim. But I stand behind it.
Sometimes Things Get, Whatever Deadmau5 (this should be everyone's step child mantra. it's true and you know what, it kicks @$$, let it build, revel in it. have experienced live twice.)
Hearts On Fire Cut Copy (OMG. if you don't feel this, i'm not sure we can be friends. Cut Copy taps into something joyous & freeing & ULTRA fun! I must remind myself to breathe in their presence. live once. Dear Lord let me see them live again. listen to this one NOW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4SponDQDWw)
Hustler Simian Mobile Disco (This song is rad to the bone, and it's like an old Jane's Addiction tune, subject: stealing. I feel for the diva, she just wants music! listen! p.s. they DID stand me up at Ultra)
AirWar Crystal Castles (LIVE? AVOID. i've given them TWO chances, PUKE. recorded. i still like. i can't help it. love its groovy bleepy quality. its energy.)
High School
Tiga (Yeah, it's been A LONG time since i was in high school, but Tiga makes it sound cool. when the chorus kicks in you're grooving, no doubt. i adore this song. Even though HE stood me up at Ultra too)
Emerge Fischerspooner (UH HUH that's right. seriously. another grower. it builds. and it's kick ass. true electronic.)
Open Up Leftfield (It's the 90s, it's England, it's AWESOME. get lost in it. you have no choice! electronic wonder)
Over and Over Hot Chip (utterly addictive, was my ring tone for forever. you'll find yourself singing it, over and over.)
Lights Out Santogold (she rules, she does. live too. love her. so creative. so butt shake-able!)
Night Falls Booka Shade (INSANE, you like dance? with darker undertone & feel, it provokes thought. OH MAN. love. Live? love. Gosh this song makes me buzz.)
Girl and the Sea 4:46 The Presets (musical layers and elements i love, ebb & flow. killer. live twice, both times frenetic and exhilarating).

that's back to back mixes. both very electronically influenced. need help hearing ANY? tell me. please. take the time to find and hear. it's kinda like a musical scavenger hunt!


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