Tuesday, October 26, 2010

bonjour mon ami!
je suis fatigue.
but oh well. last night i finally got to catch MGMT live. two years later than i would have liked
("This is the first time we've played miami. Its pretty. The people are pretty." -Andrew VanWyngarden), and in support of an album i did not love. the hippy-esque love children of miami were out in full force. girls with faux flowers in their hair galore. when they played tracks from oracular spectacular the crowd exploded. the room danced & buzzed. when they played most of the tracks from congratulations, the room smoked pot and chatted. the graphics behind the band compounded by a mild contact high were hypnotic. thank GOD kids pulled me from that strange daze. am quite glad i did finally see them. they were brilliant live (when they were playing songs i love). ok so...

la robe
("vintage" boston proper)
(skeleton key, online crafting site. framed blooms, stitch rock 2009, chain, michaels)
des bottes
(frye, last year)
oh & am parlez-ing frances because i'm beside-myself-thrilled about tonight's phoenix show at fillmore, miami beach (wavves is opening, YAY! too). i groveled like mad for this show on twitter for days on end. sorry followers. finally, it's here.
phoenix, please play this & oh and bring daft punk with you again? ha.:

am off to boston & salem in the a.m. won't be blogging but WILL be tweeting.
look for me on twitter:

Monday, October 25, 2010

SoUnD cRuSheS.
as i accumulate mp3s, some become such sparkling staples of my shuffle i have no choice but to shout it from the roof tops of my little blog. a delicious taste of what i've been playing over and over and over again in recent daze. turn up the volume.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hi loveys.
i don't know where my head is.
perhaps it's partially consumed with the hurdle of real life i must jump over to get to my imaginative escape next week. brain's on overdrive, re: what i'll wear in cooler climes and on halloweeny nights out. am actually considering putting together something nick cave-ish for one such night, my own sound suit-inspired ensemble. that exhibit really rocked my brain. expanded my own concept of fashion. then i saw this, by chance, on yahoo. 50 states-themed dress sculptures, a unique work in progress by Robin Barcus.the designer's own blog & that details her 50 states endeavor and other creations exists here. check it.
happy hump day.
a somewhat grouchy sunlovey

Monday, October 18, 2010

we're all mad here.
inspired by the season finale of madmen, and madmen-ing myself last night post show, i opted for
vintage today. dress, cardigan AND brooch. granny boots put my own spin on things.
oh & here's my character out on the town.
mondays suck.
fashion helps.
p.s. if you haven't watched the show, give it a go. it's cool & weird. i dig.

Friday, October 15, 2010

fave things friday
do i have a gray and/or sparkly shiny addiction?
do i care?
metallic dress above: found at the W hotel gift shop,
Ft. lauderdale.
military knit jacket below: Forever 21.
happy weekend!

p.s. listening to morrissey/the smiths all day. yeah, kinda gray too.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

was magnetically drawn to the leggings i wore today,
they're like art—gold burnished & distressed. +they reminded me so much of many super skinny shiny pants shown at spring '11 fashion weeks across the planet.
paired them to this smart little plaid jacket
i got at a boston proper sample sale. quintessentially fall.
and am listening to:
mirrors. a moody electronic-driven band from brighton, england. that label themselves pop noir. which i effing love. they feel something like white lies. or 7th grade. perhaps even earlier, totally new wave 80s. modern english-ish? i believe they're touring with 80s loves, OMD. which is mad apropos. get their EP, 'ways to an end' (which doesn't include 'look at me' the track of theirs that originally attracted me.) on itunes if you feel melodic retro synths and drum machine beats. listen loud and dance like you did back then, or only wish you had.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i found the tights.
elements of high fashion. chandeliers & sparkle.
furry sesame street-ish where the wild things are-ish creatures loomed.
a runway of jeweltone misfits and fantasy beings.
sequins of every hue in the color spectrum.
an enormous, arresting sphere of exotic pattern, texture, design & color conjured india, mexico, morocco...
life-size polar bears crafted from GAP & J. Crew sweaters.
a vivid sweater-knit parade of animals.
towering furry beasts of stripes and dots you couldn't help but imagine coming to life. shivers.
buttons upon buttons against sparkling brocade.
our very 1st impression. instant awe & delight.
i have been to the norton gallery in west palm beach more times than i could possibly remember. i have been enthralled and enlightened time and again. i have appreciated very much the way in which it attracts avant garde exhibits and leans towards the eclectic and vibrant in such a relatively small city. iris apfel & chihuly come to mind immediately. but today. i experienced art on an emotional level previously only experienced by travel and music in my life thus far. upon just a moment's reflection i can deduce that this could entirely be because the exhibit i witnessed today combined elements of fashion, music and travel in an explosively vivid and dreamlike way. it tapped into childhood imagery and even touched on fear. everything else in this seriously exquisite gallery paled in comparison.
hear me. if you ever happen upon the opportunity to experience the brilliance that is nick cave's sound suits. DO IT. drop everything and DO IT. if you live in chicago, considering he attended school there and from what i understand, teaches there, seek his work out, NOW.
the photos i wasn't supposed to even snap do not do his collection any form of justice. the walls of film documenting people wearing his art to rhythmic beats only enhances the multi-sensory effect. can you believe people get to WEAR these things? BECOME these things? DANCE in these things? i. am. so. inspired.
WOW. bloody WOW.

Monday, October 11, 2010


do you feel where i'm going? oh yes... lovely trippy whimsical alice... the above interpretation came entirely from forever 21's website. next up, will acquire the right tights +some sort of tea cup and/or clock accessories!
couldn't really limit myself to just one "look" this halloween considering i'm traveling to one of the halloween meccas of the world... salem by way of boston. will totally rock my disco mirror mask & where the wild things are-esque fuzzy faux-fur hat.
please tell me you too are getting into the halloween spirit. summon your inner creative child and run with it.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

chanel you won.
i could post -almost- the entire slide show of paris fashion week's chanel spring '11 collection here and stamp each & every slide with a big fat #LOVE but i'm refraining. the statement i loved most is the short shorts suit. that is my kind of suit, loveys. head-to-toe (check the shoes!!!) killer. elements of classic chanel, reinvented to be oh so fresh & sexy. there were a lot of inky goth confections i adored so very much too but am trying to shy away from posting a lot of black. so if that's you're thing, search chanel & enjoy. and how WOW is the voluminous & fluffy look above? pure feathery fringe drama. i closed with a more understated fringe-fantastic frock that i think i'll covet to the grave—in blue of course.
do i have amnesia or is
chanel my fave collection of all re: spring 2011?

world take note: these popping blooms are perfect.

the dreamlike look above borders on insane, but i dig.

skinny leatherette leg warmers? yes please.
love you & love chanel,

Monday, October 04, 2010

will likely be a bit slow around these (sunlovey forever) parts this week. am hitting two shows in miami + am highly engrossed in planning my halloween adventure in massachusetts. you really should try to check out the yeasayer/washed out show AND the lcd soundsystem/sleigh bells show touring about the grand ol' usa right now. i mean it. do it. have already seen three of the four, which only goes to show, they're so worth staying out late on a school night for.

p.s. you withstood monday.
good job.