Monday, October 19, 2009

  1. Notes from  THE BRAVERY SHOW recorded via tweets Friday night 10/16/09, remember, read from bottom to top if you care about sequential-ness 
  2.  Just left the bravery show and it restored my love. Their new material is so inventive and intense. from txt (what can i say, i thought i'd fallen out of love, i was wrong. they rocked!)

  3. Ultimately you're a different person with different people. Its true. Think about it. from txt 

    (has nothing to do with the show, just a thought i had whilst driving home from show)

  4. Fearless!!! from txt

    (what a killer ending. crowd went insane. almost made not getting tyrant bearable)

  5. Damn the beat! Killer. Dr who feel?! from txt

    (referring to I Have Seen The Future, new song, was Sci Fi insane!!!! Dying for new album.)

  6. I have seen the future - new. Cool layers and undertones. from txt

    (have to reiterate here, new material didn't bore me, even though it was unfamiliar, kicked @$$ right out of the gate)

  7. Not looking good for tyrant @kris_1 from txt

    (Tyrant, live, is a delicious rarity it seems, i didn't hold out hope & thus, i wasn't too disappointed.)

  8. You know what's next... Yes, honest mistake. from txt

    (And the crowd went ape sh!t )

  9. Violin bow on guitar from txt

    (LOVE LOVE LOVE Michael Zakarin's inventiveness, his creativity. oh and as i tweeted, his hair. )

  10. Slow poison from txt

    (I thought I really liked Slow Poison. Hearing it live it WAS good, but other new stuff was BETTER. )

  11. They're so much better in a small venue headlining from txt

    (Last time I saw them they were opening for Linkin Park. Dumb. I left just after they played that night.)

  12. Time won't let me go - so so right on. from txt

    (REALLY FELT this song. Felt the emotion in it.)

  13. Swollen summer from txt

    (They tore this up. They seem to have a soft spot for their debut album. Which is smart.)

  14. Have so missed their bass lines from txt

    (In many of their songs, the bass line MAKES it. it grooves.)

  15. Every word from your mouth is a knife in my ear from txt

    (His pain is our gain.)

  16. Quietly from txt

    (He seemed shy.)

  17. The bassist sings. from txt

    (Mike Hindert)

  18. Red hands white knuckles. Great BASS and beat. from txt

    (Please please please be as good on the album as it was live.)

  19. New stuff rules yay! from txt

    (Was very pleasantly surprised by this. It's always a risk for bands to play stuff their fans don't know yet.)

  20. Z's hair rocks again. from txt

    (Yeah, am referring to Michael Zakarin here.)

  21. Believe. This one goes out to magnetic fields. Did he say that? from txt

    (Must figure out why he dedicated it to them. At least I think he did. I do LIKE Magnetic Fields. Esp. Please Stop Dancing...)

  22. ps platinum hair implants and baby pink backless sequin top waiting in the wings on stage. Who with? from txt

    (EEEEEK is all i'm going to say.)

  23. Some mystery shit. Hate EFF. from txt

    (Sam said, "We're going to play some old sh!t. Some new sh!t. Some mystery sh!t!" then laughed. then said "This is HATEF#CK".)

  24. I'm stingy with words all binge no purge. from txt

    (Lyrics from Public Service Announcement.)

  25. Sam is so skinny and channeling an 80s musician i can't place? from txt

    (Sam Endicott was looking kinda Dexy's Midnight Runners)

  26. Unconditional then no brakes from txt

    (Back to back self titled album songs started the show off right!!! Instantly glad I dragged myself there.)


    (Between bands. Getting drinks. Sweating in Mid October. NOT COOL.)

  28. Keyboard with hand pedal is cool. from txt

    (Refers to singer of Crash Kings.)

  29. Crash kings from txt

  30. Dustys from txt

    (They were alright.)

  31. The things i do for bands. from txt

    (Going to a show that's sold out, mad crowded and HOT when I feel feverish already.)


    p.s. this video's not quality. the GOOD video has NO SOUND. camera was on mute entire show. LAME. :-(


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