Thursday, September 24, 2009

 diaphanous chiffon 
Got a package from Rue La La a few days ago & experienced fashion kismet. After falling for the recent Elle story that featured surreal photos of fluid, sensuous chiffon I got the sheer silk chiffon tunic pictured from Edun . It's lovely. Wall paper medallions in Marie Antoinette shades of smokey pale blue, pale yellow & taupe. A delicate raw-edge ruffle and contrasting stripe print neckline with a petite pearl-closure peep hole. 

Operative word though is SHEER. A light bulb goes off, I practically run to my spare bedroom closet, fling the doors open and rummage ferociously through its contents for a handful of vintage full slips. They were given to me by my dear mom (yes keep praying for her!) and given to her from a loving family friend we knew when I was a wee one back in Raleigh. They're classic. Satin. Lace trim. Really lovely. And low and behold, I found a taupe one matched the tunic perfectly. 

Tried them on together and WOWED myself. No joke. I loved the look of the slip peaking out at the chest AND the hem. It felt appropriately sensuous. Of course the single pearl closure sent me on another mission. Seeking out layers of pearl necklaces and LOVING the fact that I just bought a cool collection of pearl and rhinestone stretch bracelets the day before. 

I still hope to find the perfect belt for this tunic, for another way to wear it. Tried a brown one I found in my closet which was the right style but DEFinitely the wrong color (p.s. i basically HATE brown) and ended up throwing it across the room. 

I'm getting tons of wear out of the antique-style skeleton keys I've grown obsessed with. I strung two on a chain I wore today reading "secret" and "love".  Anyway, just wanted to share... I can never tire of crafting looks. I hope in some way I inspire you to do the same... Run with your ideas. Realize your visions. Get inspired. 


p.s. guess who got the most BRILLIANT shade of jade  nail polish today? ;-)

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