Tuesday, September 01, 2009

this  a music mix from my itunes copy and pasted. believe me, it's amazing. trust. Want to hear, seek and you shall find! totally recommend searching on http://www.myspace.com  AND http://www.youtube.com

Sunlovey Forever Mix
Skeleton Boy -Friendly Fires Friendly Fires (I dance my YOU KNOW WHAT OFF no matter WHERE i am, every SINGLE time i hear this tune. It's love to the bone!)
Paris Is Burning - Ladyhawke (what a killer song, there are remixes out there too, generally hate chick singers, love this though, dance-able too!)
Signs -Bloc Party (Bloc Party, Nuff said. well, maybe not, this song is sick, in a good way, musically and lyrically. classic BP)
Kim & Jessie -M83 (We Own The Sky is my fave M83 tune, but this one is so emotionally musically fulfilling too)
Processed Beats  Kasabian (reminds you of the early 90s in England = good)
Mammoth  Interpol (That voice, AMAZING, their music, HAUNTING)
Fa-Fa-Fa  Datarock (A quirky butt-shakin' tune)
Great DJ  The Ting Tings (this live = MAD fun, this mix has a theme, songs that make you bop up & down)
Dawn of the Dead  Does It Offend You, Yeah? (can't tire of this foggy song, i say foggy because it causes me to picture fog, musically, killer. lyrically, emotional. LOVE.)
All Sparks Editors (WOW WOW WOW, again, VOICE, again LYRICS, BRILLIANT! poignant!)
Perfect Symmetry (Frankmusik  Keane Remix)  (one word: infectious) 
Jigsaw Falling Into Place Radiohead (fevered pitch awesomeness, experimental, frenetic!)
Hurricane Jane Black Kids (shake it! you can't help it! fun!)
Geraldine  Glasvegas (totally has a hook, clever lyrics, love his voice, music is totally sound)
After Hours We Are Scientists (makes me think of fun times that i didn't want to ever end, which is a good, fun, fond memory!)
Cheap and Cheerful The Kills (IT'S ALRIGHT, TO BE MEAN! Love. WOW. The coughing intro is super cool too!)
Get Myself Into It The Rapture (OMG dance-able disco-ish FUN FUN FUN. LOVE.)

in conclusion, free itunes download of the day was a no-go. need to buy a new album soon. will keep you posted. DEPECHE MODE SHOW IN FIVE DAYS. RADICAL.

(p.s. i snap a lot of photos AT work, like the one above in my Boston Proper Rio Fit Straight Leg Jeans in Rinse, but i blog AT home. ask the husband, he hates it!)


  1. Hector7:41 AM

    Killer mix chica!!!

  2. gracias chico! MANY MANY more to come! thanks for popping "in"! :-)

    lunch soon!?


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