Saturday, January 30, 2010

so right.driving home from a mad delicious lunch 
of tzatziki, olives, hummus, ultra ripe tomatoes, 
eggplant puree & fresh buttery pita i hear this. 
& i'm in love once again...

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - 
Dance The Way I Feel

Thursday, January 28, 2010

SurferBlood @sunlovey The whole situation was hectic, it could have happened anywhere I suppose. Didn't mean to offend! <3 (via twitter)

On seeing Surfer Blood @RespectableSt

Their set was a fresh and brilliant one. Surfer Blood's sound is mad unique. It's harmonic and poppy, it's driven by drums, dreamy guitar and a nostalgic, vintage quality. The vibe last night was amazing. Respectables was packed with charmed fans and what appeared to be the band's entire family (West Palm is their hometown after all). It being a "school night" & all, Hector, @kris_1 and I decided to head out once Surfer Blood finished. And we left stoked that we'd just seen such a brilliant new band. 
my tweets from the show (read from last to 1st):
Got closer. Looking at pedals.from txt
A band that's better live is a better band. I dig. I get. I love. Surfer blood.
  1. from txt

  2. The drums make it. No wait, the vocals.from txt

  3. Sin still smokes? Seriously? That's my question.from txt

  4. Locals are representing. Full house. This next song goes out to jay reatard. Someone we had the privilege to meet... Surfer blood.from txt

  5. They are fresh. Looks like grandma and grandpa are here and i love that. Oh yes. Surfer blood.from txt

  6. Two bands down. Well 2nd still up. But THEY are next and by THEY i mean surfer blood.

Fast forward to like, 2 a.m. I'm not sleeping. Bored, I go online, get feedback immediately from an acquaintance who stayed for Monotonix, that few minutes they did perform before their singer broke his leg were insanely good & that it sucked that i missed it.

Fast forward again to this morning, while working from home, I catch wind of someone from Surfer Blood hating on West Palm (on twitter) as a result of the Monotonix incident. WHY? Because your typical drunk jack a$$es heckled the band for not continuing the show once their singer was injured. Because yeah, drunken idiot hecklers only exist here, in south florida. nowhere else. you got it! Hopefully whomever posted the below tweet did so on impulse & doesn't really discount ALL of their local fans that totally support them. 

surferblood This is why we hate hell ass West Palm Beach.

Music blogger, 

In other news, like a major idiot, i brought my canon but forgot to put a bloody memory card in it. so my whopping two photos and four videos are from my poor little cell phone. Hate the taste in my mouth right now, post show, though. Trying to shake it. Here are my crap cell phone videos, warning: don't even watch if you can't tolerate a shite image & garbly sound

in additional other (annoying) music news,  Hipster RunOff informs us that the JUSTICE "leak" yesterday was a fake. Stereo Gum confirms. Gotta love the internet! OK, that's my rant. i'll leave you with something light, bright, girly & fashiony...
My FABULOUS new kelly green frilly platforms:

and my friend katie's rockin' new zip heels, proud of you, cookie!:


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Love love love this dark blue & green plaid crest blazer from boston proper. But rarely wear it because my magical "rock this look" treasure trove lacks killer gold items that rock. It's likely in my head but i put the jacket on and at times feel like a cruise director from the love boat. NOT EFFIN' COOL. +the fact that i wore it with a black V-neck sweater with no umph. shame on me. i just felt dull and cruise shippy.

so out of pure desperation, i dashed out during lunch in search of a quick fix. I found...

a cascading frills tank of chiffon and raw-edged self fabric ruffles for just $12.99 (i can never ever ever have too much ruffles, it's fair to say they're a close runner up to sequins in my chaotic closet) AND a bubble gum pink stretch belt decked out in GOLD pyramid studs by Betsey Johnson for another $12.99 (both at TJMaxx). Ripped off sweater in car, QUICKLY so as not to cause heart failure for the surrounding elderly.

Then jetted back to work, feeling much much better. Nothing like some bold black ruffles, a dash of pyramid studs & a pop of pink to sort out the cruise director crisis.  

Fashion needs its little jaunts into the eclectic and unconventional to work for me.

In other news, seems like, on a daily basis i'm coming into an average of five new mp3s a day from various sources. Today's music highlights:
JUSTICE's new Beginning of the End

Yeasayer's 2nd single, O.N.E. 
Last Dance (kap10kurt Dream Mix) by The Raveonettes

& a couple tracks by Four Tet from a friend... thank you, Aaron (of @popglow). Up next? A Surfer Blood @RespectableSt report. 


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i totally feel tIpSy-
the spa, people! have you EVER heard me refer to myself as TIPSY!?so happy such blissful concepts exist! i had a standing date with my l'il sis yesterday, however no true plans were set. have NOT been catching the needed amount of zzz's in recent days, so all i wanted was to go some place that would lavish me with indulgent attention AND serve me a great big glass of red. pipe dream, right? WRONG. DING DING DING. TIPSY! i called that very afternoon, got pedi appointments for two and three hours later tamara & i were sprawled out in oversized massage chairs with our feet soaking in warm scented water and large vessels of vino placed in our hands. what could make such a setting even cooler? flat screen TVs everywhere rocking gwen stefani and lady gaga videos, that's what. 

no joke. this place RULES. to my knowledge there are three locations in palm beach county: jupiter, wellington & boca raton. we went to the boca tipsy. the salon itself is modern, yet inviting and the staff is accommodating and so friendly. we chatted and laughed with our nail techs as much as we did with each other. and my No Room For The Blues pedicure = HOTNESS.

we vow to go back, we must, it was one of the loveliest hours i've had in ages. need a drink AND a mani/pedi?tipsy offers a full range of spa services. & many amazing specials. check it out cookies. 

Contact Tipsy: 
561 333-0413  Wellington
561- 626-6074 Jupiter
561-338-1095  Boca

Mon&Tues 9-9
Wed - Fri 9-10
Sat 9-9
Sun 11-5


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday I got the deliciously correct amount of fruits & veggies. Days like that + a happy 30 minutes of pilates = sunlovey feeeeling good. Will say. Lunch consisted of the delightful little recyclable tray of fruits & cheeses you see below + orange blossom green tea from dear old starbucks. 

Then dinner came along and I set out to make a rockin' salad. Told the german it was sort of like tex mex meets italia. the flavors complemented each other in fierce ways, with each bite i mixed different ingredients for my own experimental pleasure. sounds nuts? try it. fresh mozz with kalamata olive and pickled jalapeño for example? MAD GOOD. 

Here's what it entailed:
-delectably creamy chunks of fresh avocado
-chopped vine-ripe tomatoes
-subtly spicy pickled jalapeños
-tangy sneaky spicy sliced banana pepper
-chunks of white albacore tuna (SO italian, tuna in salad, pasta, etc.)
-pitted kalamata olives (not a major fan of salty, these are the exception)
-fresh buffalo mozzarella (yes, the kind in water)
-chick peas (fiber/protein + filling)

the dressing (tried & true concoction i learned at the italian restaurant i worked at thru college):
-extra virgin olive oil
-balsamic vinegar
-two cloves pressed garlic
-mega splash of organic lemon juice
-a heaping  spoonful of grated parmesan
-chopped fresh basil

so yeah, I crashed last night feeling all was right in the world.  the pilates workout helped for sure (do you do pilates? have you tried? i felt like it was a faster paced, less zen-y yoga = more my style) as did eating so right. & i sacrificed nothing, all was fab. if you are what you eat, i was super green yesterday & i love it. you truly CAN train your body to crave eats that are good for you. don't believe me? i dare you to try.


(that's my sequin animal rodarte for target dress, mad love.)
p.s. *friendly fuel = no animals being sacrificed to rock my palate. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


a bit of #fashionkismet occurred the other day. desperate times called for well, not so desperate measures. simply put they called for me making a mad dash to my happy place. oh yes, target. 
you see, i go there and stroll the isles, in almost every department, picking up this treasure and that until i find myself breathing easily again, until i find myself sort of smiling. then, i cash out & carry on with my day renewed. laugh. i'm serious. ok so on that particular target run i encountered a killer little gothy, frothy frock, yep, in the little girls' section, that would set me back a whopping $12.99. 

while holding it out, admiring it, guestimating how it might fit me, i was spotted! by my senior VP of marketing, with her daughter. "hi... yes it's for me...." she smiled. i love her. a few minutes later i was practically skipping out to my car thinking, "this little (girl) black dress needs a serious dose of blue".  AND JUST as i was thinking this,  a few fashiony miles away, @kris_1 remembered one fabulous little birthday gift she'd forgotten to give me. uh huh, a brilliant blue sequin flower headband. now that's #fashionkismet. she brought said headband to me at my desk upon returning from lunch and watched my eyes light up, "how did you know?" 

So anyway, my studded waist, layers-of-tulle dress got paired up to a lovely pair of pale blue tights i found in my drawer & granny style booties. Then finished off with a faceted blue crystal necklace i acquired from boston proper ages & ages ago. i felt like a dark little harajuku girl and had david gahan's black & blue again in my head all day long...

so yeah, i'll leave you with that. from his solo album, paper monsters:

happy hump day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's freakin' darling isn't it? by brian lichtenberg. she caught flack for wearing it post-golden globes, but whatever. it's hot and adorable. ok, moving on...

<<< ok did i mention i want this too?? i do.
 year after year i lust after the line up at coachella. WHY? why don't i go? i'm looking into it. stay tuned.

 While I'm on the subject. Of want. 

yeah. i want desperately to escape to some place i've never been with brilliant eats, sights & sounds. whilst horizontal feeling sicky yesterday i caught anthony bourdain in istanbul & felt a mad craving. 

somewhat curbed said craving here, at lunch today.

the place is called Fala. it's inexpensive. it's falafel and hummus and tabouleh and tahini and feta etc. so you know, you can't really go wrong. i have had better though. my quest continues...

but all said, there are a million things whirling through my brain. cravings. wants. desires. life is so jam packed with brilliant things to taste and wear and see and hear and do, isn't it? it's never enough.



Saturday, January 16, 2010

GET LOST...  [in it] or found? 

The Middle East
Just thought I would pass along a lovely bit of reflective sound I recently received. Talk about #musickismet! I hear them one fine day on XMU, fast forward a bit & they've landed in my email inbox. And I'm like oh yeah.... that band.  Meet The Middle East. An Australian band rumored to play this years SXSW in Austin.   I must say I'm smitten with the artistic dreaminess of The Middle East's video for Blood. And the song itself takes me some place similar to the cerebral locale Band of Horses did & does... I'm thinking that The Middle East is so right for a rainy day, for laying low, for THINKING, for a hangover...

Dig it? It's yours:

find them here:

revel in your saturday kiddos. wear something awesome. drink something amazing. eat something fabulous. go some place killer. & of course, listen to something that moves you, literally or figuratively.


Friday, January 15, 2010


ah... it's friday. a great time to groove to awesome sounds & think about all the things i enjoyed wearing this week. spring '10 wardrobe must-gets are bearing down on us, but let's live in THIS MOMENT for a sec, ok?

it's not new, but it's still love... layers of ruffly raw tulle, taffeta, etc. finished with a pyramid stud belt, bitches. yeah. look for loads of confectionery tulle & ruffles and such in spring '10 too.

Purple buckle booties ruled 
with my frothy frock + argyle tights. 
oh how i've adored tights this season! & will continue to do so...

Glitterati Glam Nails
everywhere i go, high, low, i'm snatching up major glitter-packed polishes. and every time i get home from such acquisitions i'm layering on more coats to my already sparkling fingers. LOVE.

& while we're on the subject of hands—fingerless gloves = MUST. love how they look. love how they free you of feeling tactilely challenged... Yeah. THEY RULE.

girl. (& boys) i adore this thing. thank you GOD & FATE for the cold front. also, thank you for the surge of faux offerings as of late. 

OMG SHINE. Please stay. Please. I beg. Know what? It's staying in my closet. It's lived there forever & thanks to recent surges in such offerings, it's grown. Worn with a sweater tunic that covered my bum.  


admittedly i'm addicted to gray. it very nearly competes with black in my wardrobe.  But like black, gray can use an injection of splashy flash at times. in walks sequin-packed animal tank to save the day. oh, and studs on gray denim don't hurt either. Nor do...

layer 'em on. revel in their bold, blingy goodness. i am. 
you. must. get. rhinestones.  




Wednesday, January 13, 2010

can you handle it? you've (or rather, I'VE) got six options to choose from. i want to hear your thoughts, damn it.
the superfluous dilemma...

A. The Manhattan
So yeah, know me & know i'm NOT a fan of earthtones, browns, neutrals. Not leaning towards this one... break the mold?

B. The Jewel
Classic & timeless & all that.
Romantic & femme. A girl can never have too many such shoes, right?

C. The Corinna
She's got character. She's got a granny quality about her that i always fall for. While the trimmings and cut-outs give her a modern sensibility.

D. The Vixen
Holy hot. Mad metallic. But then, sort of romantic when it comes to the peep toe. Practical? Think "sunlovey practical" when considering this.

E. The Harley
Oh hot damn! How my heart pulls for this biker chick beauty. Strappy buckled bondage bad a$$-ness.

E. Just Say PEACE

To all of them & be a good girl who doesn't acquire any of the above. Because after all, any minute now it's going to 85 degrees here in sunny south florida & i won't be sporting any of these.

by voting i mean comment below.


(this non-crisis, non-issue in light of all that is more important in the world was brought to you by an email to me from Shoe Dazzle.)

oh and just a little reminder:


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The sun shined down on me today 

I have been craving a good live show so so badly lately. And Florida just hasn't been producing any. I was just recently in touch with the person that books APTBS shows, venting to him via email about the fact that while they WERE gracing the oft-neglected sunshine state with (a single) show, that show was in Tallahassee, which is practically Alabama and totally inaccessible for MOST of the state. I KNOW we are a difficult-to-reach peninsula, I realize a CRAP LOAD of elderly live here, but c'mon. There are masses of  music loving non-elderly here too. He kindly replied   to my small rant with a "we're looking into adding an Orlando date." For real, I figured he was just trying to shut me up. But low and behold. It's true. Sunday April 4th, Back Booth. If you live in Florida and dig APTBS you had better show up. I'm driving three hours. So can you. We have    GOT to make bands know they are desired down here. That we'll make it worth their inconvenience to get down here. HAVE GOT TO. The show's a mere $12 bucks. Seriously. Cough up the cash for a ticket, get yourself some earplugs (if you're the slighest bit adverse to BIG BLARING SOUND, ( they're known as the loudest band in New York)  and show up.
Have seen them live once already, at NYU back in March of '09. Was blown AWAY. Both literally and figuratively. Stunned by the degree to which they rocked, but further, insanely amazed by what goes into creating their distinctive sound. At one point the guys were on the floor plugging all these wires in to their guitars, into pedals, make a noise you'll have to experience in person to grasp. A cacophony of sound that is, in the end, beautifully LOUD.  


Be there or be square, Florida.


*** p.s. massive, heartfelt prayers go out to Haiti & its people in the aftermath of a sudden, intense earthquake today. let's join together and find a way to help that poor, suffering country.  UPDATE: text HAITI to 90999 to instantly donate $10 to relief efforts. This minimal amount will be tacked on to your next cell phone bill, but will help immensely. Strength in numbers, boys & girls! ***