Thursday, October 29, 2009

NARC's & Control-less Girls Unite
Just as I say Shop Your Closet. I should also say Shop Your Own Itunes Library. Like my closet, my itunes library is a treasure trove of sound, rather than threads. And whenever I get the slightest bit sick of whatever's been on continuous play, I scan my endless list of songs, randomly zero in on one and hit that killer little genius button that I've told you about before. BAM! Awesome mix in effect. I bring you the NARC mix & the She's Lost Control mix. My intention is that you read my comments behind each song, and hopefully seek out the ones that taunt you. I link you to youtube videos of many. Please click when inspired.


NARC - Interpol - Antics (BEST BASS LINE EVER. OK, for Interpol at least)

Like Eating Glass - Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (1st Bloc Party song I ever heard, instantly sold, haunting & killer )

The End Of The World - The Cure (From their "angry" album, as I call it, great angst, love you Robert!)

Our Swords - Band Of Horses - Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (Reflective, folksy brilliance)

Irish Blood, English Heart (Live In Manchester) - Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentors (He expresses his anger SO well, so eloquently, LOVES IT)

Retreat (Phones Remix) - The Rakes - Retreat EP (Frenetic awesomeness)

Finding Out True Love Is Blind - Louis XIV - (You're going to LOVE the beat, can't get their live performance of this out of my head, only The German knows why )

L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever) - Kasabian - Kasabian (Classic British-ness )

The Funeral - Band of Horses - Everything All the Time (Haunting & emotional)

Transmission - Joy Division - Substance 1977-1980 (Classic, post-punk with more great bass )

NYC - Interpol - 22 (It's his voice! And well, the music!)

Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors - The Editors - An End Has A Start (SO MUCH EMOTION, BEAUTIFUL & TRAGIC )

Still in Love Song - The Stills - Rememberese (Gorgeous reflection. The chorus haunts.)

Public Pervert - Interpol - Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) (Slow & smart)

Hard to Explain - The Strokes - Is This It (Oh Julian+, you can do no wrong.)

7/4 (shoreline) - Broken Social Scene - (Get lost in all the layers)

I interrupt this music blog for a bit of fashion just because i want to tell you about an item of clothing that I'm mad glad I bought last year, in two colors, and plan, after today, to get in more... it's that genius! there it is, the word genius used, now THREE times, in one blog.

American Apparel's shiny ruched tube bra rocks. As evidenced by the following photographic proof:

Cute little dress, no?

But what the hell, when it comes to bra options? Back goes way too low for strapless. Leaves one with no choice but to FLAUNT whatever undergarment they're wearing. Thus, GOLD LAMÉ. Then there's that pesky super plunging neckline VS dress I wore to ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL this year. Solution:

The trusty lamé bandeau bra strikes again! p.s. My cheesy smile & product placement is intentional. Every time I get my hands on a new beverage I insist upon someone taking my [new beverage] photo almost immediately. One day, if you're super lucky, I'll post them all in a blog for your enjoyment.

OK, back to sounds, as originally intended.

She's Lost ControlMIX

She's Lost Control - Joy Division - Substance 1977-1980 (A song we girls strangely don't mind relating to, so insanely good)

Join in the Chant - Nitzer Ebb - That Total Age (Can you handle it? )

The Perfect Kiss - New Order -International - The Best of New Order (Vintage New Order= my purest happy place)

Strangelove - Depeche Mode - Singles 1986-1998 (Vintage DM = my guilty pleasure )

Everyday Is Like Sunday - Morrissey - Viva Hate (Because his whining is pure brilliance)

Wake Up - Arcade Fire - Funeral (ANTHEM-LIKE GRANDNESS )

Can't Stand Me Now - The Libertines - The Libertines - Single (Annoyingly charming)

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division - Permanent (Brutally so very honest & raw)

Push - The Cure - The Head On The Door (What is it about it, that gives me chills every time? )
Master and Servant - Depeche Mode - 101 (Martin's fetishes are our gain)

An End Has a Start - Editors - An End Has a Start (So true. So good.)

Night On Fire - VHS or Beta - Night On Fire (If it doesn't make you move, we're not friends. )

Get Myself Into It - The Rapture - Pieces of the People We Love (Same exact sentiment, move to it.)

10:15 Saturday Night - The Cure - Boys Don`t Cry (Drip drip drip drip drip...)

Ceremony - New Order - International - The Best of New Order (They killed it in their day, evidence.)

U.R.A. Fever - The Kills- Midnight Boom (THIS SONG IS SO DAMNED HOT.)

Everyday is Halloween - Ministry - 27 (Freak anthem. Oh how I miss THIS Ministry)

Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy - Wild Birds 1985-1995 (Moody emotional gothy goodness)

Suedehead - Morrissey - Viva Hate (Morrissey, get better & keep bringing us your endearing honesty)

p.s. The golden ruched bandeau will be utilized once again beneath my GREEN FAIRY costume. See what I mean? I need it in every color. (i DO have it in silver already.)


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