Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Images&Objects i've fallen for... 

A D&G ad in Elle October so bright & bold

A thoughtful winged & sparkly heart clip

Tiffany's exotic star jewels (Mind you I haven't even gotten over their sparkling keys yet!)

 Insane over-the-knee boots & mini-dresses in vivid metallics as seen in Elle October.

A fragrant hand-carved wooden box given to me by my abuelita like the answer to a prayer (bracelets have been stuffed in this beautiful vessel for now!).

The real thing! Autumn leaves in all their multi-hued glory in an envelope from New Hampshire for a girl who grew up loving fall & misses it madly. (Causing thoughts on escaping SOMEWHERE in the coming months...)

The soothing sea foam backdrop, the strikingly retro black & white funny girl who some love to hate, I personally adore... 

The cutest little sparkly-eyed owl ring, spotted on a friend. 

Until later.


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