Thursday, October 22, 2009

 THE ShoeDazzle Saga Continues...

GOT MY EMAIL! Got all jittery! What a jolt of endorphins I felt making their way to my brain as I clicked through to see "MY showroom".  OK, I'm feeling like this was SO worth it. The shoes... 

Quite cute right? Minus the flats. OK, even they're cute, for flats. Thing is, I was instantly drawn to the first pair, I'm not a huge pink girl but they're hot, so bright, a great heel and 10% of proceeds go to Susan G. Komen. They'd lend a burst of delicious POP to my sea-of-black wardrobe. The problem? On back order. Infinitely. The second pair? Pretty OK. Great height, just not special enough. The third? While yes, I'm hearing nudes are hot, I HATE EARTH TONES. So they were a no. If only they were another hue... like turquoise! Fifth pair? Just not high enough. Sixth pair. LOVE LOVE LOVE. But does sunlovey really need another black peep-toe? Perhaps they'll be my ones that got away... because in the end, I requested new selections. Not that I'm NOT impressed. I think I am! I simply had to see what else was out there. Curiosity would have killed me. I specified a love for metallics and WOW details. And said not to even bother sending me another flat, EVER AGAIN. So... let's see. This is too fun. Oh come on, get in on it if you're tempted! Because I love seeing the selections they send to others! (Checked out both Debbie's & Margaret's). 


p.s. Kim K., I'm sorry for doubting you. 
I think! 


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