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Below you'll find all 40 something tweets i sent out, yes, to twitter, pre, during and after the show. i had to document it all somehow. they should be read from bottom to top if you care anything about order. and some made it to the web OUT of order, so that further funks things up, but what must be said is. they did it again. blew me away fully.  Italics in parentheses explain all things that might not make sense to someone outside my own head.

show was BRILLIANT. brain is DONE. can't sleep til i figure one song out... from web (was referring to The Unforgettable Fire, lyrics whirling through my brain, couldn't sleep)   from web (we grabbed veggie burritos here post show, YUM)

Shahala has some bad ass sound. from txt (refers to 3 min. electronic brillance at the end of Franz Ferdinand's Lucid Dreams, blared in her car with a killer system)
They look good. from txt (they all came out at the end, and well, looked good!)
Moment of surrender from txt
Like a disco ball from txt (there WAS in fact, a disco ball casting sparkles on us all)
With or without you ... No joke. from txt
Sometimes i feel like i don't know sometimes i feel like checking out from txt (from Ultra Violet)

And when i go there i go there with you its all i can do from txt (from where the streets have no name, obviously)
That is an unbelievable noise you make -BONO from txt (Bono said this in response to our insane applause near the end.)
Where the streets have no name bitches!!! from txt (Someone was a little excited...)
Amazing grace from txt (sang a verse, so did the entire stadium, holy)
ONE from txt (played it, was awesome)
Lift her up from txt (Click here for more info )
Messages. They teach. WALK ON. from txt (U2 shows broaden the mind)

Your love is teaching me how to kneel from txt (Hello, Hello I'm at a place called Vertigo)
So much GLITTER from txt (Visually sparkly and stunning, constantly)
How long must we sing this song? Wipe your tears away... Get up stand up for your rights. from txt (Sunday Bloody Sunday extended with some Marley, cool.)
Sunday bloody effin sunday from txt (excuse my slightly veiled French)
Its not a hill its a mountain as you start the climb. from txt (from song: I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight)

Just give me what i want and no one gets hurt. from txt (from Vertigo.)
VERTIGO from txt

You see the beauty inside of me. What happened to the beauty inside of me? from txt (from City of Blind Lights)
The cure likeness is sick on this song. Always loved. from txt (Referring to music parts of The Unforgettable Fire here)
City of blinding light is always gorgeous from txt
:-) walk on by walk on through from txt (Lyrics FROM The Unforgettable Fire)
Edge is a real bad ass. from txt (He's one hell of a guitarist, goes without saying though, doesn't it?)
Planet earth looks so great but also so fragile. ELEVATION! from txt (as said by Guy Laliberte, orbiting the earth, via satellite, on a mission to teach us about water. madness)

I took your money i spiked your drink... from txt (Lyrics FROM The Unforgettable Fire)
Talking about how precious water is on the planet. Cirque de soliel. from txt (
Magnificent from txt (and it truly was!)
Forgive am rusty - no line on the horizon. from txt (meant I was rusty on songs from newest album, No Line on the Horizon, not as familiar)
Stand by me... from txt (Went into singing this post 'Still Haven't Found...')
Still haven't found what i'm looking for!! from txt
You've got to get yourself together you got stuck in a moment. from txt
I love BONO from txt (He should bottle & sell charm and charisma.)
Its a beautiful day... from txt (This song uplifts, even when it's 97 degrees)

Darling take a walk... from txt (The intro to Mysterious Ways caused my heart to erupt)
Welcome to the church of U2. Strange killer vibe in effect. from txt (Their shows, as I've said, are so spiritual & euphoric.)
Edge too. Killer. from txt (Then out came The Edge, then the show exploded!!!!)
And clayton and BONO. from txt (Then bassist and Bono.)
Mullins on stage. Holy sh!t. from txt (Drummer walked out first, onto the stage of all stages.)
p.s. Am a bucs fan now because their pirate sh!t is so cool. from txt (Tampa's football stadium is so killer, with its own gigantic pirate ship & so many skull & crossbones.)
Star light IS bad ass. Holy you know what. #muse from txt (So glad Muse played this.)
Tampa is insane. Thousands converging on this city for the show. from txt (Traffic coming into Tampa alluded to something amazing on the horizon.)

Actual setlist in its correct order:
Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

the last photo is of Steph & I just before the show, she and I went to see U2 together back when I'd just turned 16. 17 YEARS AGO!!! sorry if this blog post's too unconventially cluttery for you. welcome to my head. :-)


p.s. we BLOODY FORGOT OUR CANON, thus, no video. woe is me. seriously.  

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