Wednesday, February 24, 2010

that said. as i tossed & turned last night, at least i sorted out what i'd wear today. and it worked. i felt awesome. not like "man oh man i'm amazing and i rock" but more, "this is so me. i'm comfortable. AND every damned thing i have on rules my world." that's a brilliant feeling. and it set the tone for my day. do you hear me, there's something to this. if you love what you're wearing, you are on your way to loving your day. 
shall we get to the details? 
my rachel rachel roy tunic is the center of the universe. it's so right, length wise, in the most delicious knit, in such an insanely vivid hue with an exotic undertone and a rocker edge. J'ADORE.
the leggings, you ask? they are @boston_proper & people, they fit like no other leggings i've ever tried on. first & foremost, they're thick. but they're also soft, and further, they ROCK. that exposed zip at the leg, it slays me. so so right. was hesitant to order. mad glad i did. 
the accessories... well, they happen to be bracelets i scored at bebe
they worked crazy well with all else. and there's something about wearing a ton of stretchy bracelets at once. love.

so yeah. what else? how about joan jett & the blackhearts playing a local charity event for animals. that too rocks.details? CLICK HERE. i think this is a fine time to say be there or be square. also, made the decision to go to orlando next month to check out bear in heaven play live. their recent album is one of my faves as of late. won't pass up seeing good music live when good bands grace florida with their presence. three hour drive, worth it in my book. check them out if you haven't already. promise?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Got this tank, with exposed zip back in bright bursts of blossoms a couple weekends ago at forever 21. Loved it because the colors POP and it's silk and i envisioned rocking it out with chunky black jewelry, a belt, my black sequin jacket, liquid leggings, those kinds of things. However, after a major, seemingly endless cold front (by south florida standards) i wore it today to celebrate what's finally felt like spring around here. Paired to dark wash skinny jeans, a shrunken boyfriend blazer, my kelly green ruffle heels. Only to notice another cold front awaits us down here, in just two short days. madness. oh & happiness. SO glad i got those killer grey booties!!!
Jacket: Victoria's Secret Pink
Top: Forever 21
Necklace: Rachel Rachel Roy
Jeans: Yanuk
Shoes: Steve Madden
Yes, the Olympics are still on. Yes, this throws a wrench in my blog posts. They'll be over soon and I'll take tons of time to ramble on and on as I was pre-games. Mean time, asking those of you that believe in a higher power to  think of my mom. She rules & she needs all the thoughts and prayers she can get.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Doesn't spring '10 look delectable?

I could write sonnets about the images above, novellas, hell, quite possibly an epic?  I've stared at the image above on end and the only conclusion I've come to is that I want every single, solitary piece shown in ways that give me shivers. Jason Wu's shaggy, peachy cream design wrapped up in lime green ribbon, Calvin Klein's crinkly yellow dolly dress with ruched sleeves... OMG you KNOW i'm dying over Fendi's icy blue asymmetric frock with a single dramatic ruffle sleeve and equally as smitten with Nina Ricci's layers of modern Victorian romance in the fairest whispers of color. I think each look will fully inspire me in the coming months. 

In other news. Haven't stopped thinking about Evan Lysacek's Olympic gold winning ice skating costume either. How I wish to have it reinterpreted into an insanely hot LBD. Check it.
It's Vera Wang and it's comprised of three-dimensional jeweled serpents and the boldest of shoulders. No joke, someone out there, recreate this look as a frock for us, ASAP. 

GREY GREY  GREY GREY CAN'T SATIATE MY LOVE FOR GREY GREY GREY GREY & today I offset it with chunky, faceted diamond-clear bling. Felt so right.  Oh & feast your eyes on my fab new grey strappy buckle booties. Good LORD it's going to be hard not to wear them every single day. Necklace is Forever 21, bracelet is Bebe & boots are Not Rated. Aren't they art? So yeah, that's Monday. Gotta get back to my Winter Games addiction. Ice dancing finals tonight! Shut up, I like it. Peace & love, boys and girls... love,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

By day.  

listening to a ton of Washed Out 

&  Bear in Heaven. 

By night. 
gettin' fit then ODing on Olympic coverage. thus, not a lot of blogging going on. which really is a shame. with it being #NYFW & all. J'adoring twitpics galore from @mrjoezee - fashion addicts: even if you're not on twitter, now's the time to check in on his tweets. hold tight for substantial posts please. i feel mad behind. ick. eek. 

p.s. a Depeche Mode show transpired today that included the rarest of reunions—Alan Wilder performed with the remaining members of the band. yep, you got it, i'm #JEALOUSASHELL

Monday, February 15, 2010

& my bank account is going to reflect that & i'm going to be in major trouble. but what's a girl to do that loves fashion too much, is inspired by the exotic, gravitates towards all that sparkles & just told @kris_1 yesterday that she's in desperate need of some new long, slim tunic-type pieces that work with her skinny jeans & leggings. Ray Roy's site is brimming with bold color, major drama, edgy twists & sexy indian influences. i was a gonner the moment i logged on. i pray the german will forgive me. can you put one in for me too? thanks. 
What else? BOLD over-the-top ruffles offset by an understated ballet-inspired headband, tons of jet and crystal necklaces and liquid-slim black skinny jeans.
sweater: "vintage" boston proper
necklaces: forever 21 & betsey johnson
black skinny jeans: tripp
over-the-knee boots:

 military + ruffles = so right
ATTENTION! I will never ever tire of military inspired fashion & it seems like as long as we're at war???, it keeps coming to the forefront by way of great jackets, boots, accessories & such. Ruffles lend a little romance to the look.

Jacket & shades: forever 21
Ruffle tank: Carole Little (no joke, $9.99 at TJMaxx)
Sweater vest tunic: Monarchy
Ruched leggings: cant recall
Candy: Tootsie pop

 splash blooms & bold shoulders
bright buds & blooms can be pigeon holed into spring/summer attire, unless... you add jacket + layers of chains + tights + boots as i have. splashy florals are EVERYWHERE for spring, mix it up. make it yours. Perhaps more importantly, get your hands on at least one piece of fashion with mega shoulder treatments. Could be studding, could be structured puffs, could be exaggerated padding, chains. I kid you not I am obsessed with the female shoulder. i've always seen it as a body part that will stay stunning as we age. which is why it's where i got my tattoo. so i do love the focus on the shoulder. i think it's hot.
Jacket: Bebe
Dress: Forever 21
Necklace: Target
Tights: high school :-)
Boots: Guess

I'm going to leave with you with glimpses at my Rachel Roy splurges. and by splurges, i SHOULD stress, i got FAB deals. just had no business BUYING MORE FASHION RIGHT NOW. aren't you dying to see how i wear these pieces? ha. I AM. SO in love...

Friday, February 12, 2010

saturday morning sounds...
hopefully, you, like me, spectated the olympic opening ceremonies in vancouver, & hopefully like me you it all up, amidst goodsips & eats, then crashed, peacefullyblissfully...well, when you get up, listen to this. over & over. yeah...
Bear In Heaven - You Do You

p.s. it's gusting MAJOR here in s.floridaas i type. like tropical storm force. madness. i like.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

lost a 
mad cool, 
wild child 
Am deeply 
i'm certain he received many such @ reply tweets as mine the day he tweeted about his mother passing away. twitter has become that for many of us, a place to vent, to mourn, to announce, to celebrate, TO - REACH - OUT - and be heard by others out there that just might relate when those immediately around you don't, or simply aren't even aware of the revelations, demons and trials we're facing. Who knows if he read his @ replies.
sunlovey @McQueenWorld so so very deeply sorry. love to you. thank GOD for your mum!

I've just been sitting here reflecting on how he's influenced me, even just recently. :-( Back in december i was led, by my mad hip CEO to a blog she thought i'd like, the two dog blog, and it was there, i spied this crazy cool Alexander McQueen clutch and experienced instant, EXTREME LUST.

sunlovey said...
alexander mcqueen's clutch is an absolute must-lust. brilliant idea. and so insanely executed. LOVE.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Rambling Tale of Two Albums 

Hot Chip - 
One Life Stand
Hot Chip's been amazing at getting us to groove in the past. infectious, fun beats that have this bubbly effect on those exposed. Check out Ready for the Floor and Over & Over, they'll dance rock you're pants (esp. the latter, it was my ring tone for the longest time). For the most part i feel like this new release of theirs is ideal for the after party. You've had a brilliant night out, you invite friends back home 'cuz no one's ready to crash just yet, and you listen to this... 
Hand Me Down Your Love It's pretty. Is that good? "I've known for a long time, you are my love light..."
I Feel Better     Auto tune intro, chill beat, wait for it, wait for it... a gradual building of layers, then it even thuds a bit. 
Keep Quiet   It does just that. Layers of vocals. Atmospheric dream states. A heart beat undertone. Again. It's lovely, it's pretty.     
*One Life Stand   NOW YOU CAN DANCE, if softly. What an endearing sentiment, played out over pulsing thuds and beats. The title track & it's fun.
Slush   - just delete this track. nice try hot chip, but this is NOT your forté. hopefully someone will come along and remix it for you, bring it to life, for now, it's dead. :-(  IMHO :-)
*Take It In   Dark, killer intro, OMG when i first heard i thought, awesome, they're delving in more industrial moody synths a la DM. But then—the song gives way to a bouncy, gorgeousness, circles back, then blends into something i quite like. and that's not even touching on the buzzing warm sentiments the lyrics relay. 
*Thieves In The Night    Has a cool, 80s new wave vibe I can get lost in. A song that feels like celebratory revelry.
*We Have Love    Could def. do without the little chimpmunk voice throughout, otherwise, i feeeeel it. builds beautifully, to a degree that you can't help but purse your lips & shake it, i swear. killer undertones enforce that. I thought my  heart was damaged, I thought my heart was strong...
Alley Cats  - gorgeous & peaceful, dreamy tempo. let's call it an electro lullaby. that's what it is.   
Brothers - sleepy, ok, the choir-like harmonies kinda remind me of tv sing along commercials in the 70s like "i'd like to teach the world to sing..."

Yeasayer - Odd Blood
Yeasayer was brought to my attention a couple years ago. A coworker said something like "i think you'll dig." But dig, i did not. I thought they sounded WEIRD & not a good weird, i mean you can't feel everything right. 
it is peculiar how two people can adore the same lot of music, practically verbatim but then occasionally, some sounds just don't work for one, when they rule for another, i've digressed. yes. what i was trying to say was that when i first heard Ambling Alp last fall & saw that what i was hearing AND FEELING was yeasayer, i was happily surprised. love when that happens. never give up on a band, they often evolve or perhaps we do? & then you find yourself smitten, in love, besotted. I am that for Odd Blood.  It's a desireable cacophony and melding of chaotic noise and lurking beauty. It's total love. (Go yeasayer! Way to turn me around.)

Grizelda    i like it i feel it. it lends awesomeness to my world, for sure. so insanely unique, this sound.
Mondegreen    Crushing HARD on the intro. And the frenetic lyrical pace. And just the all around funky sounds and beats going on. It's hot, in its own little quirky way. 
Strange Reunions    Sparkling spacey ear candy, echoing vocals, wow was that a sitar??? Art.
Rome    Once again, rapidly paced vocals. Keeps my interest. But, well, not a fave.
Love Me Girl   To my surprise, it begins like a true dance anthem, develops and picks up in that same vein, then just works, becomes this new, sparkling yeasayer i'm mad about. It's club ready. For the right club.
************O.N.E.    you could play O.N.E. for me 100 times, over & over and i'd beam and dance to it endlessly. it's so right. their second single. but when i first heard it i was instantly completely consumed. so upbeat, yet so melancholy at once = perfect. dare i compare it to cut copy? yeah, i dare.
*I Remember   i'll just quote my recent tweet on the subject: "yeasayer's 'i remember' is sparkling, gorgeous, starry & lovely. DAMN."
*Madder Red   this song grabs me. am i getting this across to you, i'm in love with this album. but yeah, this song is reflective & moving, it's multi-faceted and intense. there really has to be the right balance of music AND lyrics for me to fall in love, this album is mad rich in both. 
*Ambling Alp   As stated, the 1st single. Joyous, rich and decked out in uplifting lyrics. Mad unique and danceable. "The world can be an unfair place at times, but your lows will have their complement of highs..." Aw yeah.
The Children   No joke, i'm enthralled by all the eclectic sounds and atmospheric beats. Funked up vocals. Dark undertones.

I leave you with petite joys. Like... 
my '80s pink bra. peeking out making me grin.
And the way my heart shades looked so brilliantly at home upon my sparkly star scarf.

happy hump day kids.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

post-mad good times in MIA (nope, not for the super bowl), imagine my shock & awe, whist driving, upon the name Miami Horror popping up on my XM & the sound related to said name, coming out of my speakers, being one i knew i must add to my ever overflowing collection of mp3s ASAP...  Miami Horror hails from Australia & boasts a nostalgic, electro wonderfulness that delights. in sometimes, i hear tinges of new order bass lines & i nearly die. thanks to for making that dream a reality. thank you. thank you. read more & get their track, Sometimes HERE: MIAMI HORROR - SOMETIMES (ElectroPop - Australia)
Also? More delicious fuzzy dreamy sound I can play over & over & over.

Washed Out - Belong (Music Video) from Blake Salzman on Vimeo.

That's Washed Out's Belong. Yum, right? Must confess I'm mad about all this dreamy synth pop & shoe gaze being unleashed upon us daily. Gems of sound galore. I did recently obtain the new Yeasayer & Hot Chip albums too, will try and discuss soon. + notes on a couple places in the fab city of Miami. But for now... What's better than a boyfriend blazer?
Well... a boyfriend blazer that shines. Check out my sequin blazer from Forever 21. It rules my world.
love, sunlovey

Thursday, February 04, 2010

recent acquisitions = i am in love.
You know when you lay eyes on something and feel yourself start to covet it? Then, eventually, finally, it becomes yours. Yours to reinvent just a bit, to your own taste and liking. That would be the case for my latest acquisition, comprised of layers upon layers of frothy ruffles in delicious silk. While it came with a cream self sash belt, I feel, well, something like a cupcake wearing this frilly tunic that way. Not that there's a single thing wrong with cupcakes. There is nothing wrong with them at all, and i will wear this delectable exposed zip racer back fave with its original sash belt in due time. But for now, I was drawn to my pyramid stud belt in black and gun metal instead. Layers of jet black strands and metal chains, black Edun skinny jeans and oh yes, sequiny sparkling peep-toes defined my non-cupcake look. it felt quintessentially sunlovey. thus all the pics. the right look, the right piece = art.  dare i wear my boston proper ruffle tunic alone, as an ultra mini-dress. look out. it's possible. 

Just say HELL YEAH to sequin platform peep toes, they showcase my "avatar blue" pedicure so fabulously.
Just say HELL YEAH to sequin platform peep toes, they showcase my "avatar blue" pedicure so fabulously.

And the pièce de résistance... so crappily captured FOR NOW, HEART SHAPED GLASSES
love & happy friday to one and all,

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

a dream aloud 
how i lost sight of this song, until i heard it again today, remixed on XM's Area is beyond my comprehension. it is positively absolutely gorgeous and endearingly powerful. it nearly made me pull off the road i was driving on. do you get totally arrested by music? have you felt the sorts of sounds i've blogged about? yes? yes? then brace yourself: 

LOVE it too? Want it? Get the mp3 here, thank you KEXP!
in the meantime, i'm on the quest for that remix that nearly caused an accident today. 


p.s. a friend reminded me in was part of the 500 days of summer soundtrack. that too evaded me. oh well, i found it again anyway, was meant to be...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

happiness is... still being in love with a dress you bought in paris when you were 17. c'est moi, today!
some shop your closet experiences are so sublime. this morning was one such case.

obtained on a family trip to the city of lights, circa hmmm? 1992ish, my dark heather grey knit sheath with cool seam accenting, a V-neck and V-back appeared to me amidst a crammed and jammed pack rack of dresses in my closet like a hidden treasure. i put it on and in a mad dash to get out the door asap for an 8:30 on the dot meeting. accessorized it with a trio of necklaces that happened to hang together on the little table i hang all of my long necklaces on.

i loved the way in which the two necklaces that featured faceted jet and various other medallions and trinkets looked with my long double strand chain and rhinestone necklace. paired so awesomely to the stud and rhinestone snap cuff i got in jax whilst visiting heathy.

fact is, donating clothes you rarely wear is smart and good and green, but holding onto the occasional piece because you have a gut instinct about the great future you and it might have together forever is a sort of #fashionkismet.

today i streamed yeasayer's soon to be released album odd blood on myspace. i found myself perking up upon hearing O.N.E. and Ambling Alp, not sure how this bodes for the remainder of the album, upon 1st listen, it didn't move mountains or part seas for me. let's see.

i did however, listen to ou est le swimming pool's dance the way i feel something like five times. yes, it's love.

also. bought tix to hercules and love affair's DJ set at the vagabond in miami this saturday.
+learned that the dead weather will be playing a show in orlando on april 26th. (the dead weather features rulin' artists like jack white of the white stripes & raconteurs and alison mosshart of the kills JUST IN CASE you weren't sure.)

seems orlando's the place to be as of late when it comes to sounds i like actually hitting FL. i.e. a place to bury strangers' show there, april 4th.

considering this is the second time i've written tonight's post, I'M OUT. (yep, round one deleted itself 40 minutes in).


Monday, February 01, 2010

Must I remind you? Today's #MUSICMONDAY !!!
If you do nothing else I say, at least go and get yourself the Beach House Daytrotter session. Simply register on then download away. There are four free songs there for you to gobble up. I think you'll freakin' love Take Care & Used To Be. Please trust me. They're haunting, emotional and gorgeous.

Want more? Urban Outfitters continues to grace us with FIVE song downloads each week in glorious celebration of #musicmonday... Here's that.

So as I was saying, the German went to Vegas and all I got were these brilliant plaid platforms...  OMG I love them more and more as each second passes. Trimmed in studded patent leather, featuring a plaid heel and a bright pink lacquered sole, classic Betsey. Danke!
And what gets a girl through the grayest Monday ever?
Why sequins of course. Never let anyone try and convince you otherwise. Sequin covered ANYthing brings you this intense joy and high-shine edge. Merci @kris_1 for this FAB H&M cropped sequin jacket. It's so LOVE.

Oh speaking of love, CANNOT wrap my brain around it being February already. Hope you all had awesome weekends.

Remember to live in THIS MOMENT. Yes, THIS ONE.