Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last night I had a few of my cookies over for food, wine & a movie.
Girls ONLY.


I whipped up tomato bruschetta and crostini, made all the more flavorful by lots of fresh crushed garlic and white truffle oil.

Krista brought a deeelicious black bean and corn salsa heightened in flavor by subtle jalapeƱo w/ flax seed blue corn tortilla chips & crazy good goat cheese.

Tamara whipped up a YUM! roasted red pepper, goat cheese and arugula whole wheat pizza drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

And Jessica made DIVINE grilled pesto shrimp skewers.

We drank red & caught up on ridiculous celebrity gossip, spoke of Perez Hilton's Kardashian theories and the joys and woes of our twitter addictions.

Then we watched 17 Again. No joke. And it was quite good. I truly love getting together with people I enjoy, eating, laughing & sipping vino.

Thanks loveys!

✯ ☆ ✯

p.s. I apologize profusely for not snapping photos of our delectable eats last night. I did get a pic of Tamara's hot metallic & studded gladiators. (They would have totally worked at Rodarte's Spring '10 show in NYC) OH! and a photo of my LUNCH yesterday from Maoz. Their falafel is INSANE. As are their salads & sauces (note I have FOUR sauces: garlic, cilantro, yogurt & tahini). LOVE.


  1. tamarabrink11:56 AM

    They are by Naughty Monkey.. I LOVE their shoes :)

  2. agreed ms. brink, a brilliant brand!!!! check it:


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