Monday, November 30, 2009

creative hiatus...
many, many, many more blog posts to come. i promise.
just not RIGHT NOW. soon. 


(photo taken in downtown Blue Ridge, because I loved this doorway.)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

am in the ATL. have been since 2:30 this afternoon. am on the verge of delirium (having gone to bed at nearly 2 am, gotten up at ten to 5 am, the maddening drive here, etc.). but had to make notes here. dinner at two urban licks in atlanta georgia is an experience from the instant you try to find the bloody place 'til you walk out the door. LOVE. much love & props go to ms. jennifer mcafee for the recommendation. photos and much more to come. p.s. seems the restaurant group that two urban licks falls under has an eatery in O-town, yep, florida. called luma on park. haven't been, will try to change that in the near future.


p.s. got to wear my faux-fur leopard jacket tonight!!! photos of this momentous awesomeness to come. bloody forgot the upload cable for my canon. :-(

Friday, November 20, 2009

For a Girl That Loves Going...
I sure do drag a$$ when it comes to packing. It's after 11, we're leaving in like 6 hours & nada.
This is how you do it. Meander around your happy place for an hour, lollygag with your neighbor from across the street, refresh your twitter feed 1000 times... sip wine endlessly. and well, don't pack.

So... to rewind a bit. Say, to lunch time yesterday. Or, just a bit after breakfast actually. It pops into my head "MEXICAN". I send an email immediately. To whom? Hector. He's like Creative's lunch coordinator. Email reads as follows...
Subject: I'm Hungry
Body: Mexican?

His reply?
"Of course! Where?"
"Moe's? Chipotle?"
"Both are fine with me. Or do you want to go sloppy Mexican?"
Me: "Sloppy Mexican? Like what?"
He: Well, i can't remember, he rattled off a few restaurant names in the Delray/Boca area. Many of which I've gone to and well, walked away like "eh?" He did say Señor Frogs. And my brain spun a bit. Like "We have a Señor Frogs!? The girls gone wild-esque party hell hole, we do?!" My reply: "Your call." He rounded up the troops as he always does & we set out. Didn't know where to, still, at this point. A coworker asks and he says "Señor Frogs" and she's like "the place with the frozen drinks?!"

No. Not that place. This Señor Frogs is in Delray and it's in a quiet little strip mall and when you walk in you're like "hmm, cute, not what I expected?" Swirly chalk specials and drink specials decorate the walls. The salsa has a kick & well, they try and keep you fit by serving up the smallest basket of tortilla chips ever. But worry not. They do refill it.

Of course I ordered the vegetarian burrito. Go ahead, type cast me. But this veggie burrito was YUM. For real. And the presentation? Hey, I appreciate sculpted yellow rice. I really do. No joke. I'm totally going back there. Local? You should too:


Delray Beach, FL 33483
  • (561) 266-8558

  • So... what else? Got my "girls",  Lily & Maggie the coolest little pink puff coats with faux-fur hoodies at Target tonight. Am I awful? They've had them on since I got home. They're adorable. I think they like. And well, they needed said coats for their journey into the mountains.

  • See, I think they like. In other news. Still sipping vino, and it's thirty minutes later. Don't ask me how we're going to manage this pain in the a$$ haul. I sip on. We'll figure it out. Boots are ready! 'Night!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

got in the way. vino @ City Cellar (i stare in awe at their gorgeous wine storage everytime i'm there) &  Carousel Can Can Cafe (WOW WOW WOW What fun! Love the dancers! The splits of POP champagne! The marquis lights! The carousel horse disco ball! The gilded gold entry!) trumps blogging sometimes.

that & time with my abuelita. What you have here is BIG SIPS, BIG SMILES, A Christmas tree glowing blue & green. A wild concept restaurant/bar that's rumored to not be doing so well & that's a bloody shame. Can Can dancers, pulsating sounds, a menu that made me salivate even though I'd had a massive dinner already. Oh, + a rockin' grandma, an "onyx" cross & a peace sign. 


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rockin' My 
Ruffly Summer Frock 
into Fall & yay! on into spring...
Today I wore a vibrant little knit dress that I got for a killer price because it's a summer dress and summer dresses are extremely on sale. It's ruffly 'cuz ruffles were big last season. But I'm thrilled to say designers like Marc Jacobs insured they're sticking around on into Spring 2010

Oh and Chanel Spring 2010... 

And yeah, Dolce & Gabbana back to amazing, yep!, fringe boots...

So yeah. They're sticking around. Ruffles, I mean. And that makes my super steal of  (an on sale, summer knit) dress a piece I'll reinvent again and again forever. For example... today I paired it to jet jewels and chunky chains. A cool cardie & mega bondage-esque heels to de-CUTE it a bit. 

If only autumn-like temps would've stuck around, I would be wearing bad ass boots and/or tights with this look. Hmmm.... perhaps fish nets. Anyway, you get my drift. Rock out your ruffles. Wear them through Fall/Winter and prepare to revamp them on into Spring.  Me personally, I'm going to don ruffles forever, they've always held a soft spot in my fashion heart. Someone you know (yeah, OK, me!) is wondering how long I'll go on existing without a pair ruffly statement heels. Perhaps they'll be in my December @ShoeDazzle "show room". Stay tuned.


p.s. these are Christian Louboutin. hotness, no?

p.s. again. Abbie Cornish's ruffly wardrobe was at least 1/3 of the reason I had to see Bright Star in the theater (that and the poetry). Ex-freakin'-squisite! 

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Raining Boots, Hallelujah 
A boot is a boot is a boot? No way. Yes, I just came by some radical over-the-knee ones, but suede fringe?!? Didn't have. Couldn't resist. (Got for a mere $20 at the Boston Proper Sample Sale as previously mentioned, can't beat.)Wardrobe lacks fringe? Get your fashionable paws on some and fast. From flapper to rocker to cowgirl to boho goddess (think, Siena Miller ). Those long stringy strands inspire movement. Provoke you to spin. Beg you dance, to move. I love the feeling.

There is something about Sunday nights. Well, I know exactly what that something is, it's anxiety (thinking about work chaos the next day), it's lamentation (that your beloved weekend is wrapping itself up), it's exhaustion (I get tired just thinking about the unnatural hour my alarm clock sounds) and defeat (no matter how late you stayed up both Friday & Saturday, in effort to make the weekend last forever, it did not). Anyway, all of these things lead me to crave major comfort food. 

So last night, I made vegetarian lasagna. And I did so by using the fabulous Morning Star crumbles I've mentioned previously.  
Put about half the package of said crumbles in a saute pan with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, two fresh pressed garlic cloves, fresh-ground black pepper and a little sea salt. Sauteed it briefly, then stirred in about a half a jar of my fave tomato sauce and set aside. 

Next up? Emptied a container of all-natural ricotta cheese into a small bowl, added fresh-chopped basil (yep, Aero Garden fresh), more fresh-ground black pepper, about a cup of grated parmesan and stirred. Set that aside.

Then, put a thin layer of plain tomato sauce on the "floor" of my casserole dish, evenly spread. Gotta love no-boil lasagna pasta. That got layered on top of the tomato sauce. 

That's when I layered in the tomato sauce & veggie crumble mixture, evenly spread across pasta. Then dollops of the ricotta mixture, oh delightful ricotta mixture...

You get my drift, another layer of lasagna pasta, tomato sauce, then, glorious shredded mozzarella and shredded parmesan, made so much more exciting by more fresh-pressed garlic cloves. And into the oven it went. @ 350 degrees. 

Thirty minutes later... Done. Delicious & cute little animal-free. Does the German mind the Morning Star crumbles substitution? His scraped clean plate points to no.

And lucky me had a tasty lunch today too! 
Easy. Vegetarian. Comforting. Try it. 

Now, I must wrap this up, it's getting in the way of Gossip Girl. Hope you survived your Monday alright.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


On this particular day I went a little wild in a vivid hue animal-print tank that glistened with iridescent sequins. Soft, gray boyfriend cardie and an A-line front-vent mini. Oh you know you want to know what shoes I wore, don't you?

Ooh la la! My killer purple buckle & stud booties finally got some wear time. I felt BRIGHT & BOLD. And sort of like Gem, as in, truly truly, truly outrageous. 

Ha. Then there was this day. 

Balmain -inspired bold-shoulder tunic in this insane metallic pewter color. The shoulders I speak of? Decked out in jet jewels and silver metallic stitching + SHOULDER PADS for structure. Wore it with "liquid" ruched leggings. By liquid I mean high-shine and skin tight. By ruched I mean cool, bunchy gathering.

I felt: like Joan Jet. & am quite alright with that. I think my fave look this week was today though. I laughed at myself a few times throughout the day. Shining gold balloon-sleeve top with a green tiered lace mini. The look? I called it fairy meets '80s prom.  A very respected fashionista said "Hey, why not!? Tinkerbell's got her own movie coming out!" She was so right. I think I'm onto something. Loved being a green fairy on Halloween so much, I think I subconsciously recreated the look for work. 
Just needed wings.

The shoes? Glam gold platforms. I felt: like fluttering around, no joke.

Point is, you're never too old to play 'dress up'. And considering how mundane Monday through Friday can be, creating fashionable character-like themes for yourself is the way to go. Trust me. Next up? Creating looks with my three Boston Proper sample sale steals. Never underestimate a piece of clothing. I'm going to rock my new posh plaids, ruffles, peplum hems & all. 

The black fringe boots. OMG. Look out world. They are going to rule the hell out of some frocks of mine, aren't they? Oh yes. Oh yes. 

One last thing before I shut up. My dear cookie, Kristakins or @kris_1 gave me an unbelievably cool pair of shiny snake-embossed pants in a gorgeous blue hue. They rule & they're getting worn any minute now. You're going to die when you see them. Love you, Krista!

Hope your Fridays FLY by, happy weekend!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So this is how it used to be. One of like seven jewelry boxes that clutters my dresser, semi-organized. Note how you can identify the various compartments. At that time I had a prayer of finding this necklace or that bracelet. It was possible for me to have a pretty decent idea of what I possessed and where it resided. 

yeah, bloody mess. that's nothing.

Zoom out a bit? OK.

See? I have no idea where ANYthing is. I've got accessory overload and I need help. Yeah, there's more. Long necklaces... 

Sure, you can look at all this chaos and think what the hell is wrong with that girl? Should she be on Hoarders? Why doesn't she STOP acquiring? Ha. Yeah. Work in fashion. Spend your existence perusing fashion mags & web sites. Frequent malls, shops & boutiques regularly. And remove any sense of organization you might have in your bones or body and you have me. The collector. And now, I'm in over my head. 
What does one do in that case? Well, they've no choice but to par down. And to SOMEHOW, organize. Beautiful jewels and chains and stones and gems and beads and charms and pendants and cuffs and and and are going to waste. I can't see them, can't find them. So something's got to give. Not sure how, what, when. I'm envisioning give-aways via this blog. I'm in envisioning ebay? Not sure.  GOT IDEAS? WORDS OF WISDOM? COMMENT. & well, stay tuned...

Don't you love plaid paired back to hound's tooth? Oh I do

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


 let me just start by saying i think i'm in love with this site:

 "What is RCRD LBL? 

RCRD LBL is a network of ad supported online record labels and blogs offering completely free music and multimedia content from emerging and established artists."

Yep kids, more new, FREE sounds at your mouse-clicking finger tips. Register to get their newsletter here:  

Got some excellent remixes of A Place to Bury Strangers ' sounds so far, & can tell there is much, much, much more music fun to be had. Love sites like this. Had to share.

Stuff  I'd peruse & download if I were you...

The Bravery 

Band of Horses 

Band of Skulls 

Animal Collective 

The Arcade Fire 

Art Brut 

Atlas Sound 

Holy scheise! That brief list above came from  just VERY QUICKLY scanning the As & Bs, people. Can't stress enough how quickly, will return to the As & Bs. 

We've hit the mother load. I could sit here and link you to bands all night. Instead, I'm going to stop here. Because this b!tch is zzz (didn't watch Gossip Girl last night? shame on you.  Plastiscines played on Monday night's episode. hotness. and yeah, they're on RCRD LBL too. ). Ran to Nitzer Ebb's That Total Age album tonight and it wasted me. 

So. Go ahead and post your thank you notes for exposing you to this GEM of a site in the comment section below. ;-) And by all means, thank the site. I thank you RCRD LBL. In massive ways. 



Oh! & my covetable new over-the-knee boots! They arrived! (Also, photo at the tip top is from Psychedelic Furs show @Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale)



Monday, November 09, 2009

Often used as subject in works of art and as a flavor in lip balm & vodka ... 
The Pomegranate.

Can I figure out how to actually use one? How to cut it open? To eat it? And, will I actually like it? If my memory serves me right, its contents are kind of strange, texture wise. And, that's something that can make or break a food for me. But the sea of them I spotted when I popped in the store for delicious salad materials stopped me in my tracks.

As did the cute little POM flyers conveniently placed in front of those gorgeous red fruits. Flyer read: EASY OPEN. Oh yeah?

Well. Why not? I grabbed one, tossed it in my basket and carried on. The second I got into my car to go home I whipped the flyer back out. Have you heard of "arils"??? No? They are the little flesh-covered seeds within the pomegranate. The part you actually eat. And boy must one work hard to get to said little gooey arils. I envision myself slaving over this ruby-hued pain in the @$$ so that I might glob its arils onto a killer bowl of Breyer's vanilla bean ice cream. Right now though I'm thinking pomegranates are much prettier to look at than they are to navigate and partake of. The fruit has SIX bloody steps for eating! You've delved into pomegranates in their original form & enjoyed? Do tell. I'll let you know when I dig in, move beyond the aesthetic.    

So yeah, more on eats! My salad creation tonight consisted of organic baby greens, sliced vine-ripe tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella, toasted pine nuts, kalamata olives, shoe string carrots, chick peas and, drum roll please... fresh basil from my Aero Garden! The dressing? Homemade dijon vinaigrette. Degree of difficulty? None. Number of vegetable/fruit servings in one deeelish meal? 4+
Dijon Vinaigrette, simply a variation on the vinaigrettes I create almost nightly. You'll need:

a third cup of extra virgin olive oil, a third cup of balsamic vinegar, a tablespoon of dijon mustard, a tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese, a teaspoon of lemon juice, a clove (or two!) of pressed garlic and a couple of good-sized fresh basil leaves, finely chopped. Whisk together. You're done.

Happy healthy eats!