Monday, September 14, 2009

So I rushed through my evening with a desperate desire to find myself sitting at the center of my couch, legs crossed, promptly at 8pm. Even dashed out of work five minutes early to ensure this (had errands to run + gym + salads to make).

At four 'til 8pm I changed the channel from E! to the CW. Caught rolling credits for Two & A Half Men, salads ALMOST done, heart rate pleasantly accelerated, eyes glued to the television. WHA!? ONE TREE HILL!? NO! WHAT THE HELL!? Deep breaths. Mind reeling. I ask Tim to check the TV listings on Relief. As he says out loud, "Gossip Girl, 9PM." He gets me. I'm breathing again. I survived this particular Monday KNOWING I could watch my little guilty pleasure tonight. New time. I'm OK.

A new season of killer style. A new season of awesome music. A new season to vicariously experience ritzy bitchy upper east side love & debauchery. YAY.

Do know, fashion designer Anna Sui's even designed an entire line for Target based on Gossip Girl. ALSO, Gossip Girl music is TOP notch, want an instant mix of great tunes? OMFGG.

Uh oh, it's on. You know you love me. XOXO (watching) Gossip Girl

p.s. Show's on at 9PM on Monday nights on The CW. Just can't get enough? love this site for music i can't figure out, etc.:

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