Friday, April 30, 2010

Bone House

the dead weather.
still crushing on.
perhaps just on a theory.

I build a house 
For your bones 
I build a house 
I build a home 

I wrote a song 
Go on and listen 
That's all you'll hear 
When I go missing 

I always get the things I want 

I make a nest 
For your hair 
I lay you down 
I lay you there 
I build a ship 
I sink or sail 
Every tooth 
And every nail 

I always get the things  I want 

I put your heart 
In a vault 
That's how I get 
The things I want 
I lay a road 
For your mind 
So your mind can 
Go go go go 

I always get the things I want 

I build a house 
I build a home 
I build a house 
For your bones 
I build a house 
For your bones 
I build a house 
I build a home

yeah, kids, i always get what i want: animal jacket, boston proper

and this special one is for you, the one who reads a bit further AND JUST KNOWS.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

it's pretty damned girly
 to say i go utterly mad for a beautiful voice or that i'm moved by a romantic refrain like "no one is ever gonna love you more than i do." but this voice i speak of, it's angelic. and emotional. clear and innocent. unaffected. and that same song boasts lyrics like "It's looking like a limb torn off, or altogether just taken apart. we're reeling through an endless fall, we are the ever-living ghost of what once was"and damn it, love gets like that too. there are songs that begin so gently and boarder line lull-me-to-sleep like but then they KICK IN and your entire soul is shaken to life in a way it doesn't get to get shaken too too often. i speak of BAND OF HORSES. and i saw them for the second time last night at the fillmore in miami beach. (first show was at a skate park in tampa two years ago)this is my second show in one week that consists of a band i dig, but haven't been giving proper love to lately. but in each case, i've gotten to said show, let myself open up to the sound and walked away buzzing. press play and feel it for yourself, kids. this song does it for me. don't give up. let it play out. then reap the raw emotional reward. THE FUNERAL:

granted live, it blows up bigger. it stuns, really. ask @kris_1. we were both shaking our heads. feel how a love song really should feel, real. NO ONE'S GONNA LOVE YOU:

my first run in with band of horses was IS THERE A GHOST. i heard it and got surreal chills. i got blind sided by it's eerie, understated lyrics, by the way it grew into something so melodic, so right. 

look, i don't do country (don't do hippies or beards so much either, aside from BEAR IN HEAVEN). and at times, band of horses dabbles in some serious twang. but the boys are proud carolina people and i respect that. and i don't get to dive so deep, so often into core-tapping, emotion-rocking rawness, like i do with their sound. so as i said in a tweet last night during their set: 
you leave sounds behind for a bit, but when you return to them the embrace is sick, massive, warm.

because the world revolves around the cure & nothing but the cure

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's been a whirlwind string of days here. mad sorry for my absence. monday night i trekked up to orlando for 
the dead weather.
let it be known, i forced this show upon myself. truly haven't been in the frame of mind for their sound but i respect jack white (predominently on drums in this band) madly and adore the living daylights out of the kills' alison mosshart. so you know, i had to go, feeling them lately or not. verdict: bloody well worth it. i needed that. what a rocking romp. that room was throbbing. their sound was LOUD and HARD and PENETRATING. the chemistry between jack & alison alone is scandalous. but every working piece of the band comes together to create electrically charged sparks you really can't fathom unless you're amidst it. what i'm saying is, get to their show. 
gushing tweets from that night:
They're back for more burning brilliance. GOD.

Can't tell you the last time I've been this jealous of a girl. Hot damn she rules.
But I'm trying. via txt

Can't explain flaming energy. via txt 

Jack just said "oh I know its good." Was hot. via txt

Still dying from bad a$$ overload #thedeadweather #music via txt 

I'm mad for this show. Th eneregy is fiery hot. #thedeadweather #music via mobile web 

Alison is wearing the skinniest skinny jeans. Leopard jacket. Mad black hair. #fashion #music via tx

OMG joan jett look way out. via txt

but back to alison. never ever ever ever in my life have i been so blown away by a female. her hoarse, yet commanding voice, her spidery long legs, her manic black hair, her eradic moves. did i mention her cheek bones? the way she rules a guitar? i'm admitting a freaking girl crush here. standing by it. must wrap this rant up. so yeah, the dead weather is a strong force. they turned a girl on a massive electronic wave into a devout believer in sounds that rock again. i know. it's crazy. but it's so right.  
remaining shows for now:
04.28.2010Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN - w/ The EttesTickets
04.30.2010Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheater, Austin, TX - w/ The EttesTickets
05.01.2010House of Blues, Houston, TX - w/ The EttesTickets
05.02.2010New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LATickets
06.12.2010Bonnaroo, Manchester, TNTickets
06.26.2010Glastonbury Festival, Shepton Mallet, UKTickets

playing near you? don't you dare miss.
 p.s. i NEED a leopard cardie NOW.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

it's time to bloom 
if you aren't decked out in massive blossoms i can't help you. you should be. it's liberating. summer is on its way. happy weekend. 
dress: forever 21
blouse: h&m

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

splashy summer soirees 
suddenly my eyes, heart & soul are drawn to all things BRIGHT, DAY-GLO VIVID SATURATED & SPLASHY.  which is why i had no control over clicking "purchase" when i spotted these Report Signature platforms on @Rue_La_La monday. in other realms,  
a #SunloveySummerSplashMix is forming. this is what exists on it so far. all sounds make for sparkling days waterside. this mix will grow. these sounds shimmer & shine for me right now in a big way and are certain to shape my soundtrack of the sultry months to come.  brace yourself, these sounds WILL cause heart palpitations.
Wait For Me - Moby (Zodiac Cartel Remix)

All Summer In A Day - VHS Or Beta (Turbotito Remix)

Paper Romance - Groove Armada (Classixx Remix)

Beaches & Friends - French Horn Rebellion vs. Database (Hey Champ Remix)

USA Boys - Health

Hosting my 1st pool party of the year this weekend. don't doubt i'll be playing the heck out of these tracks. check out my new killer adirondack chairs, crap photo but you get the gist. stay tuned for photos of me sitting in the blue one sipping something sparkling. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

good sound nights 
fledgling little south florida appears to be trying. let's hope this continues, becomes something. three nights/events, three cities, three venues that aren't top 40, country, rap or music for those 50+. you in? 

am afraid for now this might be a one-off, but who knows, could work, could become regular. REVOLUTION nightclub presents Return to planet e, e as in edge. as in, THE EDGE. and well, the ecstasy you experienced spending nights there moving to brilliant DJs. 
Revolution (Edge + Chili Pepper Building)
200 West Broward Blvd

mainline mondays

80's & dance music mixed by DJ Spacerwoman. Every Monday at Propaganda Lounge in Lake Worth.
$1.50 PBRs
No cover because WE LOVE YOU, oodles of parking because WE GOT THE BLOCK ON LOCK!!

6 South J St
Lake Worth, FL, 33460

transmission fridays 
Starting this Friday Respectable Street returns to classic form with Transmission Fridays. 23 years of the music thats made Respectable Street Legendary every Friday! Come join us for the opening party this Friday April 23!

$1.50 Miller High Lifes all night long!
$1.50 Well Drinks till midnight!
518 Clematis Steet
West Palm Beach, FL, 33401

fingers are crossed. locals, patronize good sound, i beg.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

OMG. Yeah. I mean it. They're popping up like wild flowers everywhere and I must say I'm in, to the point of expletives. 
BLOOM ON B!TCHES. make it your own.
Headband: Forever 21
Silk exposed zip top: Yep, Forever 21 too
Pale pink ruffle skirt: Target
Finding it a bit too frilly & femme?
Oh girl. Toss on a military inspired jacket. 
Done. Shut up.
You remember my recently acquired Zara shoes, yes? But check out my garden-inspired H&M shades. LOVE.

Have been noting fashion (or is it beauty?) word, re: the side braid. Gave it a go too. Um, OK. Not bad.
Moral of this post's story though is, POPPING BLOOMS RULE.Get on it. Eff yeah. :-)

And watch, if you want to truly experience my fave band of the entire planet, The Cure: Triology. Mind-blowing beautiful, atmospheric sound that transcends all. Bass lines that make my eyes roll back in my head. This isn't a new DVD. But for some reason I just watched the 1st disc last night. Trilogy consists of The Cure playing their albums Pornography, Disintegration and Blood Flowers, all songs, in the order as they appear on each album. Mad good. The German actually ragged on me last night because I just stood there, directly in front of the TV like I was there, live watching. Filmed in Berlin. Quite cool. Check it out. Oh and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


am forever in one...BLUE DAZE
thank you avatar, alice in wonderland,  sky, sea, smurfs, i love blue. and if you seek you shall find, swimming pools of it. above... dress: hale bob, sequin cardigan: boston proper. platform pumps: zara, flower petal-sleeve top: forever 21, distressed denim skirt: roxy, faceted crystal necklace: boston proper. song? "vintage" M83. spring is HERE and it has me staring skyward incessantly. and reaching for all things azure, you?

brown your fave vegetarian crumbles, try boca burgers or morningstar farms, add salsa as you brown to keep it moist and awesome. fill your plate or bowl with whatever lettuce suits you, layer on your crumbles, black olives, fresh yellow corn, pickled jalapeños, chopped tomatoes, shredded cheese... the dressing—simple: just whip together some sour cream and more of the salsa you used when sauteeing your crumbles, to give it extra oomph add fresh chili pepper and cilantro. awesomeness, fast. enjoy.  
& love to you all,

Sunday, April 11, 2010

can't be sure how i came upon hard mix. had something to do with twitter, but it's fuzzy.  it went down something like this, a tweet appeared in my feed, by a person i didn't even know i was following and by chance i saw it. @ahardmix said: 
Re-recording "Dream Running." So glad I am. Just layed down a sick bass line and beat.
and like that my interest was piqued. sick bass line and beat? I'M IN. vowed to check it out the next day. and did, on hard mix's myspace page. found myself letting the sounds i found there loop and loop. shot DMs & emails to a few people on my same sound wave length, saying something to the effect of "HEAR THIS. it pretty much rules."  then i got greedy. or needy? i had no choice but to ask Noah Smith (= Hard Mix) to give me mp3s. i had to. and he did. like that. and my day turned brilliant. Upon my first few listens i felt a washed out, pictureplane vibe. what i love though is, Noah associates himself with moby. MOBY! that's so killer. and he's right. i hear that too. 

I asked Noah, about vocals & samples in his music and he said "I use my own vocals on You are Gold and Twenty-Fifth but everything else is sampled. I have a giant collection of acapellas from the 1960s and up. After I get done creating the music for a  song, I search through the acapellas and try and find one that can be sampled into the song." 
And what inspires/influences his sound? "I am mainly inspired by my life and everything around me. My current mood plays a big role in my songs too." He also mentioned listening to Parallels, a band from Canada, a lot lately, note to self: check them out. Pre-Hard Mix, noah played in the band,  Read In Response. Mad glad he's gone on to do what he's doing now. 
Hard mix has yet to play live shows. he wants to though. so stay aware people, should he come to city near you. hey hard mix, south florida, please. thanks. Within his music you'll find so much texture. so many layers and tangents. it's so right. i dig. hard.
a few fave tracks:

dream running
you are gold
just tell me
control this
one thing

hard mix plans to have a full-length album, In and out of My Life, finished no later than december 2010. want hard mix right NOW? lucky you, noah smith is extremely giving, just ask & i'll hook you up.
i feel perfectly confident assuring you that these sounds are going to make your monday a little less painful, a little less mundane. ;-) 


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Yeah. One more wee little fashiony Orlando post.
Stores like H&M are something like Mecca to those of us without one at our immediate disposal.Thus, we tracked the Orlando one down for a bit of retail damage the morning after A Place to Bury Strangers. #YAY. The Orlando H&M exists at The Florida Mall, outdoors as part of a brilliant trifecta of fast fashion, picture this—a gigantic gleaming Forever 21, a bright and shiny Zara and the ever elusive (to Florida at least) H&M. We were like two fat kids at a colossal candy store. In central Florida. Get there. Tear it up. 
The Florida Mall 8001 South Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32809 Word to the wise: meander on inside the mall & find Coco & Lolly. What a killer little fair-priced boutique. Note: I was enraptured by fitting rooms that day. Wanted to linger in them trying on looks forever. My exotic mini-dress is forever 21. Feels so vintage. It rules the universe.  I'll leave you with the song (I'll Get You by Classixx) that has yet to leave my head since Saturday thanks to @jesus_suns. Do you like bass? Scroll down.  love, sunlovey