Friday, January 27, 2012

heard this today.
i dig it big.
something reminds me of the cure about it.
this is subtle.
could be the vocals.
yeah, i think?
solid good times.
charlotte sometimes?
could be the bass too,
yes, the bass.
all i know is...
it's #LOVE.
check it.
it's blazing in florida.
mother heck.
thus shorts are all the rage most days for moi.
i love my little sparkly petal collar top from H&M in theory.
it's itchy as eff though, as previously tweeted.

sarah christoph
Why must most things be itchy? About to rip my shirt off!
stripey shorts are forever 21. i cut the stupid sailor buttons off of them as mentioned previously.
happy friday, loveys.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

today i did what i do best when exhausted.
i shopped.
auto pilot style.
mind you, world,
i am a girl who acquires on the cheap.
layers of tulle frills fell quickly in love with
pale sequin-kissed florals.
a teeny, glittery dress upon a hanger
completed my sleepy, dreamy vision...
once again, i feel like marie antoinette would approve.
ha, when in doubt...

(c'est moi on sleep-deprived auto pilot, took this photo in nordstrom's bathroom after reading a quote about how people dress on their "days off" being interesting. was it jason wu that said it? help!)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

i belong.
it's true, look at me, as expressed in a previous post, my interests are turning inward. inward as in inside my own eclectic abode.

so here i am, finally doing another outfit post and i realize i match my living room. not intentional. but, what can i say? we are inspired by our surroundings, right?
silk color block dress by LUSH, acquired at Wolfgang in Jacksonville
peacock necklace, a birthday gift from @kris_1
crystal bead strand, a birthday gift from @the_real_debbie
travel block bracelet, a gift for my dear mom from my little bro, acquired at animal kingdom
japanese bead necklace from morikami
velvet brocade shoes by BCBG

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

his voice...
you know i #love love love bear in heaven. #YAY for a snazzy little mp3 from them for me & you. dance with me...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Creating Wall Scapes The time it would take to bang out an outfit post is directly proportionate to a decor one. And so my shift in focus manifests itself here. Nothing shocking. I'm at bloody home a lot these days & ever tweaking my surroundings. This wee post alone is going to light a fire under my fashiony a$$, though. I'll get dressed and i'll snap pics soon, I promise. But in the meantime... I dressed my wall. This scape exists just above the desk that was my mom's...

I tend to accumulate 5-8 small objects that feeeeel good surrounding one another over time to finally create my wall scape. sometimes i'll hang one tiny item alone on the wall and think of it from time to time when i'm out & about, eventually acquiring additional pieces to cluster together around it.

think: wall sconces, photo frames, small shelves, petite wall clocks, ornate little mirrors, architectural scrolls, dainty little beaded purses with chain straps you can hang them from, alphabet letters, etc. etc. and more etc.

when it comes to those photo frames, fill them with art, a postcard, a swatch of fabric, your own sketch or handwritten poem...

amass your scape pieces, grab some nails, a hammer & a pen to mark where you'll hang each item, voila!

blank walls are boring.
get scaping.


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

this track is my xanax.


rarely do i feel that it's my accessories that MAKE the look. heck, not sure i'd even call today's look a look anyway. it's cold out and a girl has to run errands with le bebe in tow. i would have definitely worn this to work, on a slept a little late kind of day. + 3"-4" of height in the boot department.

i've digressed. point i wanted to make is, my dad got me the fabulously soft and vivid scarf that i'm wearing today when he was in DC, he thinks it's from Tibet. It perfectly complements my hue corduroy leggings.

and... the bag i got by exchanging a bag i told the german (who did try!), looked like a bag mariah carey might carry. mariah carey is cool. this is not me dissing her. this is me saying she and i don't have the same taste. period. thank you, german. next time, when it doubt, go with anything blue. and shoot for silver or antiqued hardware. love ya.

long ruched sweater is a mad comfy cashmere blend from good old VS, last year. rocket dog boots, bittersweet—they were my dear mom's. faux shearling lined and crazy cozy.
oh & shades = forever 21.

stay warm.
and bright.