Monday, January 31, 2011

An omen a day, either way... just caught boys noize's thudding spin on feist's my moon, my man on hipster runoff's blog radio this afternoon. but of course it references a moon. and man does it make me ready for the incessant thudding that is ULTRA music festival. mondays are for music.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

february is feared and loathed by many because of one little love-based holiday. to me, that's freakin' nuts. this day mustn't revolve around those enraptured or enslaved in committed relations. instead, let it be a day full of spreading love to EVERYone we love.
and EVERYthing. on feb. 14 and through out the entire month, try uttering only love-based thoughts and words to everyone you come into contact with (yep, hard as hell, but try). reach out and tell someone you haven't spoke to in light years how bummed you are that you've lost touch, that you love & miss them this month. send your parents a card. your coworker. hell, your dog. i crafted and am sending out valentines to all my faves in the world, the people that define love for me.
why don't you:
buy a box of those silly kids ones & pass them out.
or a multi-pack of conversation hearts to give to your beloved coworkers. ;-)
all you NEED is love
spread the love.
happy february.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

just haven't been myself as of late...
haven't indulged in a ton of sparkling in months.
i have erratically lopped off all my hair.
flown into crazy moody fits of madness
and my shopping habits have changed quite a bit. but most
importantly, i can't find a freakin' new order onesie ANYWHERE.i did find a cure one, a morrissey one & a depeche mode one. yep, am debuting a mini-sunlovey in late july. pigs are flying and hell hath officially frozen over.and the bottom line is, a sunlovey offspring MUST be well appointed in iconic band onesies. thus, i snagged the ones below on ebay.
i suppose that's enough news for now.
blog may change JUST a bit. ONLY when absolut ely relevant, hope you're having a way more exciting weekend than i....
@the_real_debbie & @oneofthedevout encouraged me to design my own new order onesie, and so i did:

then, low & behold, another friend pointed me to SmokinChix on etsy & holy mother load! killer onesies gal ore.

Monday, January 24, 2011

blooms POP black.
probably was this exact time last year. when i banned myself from black for two whole weeks. will never ever do that to self again. what i will do is inject head-to-toe black (or, what happens even more frequently, head-to-toe grey) with a vivid blast of color. it's a must. thus this ode to spring-inspired metal blossom necklace. do it with a scarf, a belt, a pair of shoes. you'll feel less high school gothy instantly. ;-)
oh oh oh, more from mackintosh braun (who i 1st heard on #gossipgirl a couple months ago) via one track mind over the weekend = #love. such love. j'adore. you will too.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

good sound friends
i make no secret about it, i consider the glow kids of pop glow some of my faves. thus, some might say it's a conflict for me to blog about them (yep, have been inadvertently told that by a wanker-ish type) but screw it. their latest release, 'Keep Love Around' IS #love.
and it'd be jacked of me NOT to talk about it. strangely enough, i find it to be what i crave when i actually go to the gym and do cardio these days. it makes my endorphins flow. granted, it conjures up a lot of additional emotional stuff i'm somewhat perplexed by. trust, next time i run into josh, aaron & ronnie i've got questions. at times it feels a lot like the lyrics are giving us carte blanche to peer into their soul, some tracks actually cause my eyes to w
ell up. and my heart to feel a little tugged at. on the whole though, this collection of sound results in a deep seated desire to dance about. it's like a multi-faceted dose of e. check out 'can you love?' here and 'just like i'm in a dream' over on the hated myspace. you can find pop glow's entire release on itunes.
my utmost faves:
keep me close, dreams come true (formally disco), just like i'm in a dream
perhaps you'll want to skip: still here
Can You Love? by Pop Glow

keep love around,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Luna, Love,
feeling FREE
love glows bright by the light of this brilliant night light.
a most stellar gift from an amazing person i've never even met...

...My first dalliance with twenty8twelve, yep, the racer-back tank the german was certain featured lego characters this a.m. actuality it's totally regal & pixelated.
;-)heart the . wore it with my striped rugby cardigan, victoria's secret plaid trousers and ancient miu miu loafers. my twist on preppy i suppose...

free people boutique on today & i fell madly and deeply -instantly- for this vivid red top... brain's digging bright, flowy tiers. will be just magical with my fave skinnies.
why can't it be friday?
fashion sustains me.
mirrors = #love.
the band is from brighton, england. they're no doubt inspired by early '80s synth pop &
there's definitely something white lies about them, but with far more electronic tangents.
i dig. check out mirrors' new vid for "Into the Heart":


Friday, January 14, 2011

looking back:
I'll stop the world and melt with you...
so if you follow me on twitter, you know i've been reading Talking to Girls About Duran Duran, which has been most fun thus far. I was a wee kid in the heyday of brilliant new wave '80s sound but my GOD, i love it. #love the era & compare every single bit of new sound i encounter to '80s new wave. while some chapters focus on tracks i'm not in love with, the whole experience has got me spending an immense amount of time delving deeply & endlessly into all the '80s sound on my ipod. have found myself utterly stuck on my Just Can't Get Enough Genius Mix. And wanted to post some vids from tracks on it for your Friday enjoyment. Have a smashing weekend, loveys. Me personally? I'm going to Miami to check out Small Black = dancing = #YAY. (p.s. if you give them a listen & dig, their latest release is only $5 on RIGHT NOW. this will change, so don't screw around) OK, back to fun friday '80s new wave...dig in.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yes. I still listen to #MUSIC in '11.
so far, in '11 i've only rambled on about fashion here on sunlovey forever. have been told by a male friend that he feels ostracized when i do that. so kids, here's a little sound for you on this fine #musicmonday. the 1st thing out of my mouth when someone says "check out [insert band name here], you'll dig them." is "what do they sound like? who would you compare them to?" that perplexes people. it perplexes me too. but the questions come from the gut and out of my mouth instantly.
sometimes a band just feeeeeels like another band. they don't per se, sound like them. and sometimes i feel like i can say well if you like [insert another band name here] then am positive you dig this.
i came upon the two tracks i'm touting here on my morning commute. best part of my day. i must say. but loveys, that says a lot. because music rules the world. check them out.

destroyer - kaputt
something about this track reminds me of the pet shop boys = love. it has these underlying reflection-triggers. cool sound that makes you lose yourself in thought. melodic. and even melancholy.

the get up kids - shatter your lungs
and this one, feels like does it offend you yeah and shout out loud's cousin = love also. right out of the gate it's like caffeine. high energy, fun. likely to get stuck in your head. and that's not a bad thing. listen and/or download both with these clickable links. do tell me what you think.

la la la lace = love too.
and that's why i didn't hesitate to snatch up the pale blue frock i'm in above at edge city, jacksonville. even though it was scandalously unlined. thanks to and i came upon the PERFECT grey slip to wear underneath. cardigan is anthropologie. boots are boston proper.

you did a fab job surviving monday. go you!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

oh, infamous tights.
tights, tights, i love you so. every where i go, when i see you, i am drawn to you. however, once i purchase you, you tend to be a royal pain in my ass. if i don't jack you up just removing your packaging & such, i tend to scar you whilst pulling you on. if i make it through an entire day without destroying you it's a bloody miracle. why can't you be stronger? more resilient? the pair i just wore on NYE were slaughtered by my sequin trench that night. RIP american apparel opaque shimmer tights.
this very a.m. i threw a mini-fit getting these babies
on. note: glitter nail polish and lacy tights are sworn enemies. my sparkling toes were doing their best to wreck you. i almost threw in the towel. because, romantic and lovely, whispery periwinkle tights, i covet you a bit too much. and had you gotten injured in the process of putting you on, i might have gone into a fit a rage. thankfully, you came out unscathed. but it's still early. i kind of can't stand how much i adore the way the florescent pink elastic band at the waist (betsey johnson, you are love) of these particular brats contrasts with the soft, pale blue hue. you really are fabulous. Nevertheless, you irk me.
Loveys, do you get in fights with your tights?
p.s. here's how i wore them.
truly, i do love them. and we all know love takes work.
dress, "ancient" forever 21.
sweater, free people.(trying not to wear it everyday)
boots, steve madden.
i sold my left arm in service fees.
but oh well,
am seeing cut copy, chemical bros,
erasure, royksopp, empire of the sun,
holy ghost, !!!, simian mobile disco, CSS, chromeo,
etc., etc. in miami in march! #YAY.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

if you emit sparkle.
sparkle will be magnetically drawn to you.
definitely seems to be the case for moi.
received the card above for my birthday. glitter was everywhere.
oh & this sequin star top? a neighbor's birthday gift for me, see?
these glitzy little sling backs made their way to my desk(and immediately onto my feet) today because a coworker thought they were "so me." YAY!
(shoes, menbur)
and look who received a completely sequin-encrusted handbag for christmas! show the world you want to sparkle & the world will shower you with glittery awesomeness. yeah, the skirt's blue sequin too, what can i say?
(bag, coach. skirt, forever 21)

shine on, loveys.

the plain
white teewhy ever be basic & boring? whilst snatching up xmas gifts between piperlime, gap, banana republic & old navy online, this fab little tee set me over the free shipping threshold, for a whopping $5.99. total love. promise to layer it better in future. on this particular morning, groggy, grumpiness prevented creativity.
oh & happy new year.
sorry for lying about posting from my trip. that was a lofty goal that = a fail.