Friday, September 25, 2009

Listening to: I Became a Prostitute by The Twilight Sad- sounds like EDITORS! INTERPOL! I LIKE.
Wearing: Fantastic big bow striped shirt with rhinestone buttons from the Twist line at Forever 21.

Have partaken of & enjoyed so far: Venti soy chai tons of nutmeg & cinnamon courtesy of @kris_1, cheerios, tomato salad, spicy black bean salsa & blue corn chips
Am loving: my SUPER JADE nails.
Am excited about: Exploding Head album by     A Place to Bury Strangers releasing 10/6.
Obsessed with: @mrjoezee twitter updates OMG twitpics! show descriptions!
Wish to be: In Venezia or the Georgia mountains.
Grateful for: My parents. NEVER EVER take yours for granted.
Desiring: Almost everything in Elle mag's sept. issue. Yes, just now REALLY digging in.
Anxiously awaiting: Sparkling skeleton key necklace, yes, another one. 
Wish it were: 5:30!!!!!
Looking forward to: Happy Monday/Psychedelic Furs show Tuesday
Have no idea: What my weekend looks like!?
End of day endorphin booster:  10 pairs of cheeky VSpink undies for $25 in the cutest styles & dig-able prints, i.e. heart & crossbones! YAY! tip: gotta join pink nation

More to come perhaps... if not, hope your weekend ROCKS!


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