Thursday, March 31, 2011

being a slave to anything is
being a slave.
don't misinterpret. i study them. i stay aware of them. but my thought is, explore (and go ahead, drool over, fawn over, covet) what you see on the world's runways and within its most high-fashion magazines, then walk away. Discover and create for yourself YOUR OWN DEFINITION OF FASHION. a definition that comes from your OWN imagination and serves as an expression of who YOU ARE. because, you lovey, are a unique work of original art—not a carbon copy. fashion shouldn't be a uniform. we shouldn't feel required to stock our closet with a check list of 'what's in right then' as if we were shopping from a compulsory school supply list. see something you love? get your stylish little hands on it and reinvent it your own way. for seasons. for years. it's so freeing. and p.s. let's be super honest, not EVERY trend works for you.
often times, when you're a slave to it all, you end up looking ridiculous and contrived. just a thought.
my fabulous necklace is jewel mint.
my vivid tunic is forever 21.
mad love,

Monday, March 28, 2011

the term festival fashion seems to conjure woodstock-inspired style under most circumstances. but ultra music festival fashion has so much more to do with the futuresque, than the past. i must say though, it startles me a bit that these young, unique females seem to follow the style of the hardly dressed dancers they see in cages at nightclubs as of late. at Ultra, less has become more. UMF fashion = tutus galore, fishnets in droves—all colors, hot pants/boy shorts or shiny underwear as bottoms. NEON. Day glo tribal, fluffy, major faux fur glued to boots, in a rainbow of hues. Furry animal hats. Bold, vivid feathers in their hair or hanging from their earrings. Colored coils in hair—SOME that light up at night and mesmerize. headbands strapped across forheads. Slashed spandex. spandex. spandex. spandex. Over the knee socks. Anything sparkly. Body paint. pasties instead of tops. Mesh like mad. Boys in girls american apparel. Splatter paint prints +. & over all, SO MUCH COLOR, which i love. it's an alternate fashion universe at Ultra. in regular life, people watching bores me, at UMF, i can't get enough, in some cases i'm cringing, in others i'm delighted by the ingenuity. there were 150,000 people there. that's a lot of outrageous style to soak up.
chemical brothers - masters of the electronic universedave guetta glow man (if only i had my ipod during his set)
beardyman. fun sound + a total riot.main stage gorgeousness.
armin van buuren. WOW. loud WOW.
ferry corsten. happy trance.

Sunday's Ultra Music Festival line-up provided me with no stress. OK, minus the fact that I chose to miss !!!, which was a little painful, but seeing Chemical Brothers was paramount and I wasn't about to be caged up @ the festival for 11 hours straight. I love nonstop music but Ultra's grounds are not the most humane terrain. oh & the line getting in was a fun little nightmare once again, but all that aside, no stress. anyway, back to how sunday went down. i allowed myself to wander aimlessly from stage to stage. i spent a great deal of time within the Heineken dome, which was like Disney world inside, cool air blasting, movies and graphics being blasted on the ceiling, happy music. i delved into trance. I gave major names in dance I generally don't give any thought to a go. some impressed vastly. some came across so incredibly cheesy.
Armin Van Buuren
WOW. loud and commanding. such, thick bass. brilliant vibe. that "tent" was a celebration. it was blowing up. Armin Van Buuren knows how to make the people dance. Maybe I don't know what trance is anymore? Maybe i've confused it with ambient. no matter. this set was fun.
made me laugh more times than i can count. what a fun little set, he claimed he completely made it up as he went along and that is very possible.
hardcore house? is there such a thing. watched the crowd go ape sh!t for this stuff.
Crystal Castles
wasn't going to give crystal castles a moment more of my time post seeing them twice already and hating both occasions. but wow, got back to the live stage a bit early and actually caught alice glass doing "not in love" and didn't cringe. nevertheless i still prefer robert smith doing vocals on it.
Ferry Corsten
felt like i was at a club in europe. i get it. this sound is good. it soars. it peaks it chills it soars again. and people smile big huge molly induced? smiles as they jam to it.
Steve Aoki
had a hard edge. rough even. almost like mosh pit electronic. not familiar with this electronic genre. felt mad. and if electronic's going to be mad, i want it to be flat out industrial a la nitzer ebb.
David Guetta
what. a. cheese. ball. there—i said it. no thanks. don't get the draw.
Chemical Brothers
right out of the gate—BAD ASS. they came out and tore up the atmosphere with the opening bars of Galvanize and i was immediately slayed. like why doesn't EVERY artist do this, open with their most distinctive track and just send the crowd into a frenzy from the get-go. such killer sound. so commanding. so what every single young and fresh artist there at UMF should take note of, learn from. i'm happy to report the ravey youngins stuck around for Chemical Brothers and i pray they grew new standards from it. what a brilliant way to close out Ultra. made me ALMOST forget the horrid loo situation and crap food and atrocious lines. Or, made such worth it. and that's exactly how a festival should end.
peace out UMF '11.
ultimately, you are #love. love, sunlovey
the mau5.just not a fave anymore. (deadmau5)
holy spectacle. Empire of the Sun.(felt so Bowie)

cut copy. i love you. i missed the super small crowd tho.i'm a hustler baby. simian mobile disco.
fedde le grand = HOT.

I arrived at bicentennial park just in time for Simian Mobile Disco. Mother hell, was the gate a pain in the neck. In previous years, we just strolled right in. This year, every. single. day. it was a 40 minute ordeal. which had me hauling ass to the live stage. SMD was just as i expected. so serious. so nerdy. so cool. the german asked me if they were ever going to turn around and face us. bleeps and blips created mad cool sound to move to and by the time they played hustler, it seemed the curious crowd got it. that was bad. ass.

like a moth to a flame i found myself back @ Carl Cox & Friends... to find Fedde Le Grand & all his dutch charm tearing up the "tent"(sorry, am used to carl cox & friends being a tent, not the serious structure it has become). So I stayed and danced. Until a changing of the guard took place & Moby took over. I love Moby, but I love him better when it's his own stuff I'm hearing. He leapt up on the gravitron, shaking his happy fists in the air. But, i never did really feel what he was throwing down that day. So i decided to wander about, checking out the Heineken Dome again, whatever meh-ness was on the main stage, eventually making my way back to the live stage for some Boys Noize, wasssss.... OK. was blissed out to hear 'my moon my man' but on the whole, i was ready to move on once again. couldn't even tell you where to, you get lost in all that is Ultra, molly-ed out or not. i just know i made my way BACK to the live stage for Cut Copy, was SO THRILLED to have them back. they sounded massive and were getting so much more love than they had 2 years prior at UMF. it was painful to tear myself away but I. HAD. TO. it was back to the main stage for the electronic gods that are Underworld and from the very second they came on, HOT DAMN, i was blown away. it's like everyone else at Ultra is so much fun, but then you come upon true veterans like Underworld and you have to pick your stupid jaw up off the dirty ground. They killed it. And when the right artist is on the main stage, that sound system enables them to soar and soar high. it was so ridiculously cool to see artists i've loved since college. but again, i was forced, by stupid scheduling conflicts, to peel myself away and return to the live stage to catch
Empire of the Sun yes, the back and forth, back and forth was maddening. Empire of the Sun burned many spage-age ziggy stardust-esque images into my brain. And they sounded phenomenal. But they weren't Underworld. & I kind of regretted splitting on Underworld to see them. No use crying over spilt prosecco. it was time to head back (yep you guessed it) to the main stage for deadmau5. whom, from what i personally witnessed, drew the largest crowd and, moved me the least. he wasn't what he was to me two years ago. there were fleeting blips of the old deadmau5 sound i adored but his sound mostly sprawled into places only those altered might appreciate. i was bored. feelings change, people change. and i was ready to let day 2 die.
tomorrow... my 3rd and final day at UMF.
lots of love,

girls on film. always my fave. (duran duran)
the gorgeous sounds of royksopp = love
the dancing queen that is andy bell. THAT VOICE. (erasure)
the synth genius that is vince clarke (erasure)
music is my boyfriend. (CSS)
Holy Ghost! Quite possibly the artists I was most excited
& delighted to see.

there is NOTHING like entering the gates of Ultra Music Festival. nothing. your ears are instantly affronted, as is your heart, as the pulsating thud from several stages blends to create this maddening, yet magnetic cacophony of beats and bass. you find yourself experiencing both an adrenaline and serotonin surge you simply cannot get elsewhere. your eyes are accosted too—by vibrance, light, shine, glow, glitter... Ultra is so sensory. no wonder it's a fave of the "molly" set. no i don't have any. no i don't want any...

the main stage was pumping. but i was mad dashing to the live stage for holy ghost!'s set. excuse me while i gush on end about the perfection of the live stage, right on the water, away from everything, shaded, perfect. designer drugs was performing when i got there. young rainbow brite kids were dancing their a$$es off. said kids, for most part, moved on once designer drugs were done. and the handful of true indie kids took their places.

holy ghost! came on and killed it. there was a breeze. i danced. 'i will come back' blew my mind. i didn't want it to end. am comparing their set to cut copy's 2 years ago. small crowd. great sound. haven't quiet caught on yet amongst the ULTRA crowd. but oh so disco danceable!, one has to wonder why not?

i wondered off to the carl cox & friends "tent" which has become something so extraordinary, i couldn't help but be WOWed. the sound that pours forth from that stage is my absolute fave dance genre. hung there and danced until it was time to catch CSS back at the live stage. aren't they cute? they rocked a slightly larger crowd. was mad fun to hear them do 'music is my hot hot sex' live.

left before they were done because it was time for erasure on the main stage. got there just as benny benassi was wrapping up. again, mass exodus of young ravers. father forgive them, they know not what they do. i wanted to shake those little e-heads and say "that's vince clarke up there!" i moved up as close as a girl in my state should and then died. when erasure did blue savannah i was glad i still had my shades on. eyes misted up big. was. so. brilliant. and the sound just soared across the grounds so beautifully. GOD that was great.

the second erasure was done, it was back to the live stage for royksopp, who too, managed to awe me with their gorgeous sound. was so very thrilled to be catching them live too. their set was full of pulsating ebb and flow. mind bending beauty. you could dance or you could just spectate. either way. again, was so glad to catch them.

then it was back to the main stage where we caught wild boys and girls on film—duran duran sounding as pristine as ever. seriously, girls on film gets me every time, that song is hot.

on to the UMF korea stage to check out a little avicii (hot damn! i actually dig) & then out the gates for the night. had to just say no to tiesto. sorry if that offends. he just doesn't do it for me... and a girl needs her rest for 2 more days of UMF.
those reports to follow.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

winter = SPRING = summer
depending upon wear you are.
no matter, am pretending it's spring here (and not 85 degrees)in whimsical flowy blooms and hot pink wedges. brrrrr where you are? (can't BELIEVE some of you have SNOW!?) toss on a spring-hued cardie. done.
top: H&M.
jeans: shhh! Old Navy maternity ;-)
wedges: shoe dazzle
cardigan: free people
shades: H&M
happy pretend spring!

it was 1996.
i was just back from London.
i didn't want to be back.
then trainspotting came out.
it took me back.
albeit scotland,
much of the same feel.
what a flick.
what a cast.
seeing underworld this weekend
is like a fast-forward rewind to back then.
and that's #LOVE.
& speaking of #LOVE. was in utter love with ewan mcgregor & the soundtrack.
p.s. boys were wearing skinny jeans in scotland in '96.
it was an awesome time.


1. Lust For Life - Iggy Pop
2. Deep Blue Day - Brian Eno
3. Trainspotting - Primal Scream
4. Atomic - Sleeper
5. Temptation - New Order
6. Night Clubbing - Iggy Pop
7. Sing - Blur
8. Perfect Day - Lou Reed
9. Mile End - Pulp
10. For What You Dream Of - Bedrock
11. 2:1 - Elastica
12. A Final Hit - Leftfield
13. Born Slippy - Underworld
14. Closet Romantic - Damon Albarn

oh & this was TRAINSPOTTING VOL. #2...

1. Choose Life - PF Project
2. Passenger - Iggy Pop
3. Dark And Long - Underworld (1)
4. Habenera - Underworld (1)
5. Statuesque - Sleeper (1)
6. Golden Years - Bowie, David
7. Think About The Way - Ice MC
8. Final Hit - Leftfield
9. Temptation - Heaven 17
10. Nightclubbing - Iggy Pop
11. Our Lips Are Sealed - Fun Boy Three
12. Come Together - Primal Scream
13. Atmosphere - Joy Division
14. Inner City Life - Goldie
15. Born Slippy/NUXX - Underworld (1)

The Beach.
movie was good.
provoked my travel bug once again.
the soundtrack—quite good.
& more underworld

1. Snakeblood - Leftfield
2. Pure Shores - All Saints
3. Porcelain - Moby
4. Voices - Dario G
5. 8 Ball - Underworld
6. Spinning Away - Sugar Ray
7. Return Of Django - Asian Dub Foundation
8. On Your Own (Crouch End Broadway Mix) - Blur
9. Yeke Yeke (Hard Floor Mix) - Mory Kante
10. Woozy - Faithless
11. Richard, It's Business As Usual - Barry Adamson
12. Brutal - New Order
13. Lonely Soul - Unkle
14. Beached - Angelo Badalamenti/Oribital

alright, enough musical memory lane. i'm going to #UMF tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4 Life

i must stray for a moment from my usual music & fashion posts to tell you it's high time you bring back a childhood fave. didn't have these as a child? you got effed. but it's not too late.
and as big kid, you can make far cooler popsicle concoctions...
my 1st batch consisted of fresh blackberry, OJ and apple juice pops.
loveys, they rule.
have discussed trying a mimosa pop with one of my sparkling sisters... imagine.
summer is JUST around the bend, i promise. don't cheat yourself of this amazing, limitless treat.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wondering where you might find Sunlovey this weekend? Ha, easy, @ Ultra Music Festival, downtown Miami.
I will be checking out so many other DJs & artists throughout Friday, Saturday & Sunday, but these are the artists that I splurged on tix for, as brought to you by my recent twitter feed #UMF breakdown. My head is spinning at the thought of seeing Underworld AND Chemical Brothers. Erasure AND Holy Ghost!. Empire of the Sun AND Royksopp. THIS IS MAJOR, LOVEYS.
Sunlovey's breakdown: Friday: Main stage for Erasure. Live stage for Royksopp, CSS, Holy Ghost! & Designer Drugs

Sunlovey's breakdown: Saturday: Main stage—Underworld, Deadmau5, Kaskade. Live stage—Empire of the Sun, Cut Copy, ">Simian Mobile Disco

Sunlovey's breakdown: Saturday cont'd: Carl Cox Tent—Moby.

Sunlovey's breakdown: Sunday: Main stage—Chemical Brothers. Live Stage—MSTKRFT, Chromeo, !!!. Which day(s) are @ playing?

Sunlovey's breakdown: Sunday: +Classixx, not certain of stage.

can't. wait.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011





oh &... were you a 120 minutes addict like myself? it's freaking back. & while it's not being hosted by my middle school/high school brit crush, Dave Kendall, i remain intrigued. my college cohort, travis told me you'll be able to see the show online only at 1st (on MTV Hive). then it will hopefully move to MTV 2. more info here.

addendum: HOLY AWESOME! review playlist's from the BEST era of 120 minutes here. then, download EVERYthing you read from the late '80s/EARLY '90s lists, it'll change your life.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LOVE is...
this necklace is the center of my universe.
it is truly art.
i snagged it from jewel mint.
i kinda can't stand how much i covet it.
what summer looks like
i have always been about wee leg-baring hems, but this summer i'm crushing on the flowy, vibrant & exotic in intense ways. in fact such attributes are paramount in what i'm snatching up. here are my recent acquisitions. a bit of tribal, paisley & peacock = LOVE.
the pompoms sleigh me.
the silhouette conjures beloved
faraway lands.
victoria's secret
the exploding hues
channel candy
the crochet back seduces
while the color fusion blows my mind.

i have a peacock addiction, no doubt
but the big black bow at the neck makes
me utterly smitten.
next weekend is Ultra Music Festival already, which brings to mind summer festival season too! what do you envision your summer wardrobe looking like?
do tell...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ode to a Shoe
a brilliant, satiny, blooming shoe.
on a sky-high yet way comfortable wedge heel.
i will wear you even when you don't match my outfit.
i will reach for you when others would grab a mere flip flop.
because you have the ability to transform.
you are such love.

have been sitting on this one for a bit & for that, i sincerely apologize...
benoit & sergio's boy trouble.
IS SUCH LOVE. can't explain it. i want you to get it. so do that eternally grateful to pitchfork for subtle brilliance like this.

more benoit & sergio:

Latest tracks by benoitandsergio

Sunday, March 13, 2011

the ella bed-
in dusty teal velvet.
10 weeks...
and i shall be sleeping in a marie antoinette-esque heaven.
& sweet dreams...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

another sunny day - you should all be murdered

thanks jess. i dig. seems it's old & a one-off. but that's A-OK.
i always succumb
it's the icing.
in this case, lemon cream cheese. #love

chiffon makes my heart flutter
and simply strolling about in this fabulous A-line from H&M makes the delicate little petals flutter too. #love
faire un reve
one must do what they can to inspire sparkling dreams. i personally can't stop layering glittery ornament after glittery ornament upon my poor little bedside table lamp.

tomorrow is friday, at last.
revel hard.