Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A brief history of LOVE
the big pink
Bought the album yesterday. Probably like 24 hours ago. Have listened to it:
3 times at work yesterday
Ride home yesterday
Ride into work today (LOUD as I could handle that early in the a.m. = AMAZING new perspectives)
2 times at work today
Do you think I'm feeling it?!
Song by song... (
's are for songs I react to each time they come on, subject to change with time, do know I AM partial to the entire album, thus the repetitive listening, I'm skipping nothing)
Crystal Visions- sounds like? Kasabian & pure English indie, has an ethnic undertone, good layers
Too Young to Love- has an Animal Collective background noise quality, groovy repetition, distortion
Dominos- WILL BE on TV shows & commercials I fear. Catchy chanting. AWESOME. full sound.
Love in Vain- touches on internal turmoil lyrically. gets to me. sad & slow. reflective. love.
At War with the Sun- An upbeat turn, perfect layers of guitar, synths, beats, makes you move.
Velvet- Currently MY FAVE TRACK. electro intro builds into insane beauty. riveting. listen loud.
Golden Pendulum- By now I'm totally feeling their sound, their layers, their vocals. amazing song.
Frisk- hasn't grabbed me yet. but by no means does it require skipping.
A Brief History of Love- title track. female back-up vocals. intensity penetrates me a little bit. ;-)
Tonight- begins with electro bleeps & beeps, develops into a poppy mix of distortion & groove
Count Backwards from 10- I'm hearing Kula Shaker, The Verve, all Brit greats renewed. Melancholy.
Stop the World- BONUS TRACK. I like it.
Dominos (Rustie Remix)- I don't hear Dominos at all?... Could take it or leave it.

All in all, while it's purely English (forgot to mention, don't you feel a Jesus & Mary Chain thing happening?! and upon more reflection, Love & Rockets?? ), I do feel tinges of NY's A Place to Bury Strangers & that brings me mad delight. Would love to hear other's thoughts on this album. Do you feel it falls into Shoegaze? Thanks.

I leave you with Velvet... remember: LOUD.


p.s. I got The Bravery's new single Slow Poison this a.m. I like. Will likely go see. Oct. 16th @The Culture Room, where we first met...

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