Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Thursday y'all! ;-) Thought I'd greet you with some maddening live deadmau5 from miami last week. video's a bit wild and whirly because i'm dancing my you know what off whilst filming. if you love rides that spin, enjoy.

Yesterday I was totally all about this back-to-school prepster meets ROCK & ROLL feel when I woke up. Inspired by all things fall fashion (being flung at me via emails, mags, tweets, status updates, HOLY AWESOME, HOLY everywhere inundation), the upcoming Gossip Girl season I'm dying for, etc. AND... low and behold, a black & white check mini sent to me via FED EX from a very dear friend out of the bloody blue!? truly, incredibly kind of her, as i LOVE getting things i can wear in the mail! THANK YOU CARRIE.

The BTS (back to school) aspect is somewhat my own, I'm obsessed with the concept. I think it's my way of rewinding the clock. I've mentioned my love for crests, headbands, plaids et al. And there's something about rocking the look out that totally excites me. Create your own spin. Take photos. I'll post! FASHION IS FUN.

OK... so, what i did, was toss on this cute puff-sleeve shirt/sweater vest-look top i got last year, very school girl, then the mini, which, being a mini does lend the look a bit of rebelliousness, but it was my studded strappy platform heels that put it over the edge. Added my trio of beaded skull stretch bracelets, my studded leather cuff and lastly, I strung the keys I bought over the weekend to a "dog tags" chain and voila... Seriously, fall is over-the-top rock & roll, as exemplified by ELLE's Metallica & Iron Maiden trend reports. Even Saks & Neiman Marcus are in on it, (peruse their online look books). Do it your way, as I have. By simply adding edgy accessories to revv up something you already own. Or... lose yourself in Topshop's killer fall collections like the irreverent HORROR GIRL... it's love. And for absolutely inexpensive, insanely cool accessories that totally master this look... I can't believe I'm sharing this with you... ;-) I've not been this excited about a fashion season in a lonnnnnng time.

p.s. DID NOT love this week's itunes FREE single of the week. It was deleted. But i DID use Vitaminwater Sync credits at amazon's mp3 store to buy Phoenix's album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and i'm adoring it. Have a listen. Give me feedback. Drink Sync & rack up your own music credits! (until aug. 30th!) Until tomorrow...


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