Friday, December 30, 2011

(fake japanese kitchen)
my permanent & ever changing accessory has somewhat, HA! no, totally hindered my ability to regularly post here. mother heck. nevertheless... i have continued to wake up daily & even get dressed. sometimes i even surprise myself by looking beyond my yoga pants & leggings, i.e. in this pic. thing is, i #LOVE the contents of my closet. to a level of unhealthiness and i'll be damned if my beloved wardrobe gets marred beyond repair by various baby accidents. anyway, will do my utmost best to throw a few glimpses of fashion as i know it now, post L. bear with me.
love & miss you,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

we can call this
so white after labor day
hell, waaaaaay after labor day.
winter white in balmy FL in fact.
white dress is an old boston proper fave.
pulled a "kate" and wore the same dress to two photographed events.
beachy get up is hollister.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

the scarf.
so very designer inspired.
so made in italy too...
so infinity cool.
so CHEAP at tj maxx. ($9.99!!!)
so hard to not wear every second of every day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

to the library & the park
(in hue cord leggings)

to the zoo
(in jewel mint necklace, forever 21 sailor shorts that i de-sailored
by cutting gold buttons off)
to starbucks
(handmade felt necklace, threads for thought tee, hollister plaid skirt)
le bebe is def cramping my style for now. or drastically changing it. i find myself dressing for him. and i've never ever dressed for a boy 'til now. i love to wear colors and patterns that capture his eyes, inspire him to reach out and touch, make him smile. sorry loveys, i'm whipped. this boy has stolen my heart and my need to wear heels FOR NOW.

Monday, November 28, 2011

'tis the season i literally cover my eyes from seeing things i myself crave acquiring for myself... i do this in lieu of #YAY!, acquiring awesomeness for others, i blame my dad for this wee slip up... it was #BlackFriday & he sent me in ann taylor loft to pick out a sweater for myself from him for christmas (damn, i'm sounding more selfish by the second. must fix!).

he is doing his very best to carry on my precious mom's christmas tradition—a cozy sweater, warm PJs and an enriching book for us kids. and he thought it best i choose my own sweater in light of my particular-ness. sweet dad.

he thoughtfully got in the massive line winding its way around the store as i roamed every nook & cranny for my christmas sweater. once i finally found "IT" i joined him in line and mistakingly spotted the above antique-look bracelet, shimmering and sparkling its way into my hand and on to my wrist.

yep, the sales lady scanned it there when she rung me up. damn all those little goodies wise stores put surrounding their check out areas. 'twas too fab to pass up. especially with a sneaky lure like 50% off the entire store that day 'til noon! (same sale happening right now online i see, bloody hell, NOT letting myself buy this cookie monster awesomeness, hmm why wasn't it in store?!)

yeah, no more wandering into stores that contain merch i might dig. guess that leaves auto parts stores... #grrr. is this as hard for you as it is for me?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

on outfit posts...
no bloody time. that GRRRs me badly. but le bebe comes 1st. next best thing? look down at self in car & snap a pic with my cell. ugh, voila!
that said... cardie = rugby from LY.
floral-print lace tank = forever 21 from LY
red ruched leggings = some french brand from a cute boutique in ft. myers called charme
sparkling crystal necklace = ancient score from boston proper

Saturday, November 19, 2011

SH!T ROBOT featuring nancy whang
feels like the '80s, i'm at the swim club in raleigh, NC munching on monster chews. this song would have totally fit coming on that crackly radio between culture club and duran duran. so that's #LOVE.
thank you, RCRD LBL.
happy saturday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

ha, how apropos. yeah this pretty much rules in a planning to rock kinda way. a delicious cacophony. feeeel it out. dig? download from beloved RCRDLBL.
happy #music monday!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

fur real faux.
grey's my fave neutral. blue is the center of the universe. paisleys pop. faux is whoa. skinnies rule. that is all. well, now that wouldn't be like me would it? i ramble. it felt awesome to pull on my fave grey jeans again. they just begged to be worn with the ancient shirt i dug out from the back of my closet after admiring & being inspired by a different emanuel ungaro blouse on sea of shoes' recent post. yep, her hair helped to ignite my courage to go rouge too. but loveys, it's the grey & blue faux fur vest that just explodes with cozy rad-ness. onward.

short shorts. fun sound. funky vid.
it's electric.
if you were to spy on me for a week, you would likely see me in this grey leopard knit at least once. probably twice. i love you, zara. in my world it goes with everything. then along came hue's killer teal corduroy leggings. damn it i want more. got an email from hue for 25% off your entire order too... tempting little teases. steve madden faux-fur pompom boot covers and no, it's not a wig (halloween is so last month), my new red head.
love ya,

p.s. yesterday's photo shoot & baby L dance party were soundtracked by violator.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

wild victorian.
sssssssnake slithers into my closet like mad as of late. how to soften it? sunday school black & cream and frou frou feathers in the hair, of course! j'adore for sure.
p.s. cutting the top off my head was conveniently unintentional. my roots are horrific. they'll be gone soon...

Thursday, November 03, 2011

unexpected inspiration
saffron & teal
somehow i get real simple. yes, the mag. i most certainly didn't subscribe. the name alone kind of irritates me. why would anyone ever choose real simple? i'm more of a totally complex girl. nevertheless, the cover of their "fashion" issue actually got me to open it & flip through and within that issue i found the above page and well, something so simple as two hues paired together captured me and voila! this look started coming together in my brain.
of course there's nothing simple about it. no way, never.
lace upon lace upon lace...
oh the places i want to go...
way too fancy is just right.
snake charm.


Monday, October 31, 2011

yep, i'm in shorts again, these lacy babies caught my eye and well. i do live in florida, so all the fall shorts i'm snatching up are totally justifiable. and seriously, how else might i show off adorable Fair Isle pompom socks? fringe poncho, check! lace-up platform booties, check! faux-furry hat, check! skull on a stick, got it! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, loveys!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

just like that, guess boots from a couple years ago turned into...
MAY-JUH bad ass fur boots with bold pompoms! thanks to ingenious little elasticized sleeves i recently snatched up. picture all the boots i'll transform! hell, i'll wear 'em with heels, with flip flops, on their own! i'm smitten. hard.

...and then there were the leg warmers. spotted, today, and like moths to a flame, covering my calves within a half hour. hell yeah i'll unapologetically embrace a look i loved as a six year old. they have rainbow lurex thread running through them = #love!it's all coming together... i've hoarded shorts galore all fall (so far) for a reason that was not clear to me 'til now. my head is spinning. so many looks to come. am i alone in this overwhelming j'adore-ness?!

p.s. both scores are steve madden