Tuesday, October 06, 2009

And I've just now downloaded it. It's about to burn to a CD that I will pop in my car and blare on my way into work tomorrow. It's almost like I'm set up for some form of disappointment as I've heard only the highest praise for this album and love their self titled first release a little too much. Thus, expectations are UP. DANGEROUS. Will it capture me as their first album did? I'm seriously scared. Stay tuned for a full review. Sorry to somewhat crap out on today's blog, but people, I've spent mucho hours in a salon chair tonight and I'm FRIED. I promise to bring you much rambling tomorrow ok?


1st addendum- No need for fear. Shame on me for doubting. On track two and am feeling it right out of the gate. Why can't Tallahassee be closer? (A Place to Bury Strangers is playing there THIS Thursday night. And quite possibly coming to a city near you. If you're prepared for LOUD BRILLIANT SOUND, go!)

2nd addendum- Bought the album from Shock Hound yesterday. Wandered over to itunes today and noticed they're selling Exploding Head with 12 tracks, as opposed to Shock Hound's 10 tracks. Curious...   Track 11 on itunes is You Still Love Me and track 12 is Alive. MUST GET.

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