Wednesday, September 30, 2009


(oh yeah, more fall must-gets)

A few months ago, before summer came & went with a blink, the various Fall '09 fashion week shows brought us hardcore, structured, '80s shoulders. Some such looks caused me to cringe. Others just rocked it. So recently, when I encountered this bright white knit top for a mere $5.99 at TJ Maxx and noted its ultra-ruched and structured shoulders I flung it in my cart faster than you could say hot damn! 

And being such a chic, yet clean palette, I knew what necklace of mine would finally make its debut. Comprised of chunky mixed metal chains (no, mine is NOT the $3K+ D&G version) and black grosgrain ribbon. Its gold and silver strands inspired me to create a little tribute to it on my wrist by mixing up bracelets of  rhinestones set in gold with black beaded silver skull bracelets & studded cuffs. There are few feelings out there like the feelings a girl has when her look is coming together as if by fate. ;-) Hope you all experience such fashion bliss on occasion. 

 Be on the look out for jackets & shirts that focus on extreme shoulders. As well as mixed metal chains & arm candy.  Until tomorrow...   love,  sunlovey

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