Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hey, don't hate.
i #love gossip girl.

it's one hour a week i can immerse myself in over-the-top drama wearing fashion i covet (hard) to a soundtrack i often glean new mp3s from. haters be damned, you know not what you miss. last night's episode featured this track. i bought it 1st thing this morning, it's by two guys from oregon called mackintosh braun. check it. if it doesn't make you want to dance then i feel sorry for you.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

while i'm without a doubt thankful for a plethora of substantially more important things (family, health, love) in the lead up to thanksgiving, the fact that cut copy's 2nd track from their upcoming zonoscope album sounds like the cut copy we know & dance to is definitely worthy of my gratefulness. check it. #YAY.
Cut Copy - "Take Me Over" (Radio Edit) Premiere by modularpeople
happy thanksgiving, loveys!

Friday, November 19, 2010

do you have psychic powers? why not?

this track is so #love. a must-download. like, NOW.
in fact, upon further delving, every sound coming out of psychic powers is ab fab.
so grateful for rcrdlbl.com on days like today.
happy friday, loveys!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

devil may care.
i used to mix patterns but i was oh so careful about it. making certain colors lined up just right. now? no. now, i find that tossing on this pattern & that without rhyme or reason is mad liberating. and strangely enough, when i'm mismatched i feel the most myself.
inexplicable really. but, c'est moi.
i dare you to try it, take two of your wardrobe faves that have jack to do with one another & put them on. now, leave your house.
be brave. be free.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

garlic = #love.
i waited tables in a tasty little italian restaurant my last two years of college. & said ristorante had its own brilliant way of serving bread... hand-tied bread knots fresh out of the oven came with a petite bowl that contained a piping hot roasted garlic bulb cut in half for easy access. as a patron you were welcome to eat your garlic, clove by clove or... your server could whip up a little somethin' somethin' out of that bulb of garlic for your eye-roll-back-in-head pleasure. customers fiended for this stuff. annnnd, working there, eating it myself more often than i'd like to admit, i never ever ever got sick. go garlic. you're love.

you probably ought to roast a few bulbs at once, because they're going to go fast. so, get your hands on three or four good-sized garlic bulbs. wrap each of them loosely in aluminum foil, make sure these little foil pockets are sealed tight. toss them on a cookie sheet and throw them in an oven preheated to 375.
let those babies fester, for at around 45 minutes. as they approach completion roasting, your entire dwelling will begin smelling like heaven.

while you're waiting, round up your extra virgin olive oil, your balsamic vinegar & some fresh grated parmesan. you can use the parmesan shaker too, but i advocate fresh grated...
douse a serving bowl with something like a 1/3 cup vinegar and a 1/3 cup olive oil. then, add a half a cup of cheese to the bowl. set this aside.

carefully take one foil pocket out, and with oven mitts or a dishtowel carefully peel open the foil and give the bulb inside a little squeeze. if it's squishable, they're done, take the others out. if not, put it back and give it a little more time. blah blah blah fast forward....

unwrap the foil pockets, carefully remove the bulbs without burning your hands. slice the bulbs in half and again, carefully squeeze the soft cloves within into the mixture you set aside in your bowl. stir it up and have at it. spread it on bread and prepare to melt.(and to be super healthy!)

don't eat this alone. everyone you encounter post eating it will think you stink. eat it with people you love. and that love you. even if you smell super garlicky.

happy birthday kristakins!

Monday, November 15, 2010

bringing the trouser back
in my own little world. spent an hour and a half trying on pants in my own closet on a laid back sunday afternoon and came to the realization that they're hot. and i'd forgotten. there's something to their clean lines, their tailored nature, their sleek, polished fit. trust. skinny jeans and shiny leggings are my heart. but i am vowing to revisit the pant and reinvent it in my own wardrobe. exhibit A: happened upon this marabou feather scarf with satin tie at the sketchiest of flea markets over the weekend. totally vamped up my pale blue trousers. love.

nitzer ebb in photos
i last saw nitzer ebb when they toured with depeche mode for violator. i was in junior high. and i was SHOCKED. what the hell was this music? banging, beats, shouts. erratic, yet rhythmic. who was this guy flailing around energetically, with a powerful, sometimes menacing voice? i loved it. instantly. fasssssst forward to this past saturday night. i was seeing them again. gone were their baggy shorts, t-shirts and trainers, douglas mccarthy's wildly curly locks (i did know this about douglas as i saw him as 1/2 of fixmer/mccarthy a year or two ago). replaced with dapper newsboy caps (on bon harris), suspenders with trousers (on jason payne), mccarthy in an insanely well-fitting suit. but not gone: that bloody energy. the banging, the beats, the cacophony of industrial brilliance that grabs you, pulls you in, implodes you, causing involuntary stomping & frenetic dancing. the vibration from the speaker beside me compounded the experience. that & grand central's LED screen. and actually, seeing nitzer ebb again has made me rock-bottom sad. there's just not new sound out there that comes close to theirs. raw, jarring, beat-driven electronic with pulsating percussion that dominates the atmosphere. there's not. you won't convince me otherwise.
highlights for me are likely obvious: hearts & minds, let your body learn, murderous, control i'm here, blood money, join in the chant... oh, all of it!
i did manage to snap a few cellphone photos amidst the bad a$$-ness, crumpled set list courtesy of grand central's facebook page.

Friday, November 12, 2010

today i am grateful.
some days what you're
wearing can really
jack your day up.
today was one such
day. this ruffly, lacy
sheer shirt to the rescue.
am grateful as heck i
work at a place that
fun clothes are just
laying around.
today, #love is
happy happy friday
to you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

it's alright to shine.
toss on an all-over sequin blazer or cardigan when you're look leans to the dark side. even as a huge advocate of black & grey i sometimes find myself feeling like my gothy sad high school self when i'm in head to toe ink.
thus, sparkling cross, chandelier & lightning bolt necklaces and my silver sequin boyfriend blazer. oh! plus the killer sparkling wings ring @kris_1 gave me.
miss you kristakins!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

how about a random little collection of sounds i've been tripped up on recent days & why:
Starfield- The New Division
i just love it. beautiful. atmospheric, like literally, you might picture the sky, crickets, waves, listen...

A Little Respect - Erasure (listen via hypem.com)
because andy bell was spotted at the robyn show in tampa, fl this past monday by one friend and DJed someplace in manhattan last night where another friend was in attendance, erasure's just on the brain.
The One - The Radio Dept. (download it via pitchfork.com)
O.M.Beats! and a seriously lovely & nostalgic vibe. and why ever is this track so short i want more more more...#love.
Bikini - 04 (listen via hypem.com)
a fuzzy, youthful anthem full of layers, chanting, heartfelt melodies—you'll dance to it as much as you reflect to it.
Fun to be had - Nitzer Ebb
1st time i saw nitzer ebb i was 13, they were opening for depeche mode on the world violation tour. i got a beer spilled on me. i fell in love with industrial music. am seeing them again this saturday in miami and well, there's mad fun to be had, loveys.
Ghost in my head - Niva
this track is like a dream you don't really want to wake up from. and yet, it still makes you a little melancholy. there are underlying beats that remind me of london jungle music in the mid '90s. and who doesn't have a ghost or two in their heads?
happy listening!

vegetarian shepherd's pie, y'all.
i essentially took one of those classic '70s-ish casserole dishes our mum's used to make us & tweaked it a bit so that when i'm feeling the need for comfort fare, i can enjoy this "classic".
get your hands on:
a bag of veggie crumbles (morning star or boca burger are common brands)
a bag of frozen mixed veggies (the kind with corn, peas, carrots etc.)
a bag of red russet potatoes (wash, then quarter like 6 of them, don't peel)
a couple cans of cream of mushroom
sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
a cup of milk or whipping cream
three cloves of garlic
next up:
put a pot of water on the stove & get it boiling.
add potatoes once it is.
sauté the veggie crumbles in a pretty large pan.
add frozen veggies to this pan too.
then add the 2 cans of cream of mushroom.
do this for like 10 minutes.
then, layer this mixture in the bottom of a casserole dish.
back to the potatoes.
once they are tender (check with a fork) drain them.
then mash them.
add cream or milk & chopped or pressed garlic cloves.
mix well.
then layer these creamy, garlicky potatoes over the veggies.
smother with shredded cheddar.
if you want, grate fresh black pepper on top.
then bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
until the delectable cheese on top is melted to your liking.
let it sit for a bit or, it will look like the mess in the photo above.
but trust, that mess tastes fab.

Monday, November 08, 2010

catching up with sunlovey forever
yeah it's been a minute since i've posted. here's what's been on...
eeek, i actually wore this diagonal sequin-stripe lace print tunic on it's own a few months ago. holy what the HECK was i thinking? much better with my boston proper ponté legging and ancient granny military boots from nordstrom.
kids, THIS is my favorite cardigan under the sun, acquired at the boston rugby store. i dig how the combination red/white stripes against blue remind me of a union jack. my imagination led me to pair it with a red-lined leopard sheath dress. annnnnd, my utmost fave brown victorian boots. a sparkling scarf made the look all the more eclectic.
i wore this mini-dress in september when it was still blazing outside. to celebrate our recent "cool" front i tossed my shaggy black faux fur vest (recently snagged at filine's in boston) on over it, pulled on cobalt blue tights and my major fringe boots. i figured the fringe and the shag would balance out proportions. and turn heads. am still dressing like a nick cage sound suit lately, i can't help it.

Starfield- The New Division
The One - The Radio Dept.
A Little Respect - Erasure
Ghost in my head - Niva
04 - Bikini
Fun to be had - Nitzer Ebb

vegetarian shepherd's pie
michelle bernstein's oceanfront restaurant @ the omphoy

whole crisp bronzini served with wilting greens, crushed fingerling potatoes and charmoula

boston, cambridge & salem
and yeah, i'm still not in a place to tell you more about that. but i endeavor to...


Thursday, November 04, 2010

happy friday loveys. yay it's a wee bit chilly!
not feeling so sparkly since my return to FL. however, i'm forcing it.
feeling down? ramp up your state of being with sequins. crystals. r
download now: me and the moon. twin shadow remix. the drums. because it's fun & oh so '80s. #love.
be safe.keep calm & party on.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

november? is that you?
november has crept up upon us once again, this time, perhaps more sneakily than ever, ever before. autumn months make me so reflective. which is why i think i've latched on to wild nothing's golden haze out of nowhere. get it here, it's quietly beautiful:
Wild Nothing - Golden Haze
perhaps you're wondering "why the photo of the dark crystal's kira on your post?" well. i insisted upon wearing a sweater-dress today despite it being stupid hot. and well, the hood of it keeps making me feeeeeeel like kira. i swear. laugh. i don't care. i can't count how many times i watched that film. my little brother & i loved it. i think he was obsessed with aughra.
i really ought to post about boston, and trust, i'll try. just wanted to make sure i communicated with you today no matter what though. i missed you.