Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ah yes, i'm escaping...
for a full week into the crisp, autumn-leaf drenched,  laid back and cozy Georgia Mountains. This will be my third trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia and the fabulously killer cabins that are quite literally ABOVE THE REST .

Just a wee hour north of the ATL, the land of Trader Joe's galore , you arrive. You breathe in. SUPER. FRESH AIR. And that's when it happens. You feel the stress & B.S. of everyday traffic, cubicles & meetings vanish. GONE. POOF. It totally helps if you stock up on a fair amount of vino & prosecco at the above mentioned Trader Joe's. Gosh I love Trader Joe's. Can I say Trader Joe's one more time? If you live in a state where Trader Joe's exists and you don't shop there I'm going to smack you. Great eats. Great buys. The ideal place to acquire ALL you need + delectable things you don't, that you couldn't have even imagined, for your mountain holiday. 

OK, back to Blue Ridge. 
Lovely mountains, quaint towns. LUXE cabins. Listen, Above the Rest's rentals are so incredibly appointed and equipped. They probably shouldn't even be referred to as cabins. Wine glasses? Check. Hot tub? Check. Pool tables, rocking chairs on amazing porches with insane views. Check. Check. Check. And the price? So right it's wrong. I'm so nervous to type this blog. Please don't change, Above the Rest. I beg. You are loved. And I anxiously await reacquainting myself with you for one glorious week with my fabulous family this Thanksgiving. 

Tip: There is not a bad time to visit. Each season offers its own rewards. Spring= flowers & temperate weather. Summer = tubing & a lovely escape from summer's heat. Fall= changing leaves, festivals, harvests. Winter= just the right amount of snow. 

Plus: Most of Above the Rest's cabins allow pets! Isn't that awesome? 

Must do whilst there: shop downtown Blue Ridge, visited the kitschy pseudo-German Helen, stroll the quaint town of Dahlonega, check out water falls, eat BBQ, pan for gold, on, and on and on... 

Questions? ASK. Would absolutely LOVE to tell you more. 


p.s. We've stayed at both Tranquility and Timberline. This time, because I procrastinated and the above cabins are already booked, we'll be making Deer Crossing our cozy little retreat. 

another p.s. wanna go here? tell them sunlovey sent you, please! 
:-) thanks. 


  1. Looks gorgeous! My favorite aunt lives in ATL, I should suggest this as a next family getaway!

  2. you totally should. this area is so peaceful and quaint and charming and and and gosh. can't wait for november!

  3. We have 2 gorgeous cabin rentals in Blue Ridge GA. Please visit our website. Marian, http://www.CabinsPlusMore.com

  4. Athens, GA is one of the best towns ever. Must eat at Last Resort. Ah... how I miss it.

  5. I wish Blue Ridge and Athens were closer together! They're not. LOVE that place too.


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