Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Can I just gush about clothes tonight? Cool, thanks. It was another off evening tonight and I'm just now sitting here sipping MUCH needed vino, post a FAB salad to ramble away like I promised. I'll talk about clothes, then I'll tell you about my salad, fair enough?

So... as some of you know I finally got my hands on a Anna Sui for Target gossip girl -inspired dress. And while MUCH of that collection leaves something to be desired, this dress is just exceptional. Really. Feels so structured and the details (Swiss dots, herringbone, velvet ribbon, STUDS GALORE) are hot AND flattering. I love it. I do. And that's the thing about these Target lines. There are always gems amongst stuff you really feel like the actual designer being featured had nothing to do with. I've gotten amazing pieces from Luella Bartley, Proenza Schouler, Libertine, Alexander McQueen, the list goes on and on... I promise to tell you as new insane designers launch their lines at Target. Prepare for stress though. These collections sell out in seconds. Then end up on ebay as I mentioned, for loads more than original price.

Moving on... got a package in the mail yesterday from Forever 21 Never underestimate Forever 21. Never. Anyway, the package contained three items. And I opened each in awe. I do have a knack for choosing the unusual and unique. This time I felt like I'd outdone myself on some level. Again, tons of structure, mad detail. Volume.  Looking at all three items I thought to myself "I have NO idea how these are going to look on." And "I was in some mood when I placed this order." Check 'em out: khaki and neutral shades in general usually cause me to cringe. But this top, with its massive metal clasp and exposed zip front with a crisp ruffle hem AND a killer pyramid stud belt was a MUST GET.

Then there's the hook-and-eye front, tent-material midnight blue corset style top with a voluminous hem and sick twill tape ribbon accenting. It has boning for shape and it's truly couture like, I'm in love.

And man oh man, last and certainly the most fun and quirky, my tutu-esque beautiful blue layered tulle party skirt. I zipped it on and swirled and swirled. Tried to capture that in my photos, the swirling I mean. I've wanted a skirt like this for ages, literally. YAY.

I really NEED to take a break from buying. While I'm a SMART hunter & gatherer, I do it TOO often. So... upcoming fashion blogs SHOULD be about creating looks from within my own closet. Wish me luck on that.


p.s. U2 is day after tomorrow. :-)

another p.s.
the salad!!! chopped tomato, avocado, toasted pinenuts, gorgonzola cheese, chick peas, sweet golden corn and romaine + homemade garlic vinaigrette. aw yeah. photo tomorrow. won't LOAD TONIGHT!!!?!?! UGH.

ha, but ANOTHER p.s. i think the moral of this blog, or the gist, what have you, is, that we often get super comfortable in what we seek out for our wardrobes. know what works for us and stick to it. sometimes it's fun and it's always exciting to leave that comfort zone. to blaze a new trail and put on something that might not be what makes you look the skinniest, or feel the safest, but rather, makes you feel like a rebel. and like you're dressing outside of the box. try it. you might like it. i always have. ;-)

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