Thursday, June 30, 2011


as i indulge in a piece of carrot cake
& an entire liter of perrier citron
i ponder the fact that i
covet & lust & need & want.
bad bad bad, but soooo good.
these things have struck my fancy in super recent days.
do they slay you? click on the #love below each for more info.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

quiet flight
i don't feel like rambling on at the moment. so i thought i'd share my look & a link. listen to washed out's within and without in its entirety on NPR's website.
top: boston proper
tank underneath: american apparel
jeans: old navy maternity
shoes: zara
shades & bracelets: forever 21


Friday, June 24, 2011

a sunlovey solution?

we'll see. until now, my long necklaces have been strewn about, hanging from this corner and that. it occurred to me the last time i spent the better portion of my already very short amount of time allotted for getting ready in the morning untangling necklaces. i was @#$%ing up a storm and like 20 minutes late for work, that i must do SOMETHING. yep, ridiculous. so i got creative pronto. & wandered about target until i saw this coat rack, painted it silver, sprinkled embossing powder on it and heated it up with an embosser to give it a bit of texture and voila. instant space for 15+ long necklaces. it's the + that scares me a bit, my guess is, having stacked two or three on each hook, i'll still end up wrestling them apart from time to time, but it will be nowhere near as miserable & profanity inspiring as it was. we make do when it comes to our fashion hoarding, don't we?
happy friday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

hey you guys!
yeah, that popped into my head yesterday, electric company style, and well. speaking of electric. so is my bad ass new acquisition from desigual. when it comes right down to it, brilliant stuff hails from spain.
for example, delorean!

Delorean - Subiza by Wimbot

fave fave fave album of last summer, so good it deserves all the play in the world this summer, was blessed in vast ways to catch them twice in chicago last july. oh, back to spain, the OJ. so sorry, florida. but spain kills you in orange juice. the two times i've passed through madrid i've guzzled it as if it were my last day on earth. go to spain, drink their OJ. and obviously there's tapas. who doesn't fiend for tapas? thank you spain. and what about my own wedding dress—by pronovias of barcelona. well, i've obviously gone off on a tangent, the whole point in me even mentioning spain was because of the tunic i wore today, as mentioned, by desigual. it's love. such love. perhaps abrasive/over the top to some (count the german in this group, he said nothing, he knows better right now, but his eyes kind of popped out this a.m. when he saw me in it), but the prints slay me, as most desigual prints do. wardrobe in need of a surge—tap them.
i paired it to denim shorts, my sun luk wedges and a trio of interesting necklaces.
one from kathmandu, another from jewel mint and the last from @kris_1.
anyway, tomorrow's friday. revel in that.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i should be severely punished.
admittedly, should i dare purchase ONE MORE PAIR OF WEDGES this season.
seriously, loveys. name the punishment. (not joking)
then, hold me to it.
scored these
mantra wedges by carlos santana on hautelook this a.m.
they are utterly fantastic though, aren't they?
and for $39.
punish me.


oh, p.s.
listen to this:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

but another anthemic, sparkling, gorgeous, emotional, #chillwave track from ernest greene also known as WASHED OUT. god, i love that kid.
washed out's amor fati via pitchfork.
hint: this is a downloadable mp3 if you dig it.

Monday, June 20, 2011


and like, why should i? these things seem to magically jump out of my closet and onto my body without hesitation as of late. and i'm running with it. all the way through summer and hell, right on into fall. fact is prints are charming the pants off of me, or onto me in this case, yes? piles of them! & i see no need to stop at just one. send me your photos of splashy, fun pattern mixes won't you?
send here-->
love, sunlovey

Thursday, June 16, 2011

so so summery...

if you're not in absolute #LOVE with all the delicious crochet out there let me personally take your temperature. you're sick. i wore my own sunlovey forever felt flower necklace with my fave new crochet fleur tunic for a serious pop of color. bloom-print wedges + black & multi-hued beaded bracelets were the cherry on top, so to speak.


p.s. check out my vid below! just beginning to dabble, see my necklace come to life...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

it's a junior boys kind of day. #nowplaying their new release:
it's all true.
stream it here ( on hype machine, just hit play).
silver varied hem cardigan- boston proper
floral print lace tank - forever 21
grey cargo leggings - hue
necklace - forever 21
leopard cat eye shades - can't recall. :-(

i repeat DO NOT avoid tourist shops.
as that's where i scored this smocked bust blossom dress, last summer, in islamorada. for dirt. worn with an H&M necklace and boston proper cardigan. a dear lovey of mine from NY recently came by two killer vintage-look tees the same way on ft. lauderdale beach. tourist traps = killer fashion finds.

DO, i repeat DO, give kraftwerk's the model a bit of ear time below if you're not already familiar with it. was STOKED to hear it on XMU today. it's so retro electro. which yeah, = #LOVE



tribal-esque thing i own elicits a "did jerry bring that back for you?" from the german. jerry is a friend of ours that spent two years in cameroon whilst in the peace corps. then came back with all sorts of over-the-top men's tribal garb that smelled as if someone had died upon each and every piece. i'll never ever forget OR stop erupting into fits of laughter when i think of the day we had plans to hit the local dark wave club we frequented at the time and dear jerry came down our stairs wearing one such look. the german threw a bloody tantrum. i lost 3 lbs laughing. the german insisted he change. i dared him to leave it on. yeah, the german hates tribal anything. nothing against the culture whatsoever, just seems to wish we'd let them go on wearing it as opposed to us. all that said, he's rolling in the grave he's not even in yet in over all the tribal prints he's seeing out there and on me as of late. guess he wishes we were all clad in dirndls .

Monday, June 13, 2011

once upon a time... there was a little smocked waist, lace-trim bird skirt that asked, wait, no no no, that BEGGED to be paired back to bright blooming wedges. sunlovey obliged & voila! a summery love affair began...
While on the subject of things that flower, how about a little track from california's Garden & Villa. the german insisted i give them a listen on the way home from the children's musical (katy perry) the other night. was utterly killing me that i couldn't recall who they reminded me of, remembered just now. mason proper & their track, fog.
check it: garden & villa's black hills:


Sunday, June 12, 2011

somebody ruled.
& well, somebody else should have her own nickelodeon show.
can you guess which is which?
hint: the one that ruled was not katy.
the german and i were given a pair of tix to this show. and being a late to the party robyn fan, i couldn't pass up the opportunity. i go to about one arena show every three years (last was depeche mode, prior to that, the cure) so this was like the twilight zone. thousands of pre-puberty girls, meh seats (do know: i kill & maim to score the utmost best seats possible for the aforementioned bands above) and a stage set that reeked of the wizard of oz, all aided in this sensation.
but seriously, the sprite-like swedish firecracker, robyn was so insanely rad to the bone live. with two complete drum sets (+ drummers) & two keyboardist/synth dudes, her electro-dance sound was AMAZING. and watching her dance her @$$ off while simultaneously singing blew my brain a little. i so wished i was on the floor dancing too. how i regret not seeing her last fall in a smaller venue with a longer set. LOVE her.
then there was katy perry, now, if i were 10 and a pop fiend, she would have totally rocked my world. but... i felt like i was a children's musical. and when the furry purple cat came out, i wanted acid or to go home. further, covering that youtube sensation song, friday was weird. as was covering whitney houston's so emotional. and rihanna, and jayzee. kids, this just wasn't my cup of tea. my 1st pop show ever and well. pop ain't me. the silver lining though? katy's costume changes. they saved my night. especially this glittery metallic moo moo thing i so wish was mine. (sparkly moo moo photo courtesy of vanessaSW)

p.s. robyn:

boy shorts.
no, really.
bought the knit tribal-print shorts i'm wearing herein the men's department. they're underwear!
no joke. and i love them.

Publish Post
in other news, spent sunday at the beach and noticed, every little bag i brought along just looked so fun together on top of the Target table cloth i use as a beach blanket.
the beach bag is from Boston Proper.
the day of the dead mini-cooler is by Sugar Booger. the drawstring fabric bag was "gift wrap" from a dear old friend. Lastly, that's my dear friend Jen of the ATL wearing another one of my Sunlovey Forever felt flower necklaces. Also crafted for her as a thank you! J'adore my sparkling faves.


Thursday, June 09, 2011

initial thoughts on
depeche mode remixes 2: 81-11
the remixes i've listed below kind of shock me. perhaps because many of them are tracks that i've often hit fast forward or skip on. others are iconic classics that have been toyed with in ways that delight, hard. pitchfork gave this remix release a measly 4 something. they called it depressing. i beg to differ. there are definitely tracks i don't feel. at. all. (some surprise me, i.e. m83's & alan wilder's) but for the most part, i can't peel myself away from these remixes. and have a strong feeling the more i digest, the more i'll feel.

the darkest star - monolake remix
never ever liked this weird song. then monolake came along, remixed it, and it's risen to the top for me.


behind the wheel - vince clarke remix
vince clarke should teach all electronic producers how to blow up a track. he's done it for ages & ages, brilliantly. this should be played loud.

everything counts - oliver & stephan remix
experimental and intelligent layers mingle with danceable tangents, edgy little quirks and a quick pulse. prepare for the rush you're going to feel when you 1st hear signs of this classic coming through. i dig. hard.

in chains - myer vs. wilder deconstruction
try to set aside your typical summation of what a proper song should go like and just let yourself get lost in the layers of sound this track consists of. would make the perfect soundtrack to a complicated dream or a bad ass movie.

ghost - le weekend remix
i feel how it builds, climaxes, then fades as a proper dance track should.

master & servant - RSS remix
i want to hear this in a sexy club. i want to see a depeche mode-aware dance-loving crowd blow up to it.

never let me down again - eric prydz remix

am just going to say i adore blasting this one. it's such a classic track and it's fun to hear it reinvented.

puppets - royksopp remix
holy beautiful. j'adore this remix immensely. what is it with royksopp, they massage your heart with their sound, whilst keeping you moving. that's skill, kids.

when the body speaks - karlsson & winnberg remix
again, this track never was a fave. but this remix reinvents it into something beyond palatable. something spacey, sparkly and dreamy. that's a #YAY.

walking in my shoes - anandamidic remix
tribal drumming, metallic strikes and bleeps give way to something kind of groovy. there truly is something to be said for producers transforming some of DM's more ho hum tracks into coolness.


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

i dwell here.
dear remnants of childhood mingle with bits of an old marie antoinette wig adornment i crafted, a chaotic mix of jewels, ornaments turned wall art, postcards from italy, my dabbles in watercolors, ceramic cherubs, cherished photos and a flower petal lamp. this is where i dwell, what i see before i fall asleep and as i awaken (should i be fortunate enough to actually zzz).
#love is: every. single. haphazard detail.

flower fetish.
it is ALL about the shoe. eff else matters.
the shoe.
it's gorgeous, vibrant art and all else pales beside it.
i thank my lucky stars i encountered it. it is my utter fave.
perhaps ever.
i wore it with a beloved H&M dress of mine that has proven to be so forgiving in my current state.

p.s. shoes were a whopping $39.99.