Tuesday, September 22, 2009

HA! I love it. I love you Jessica. How I'd love to have answered, YES! Yes, it's Hale Bob. But, alas, no, it's vintage. And given to me at that, not bought. By my neighbor like 10 doors down, it was her mother-in-law's!

So you see, I noted the pale blue color meandering around throughout the satiny paisleys and had a little epiphany of sorts! Mad dash rummaging occurred and I found it! A satin sash incredibly close to said pale blue, tied it on and thought, A ha! Yes, this is it. Added a stunning Forever 21 necklace that sparkles so beautifully and my super high golden heels from Steve Madden. One of those insanely good fashion Monday mornings. Had to share...

Moral of the story, be a hoarder. ;-) Shop your own closet. Never underestimate things you already own. Just reinvent them. Give them new life.


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