Monday, October 31, 2011

yep, i'm in shorts again, these lacy babies caught my eye and well. i do live in florida, so all the fall shorts i'm snatching up are totally justifiable. and seriously, how else might i show off adorable Fair Isle pompom socks? fringe poncho, check! lace-up platform booties, check! faux-furry hat, check! skull on a stick, got it! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, loveys!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

just like that, guess boots from a couple years ago turned into...
MAY-JUH bad ass fur boots with bold pompoms! thanks to ingenious little elasticized sleeves i recently snatched up. picture all the boots i'll transform! hell, i'll wear 'em with heels, with flip flops, on their own! i'm smitten. hard.

...and then there were the leg warmers. spotted, today, and like moths to a flame, covering my calves within a half hour. hell yeah i'll unapologetically embrace a look i loved as a six year old. they have rainbow lurex thread running through them = #love!it's all coming together... i've hoarded shorts galore all fall (so far) for a reason that was not clear to me 'til now. my head is spinning. so many looks to come. am i alone in this overwhelming j'adore-ness?!

p.s. both scores are steve madden
playing dress-up part 2
in the fashiony spirit of halloween...
home decor-inspired
geisha-esque flapper
ha! pick a lane, right? hell no. why???
why not:
stop being boring.
start going out on a limb.
love everything in your wardrobe... at the same time!
i was thinking that there IS something new under the sun when it comes to a carefully crafted outfit.
voila! no one has EVER worn this. that brings me bliss.


the look:
top- a acquisition, part of a pair.
skirt- forever 21
shoes- they were my granny's, way vintage. #love
belt- old forever 21
mask- party city
gloves- urban outfitters

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

playing dress-up
the german walked into our guest bedroom and called out to me "what IS this?" he was referring to an entire outfit i laid out on the bed, right down to the boots and socks and... "oh just an outfit i picked out..."
boys don't quite get it. if i don't start finding a reason to put some real clothes on i might end up in a straight jacket instead. don't say i didn't warn you...
well, L fell asleep on the ride home from starbucks. so i dashed inside & super quietly! threw on the look from the bed with... a halloweeny twist. ;-)
mad props to the german for the wee little camera remote control he randomly purchased off amazon, it came in handy today!
the look.
oh how my high school self would've loved this. black wings especially.
top- zara
skirt- ancient max studio
belt- got in london 100 years ago
socks- urban outfitters
boots- eeeek, report signature? old & i've forgotten. let me get back to you.(ugh, am so hollywood red carpet idiot! L's on my lap, no can do right now.)
wings- party city
p.s. i leave you with ministry's everyday is halloween. revel in it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

my mess of possible props is all i have to show for halloween '11 look. a far cry from my carefully chosen, created and packed alice get-up last halloween that i wore as i whirlwinded through the infamous salem, mass. do you see a possible costume in this pile of oddities?

i have decked out my dwelling here & there too! i like to pretend baby L notices...

wondering if your american apparel had such fashiony halloween window displays?

just one week 'til the 31st. what'll you be? what about me...


Sunday, October 23, 2011

do forgive me for arriving so late, i mean well, i do. and who knows, perhaps you've arrived late too. and if that's the case, catch up in the revelry with me...

rewind to a year ago, plus a few months. you're at lincoln hall, chicago. you're a gross mess, you've been at pitchfork all day. but, bear in heaven's playing an after party, you gotta be there. they play this. you dig it. hard. you know it's not theirs. you know all their stuff. vocalist even says it's a cover. you don't understand when he says who's it is. you dance. you go home. you forget about it. like a dumb ass. you should kick yourself, it was that good a track.

ok, it's today again, you hear it as you dash through forever 21. you #love it all over again. you, still a dumb ass, don't connect it to that bear in heaven show, but you do take mental note of a few lyrics. it helps that you're sober this time.

you search said lyrics. you find it. on youtube of course. and there it is, being covered by bear in heaven too. BAM! like that, it all comes back.

hear it below. but know, the version i heard today was sung by a dude not a chick and it was sped up some if i recall correctly. help a girl out if you know it or find it, i beg.

anyway, hope you enjoyed the party. in other words. i hope you danced.


see you in a little bit
dear lace-up booties
we're going to have an amazing fall/winter together!
i found you on
& you were an utter freaking steal.
happy sunday!

Friday, October 21, 2011

exotic shine
when i spotted this asian-y kimono-inspired top on hautelook a few weeks ago i felt overwhelmingly compelled to hoard it in yellow as well. damn smart of me, it's such love. the sunny yellow version is begging me hard to top a creamy chiffon & lace skirt, which is going to give off an entirely different aura. i'll try and get that on tomorrow if L allows. right now i'm in a sleek and stunning (ha) black nursing tank & heather grey leggings that have been compromised by a bodily fluid i'll spare you from mentioning. blah. i've digressed horribly... the shorts, well they're short. and shimmery. encrusted in black sequins. shine is going nowhere, loveys. so shine! tip: if you want to wear something some might consider a little overt, offset said item with something quite the opposite. that's what i did here, short shorts offset by a beautiful, flowy blouse. oh & yeah, i'm fully favoring shorts right now. mid-october. what can i say? add tights. spike & rhinestone heels round out this eclectic look. happiest of fridays, talk to me, i'm lonely...

p.s. please check out my article on, am trying to decide if i should continue to contribute as their local fashion trend writer, thoughts?

Monday, October 17, 2011

stay-at-home mom
i'd be an utter & total liar if i tried to pretend i sported these shoes all day, i'm requesting you practice a little suspension of disbelief where said shoes are concerned. and i think you'll giggle when i tell you about the bubble gum pink shorts i'm wearing.
really, i just wanted to talk about the fact that lately, i want to wear the same top every single day. no, i haven't succumb to stay-at-home-mom-i-don't-care-anymore frumpiness. nope, aforementioned top is just that bad ass. oversized and cozy, yes. but in a bold python print with structured stand collar and a chic swingy shape + pockets = #love.
but then, unexpected accessories started playing into my silly little photo shoot. so... i went with it.
the top = zara.
the shorts = kids size champion "sport" shorts from target. the corset-back heels = betsey johnson. the shades = marc jacobs. the mask = pulcinella, a venetian carnevale character, the baby = my very best accessory, the famous baby L. happy monday, loveys!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

because i NEEDED a black glitter tutu.
no, i think i really did. sometimes we do. i was perusing the isles of joann's crafts as my friend byrdie acquired material for some killer accessories she's designing when i saw it sparkling on a mannequin in the fabric section and ripped it right off said mannequin, leaving it bottomless. +50% all holiday stuff = sold. ha, holiday stuff!? a black glitter tutu is a year round score. #YAY.

p.s. byrdie's bracelets. (i. just. #LOVE. them.)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011