Friday, September 30, 2011

ah ha! something blue indeed.
reversible plaid to bouclé poncho-style jacket by meghan tops that now infamous hollister blouse, down below? vintage-y polka dot shorts by plenty and teal snake peep-toes by shoe dazzle. again, chilly where you are? just add tights. GOD, i can't wait to wear tights. it's 90 out right now tho. #grrr
hope your weekends rule, loveys. mine involves a visit from my college days, my partner in crime during my semester in london light years ago... heathy. this = #LOVE. in other news, i JUST sat, or should i say laid down to FINALLY have a go at my @marieclaire september issue while baby L slept and BAM! saw bangs i loved, ran upstairs to chop my own, then baby woke up with a roar. such is life. maybe i'll read that mag next september...

p.s. cool clubfeet remixes for friday (get 'em all here):

Thursday, September 29, 2011

and it's like that & that's the way it is...
by that i mean, only by playing dress up am i clad in such right now. nevertheless, dress up is fun! something old something new, ugh—nothing blue! maybe in the next post?
long cashmere cardigan - boston proper
blouse - yep, same one as last post, hollister
pant (oh so madmen in feel!) - H&M
shoe - sam edelman
and finally, i leave you with a little run dmc.
has always been a fave...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i tweet about friends' friend crush en route to starbucks for a piping hot chai and BAM! come home to a link from RCRDLBL to download a friends' track. granted it's their cover of 'my boo' (ugh), but still, life is surreal.
anyway, seems friends' friend crush is a '10 track. late to the party i am, but hey!, it's a fun party. hear it/get it here.

in other news, yesterday when baby L slept for a full two hours at home (read: this was major) i played dress up for one of those hours, crafting up looks for a florida fall. toss on a pair of killer tights and said looks will translate elsewhere. i'll post a look at a time for the next several days.
above i'm wearing:
an old (read: last year) cardigan
a new hollister blouse
new forever 21 shorts
old shoe dazzle shoes

love & miss you,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

#LOVE is...
well, it's multifaceted. being thought of.
being understood stylistically.
being given this KILLER BAG... by your dad & brother!
India themed vinyl tote with fab fuchsia polka dot lining scored @ world market. oh the places it will go!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

she said to me, just a couple months before she left this world, "sarah, you are going to miss getting dressed." she was referring to how my life would change once L arrived. HOly! she, per usual, was so right.
there's the time factor–putting together fun looks is a luxury i've not been afforded in the last six weeks. there's a why bother factor–just this morning i've been peed on & spit up on, who wants to be wearing something cute for that?
and there's an access factor–baby L is in charge & when he wants to eat, he gets to eat, thus, most of my wardrobe doesn't work. i won't go into too much detail here on that, perhaps i will on we created a monster. spare my sunlovey readers too many gory details. ;-)
anyway... fall shopping has commenced, despite all odds & challenges.
i told her i would do my very utmost best to still "get dressed", that she would see.
love you, mom. so wish you could...


photo: liam & i at lantana beach, me in an old forever 21 dress–no shoes, no accessories. he, in a plain white carter's onesie. #love

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It was a blazing hot south Florida summer day. Baby L & I were restless. So off to Wellington mall we ventured. Now you must know, baby L was born in a labor & delivery suite overlooking this very mall so I'm quite sure it's already near and dear to his heart. Ooops! I've digressed. So yes, we arrived at the mall and began strolling about. Funny, that term takes on new meaning when you're pushing a stroller about as you do it! He had finally gone from five-alarm screaming to peaceful zzz-ing when these insane zebra peep-toes caught my eye from the window of a shoe store I'd never considered entering, until right then.
I was greeted by a kind older man, and me just being me, within seconds, couldn't help but ask, "Where are you from?" (Note: this very question led me to meeting The German, in a nightclub, 1000 years ago.) I utter it without fail every single time I encounter an accent. This gentleman hesitated, as most do from his region, then said "I'm Palestinian."
"Ah! I just love Middle Eastern food!," I rambled on. We spoke of my travels, our favorite dishes and so forth, as I tried on the shoes I'd seen in the window. Instant #love. Yet, as I quickly scanned their box and the entire boutique, I saw no price tags, "How much?"
"Everything in the store is $39. But for you, $25."
Moral of the story, chit chat and get to know the sales people at non-chain boutiques & stores, you learn cool things and just might snag a sick deal. Just you wait, I'm going to rock the hell out of these peep-toes.