Monday, October 05, 2009

Hola all! Another Monday. Quite a bit of craftiness to ramble on about! The first weekend of October was a lovely one, albeit TOO HOT. On Saturday me & a few of my fave cookies headed to Delray Beach for Stitch Rock '09. Krista & I went last year, so when I noticed it was happening again, just a short few days before the actual event, we dropped everything to make sure we were there. Such a cool, eclectic little indie craft fair. So quirky, killer, refreshing. While the bazaar has come and gone, I thought I'd link you to the list of vendors, as MOST sell on Etsy so they're accessible to all. Saw SO many cool things, got SO many good ideas.

My one petite splurge was at C.A.B. Fayre's booth. And trust me, I could have easily dropped a couple hundred $$, cleaned her out! I tempered myself. I'm still seeing the necklaces I didn't get from C.A.B. Fayre when I close my eyes and it hurts me so!

While a great deal of the designer's creations are of a skull, spider, goth nature, she displayed some seriously INCREDIBLE pieces crafted from vintage finds that were so architectural and sophisticated, picture mixed metal scrolls, chains, pearls, hinges, brooches. I will follow her creations from here on out and hope to acquire more of her pieces to add to the two I got. It's LOVE.

I interrupt myself to ask you if you've had these???
candy corn-like hershey's kisses. so fun. find & eat!

I was fiercely drawn to another booth thanks to its theatrical  Marie Antoinette-with-a-twist purveyor, a tall and animated blonde with a huge beehive swarming with feathery plumes, flowers, butterflies & glitter!!! Eclectic Boogaloo was the name. No joke. And every single one of us left that booth with a fun hair accessory. Mine? A vision of blue & green feathers and vintage sparkling crystals to clip in my hair & wow myself at my leisure. ;-) 

Got another campy little hair accessory and feel absolutely horrible for not remembering which vendor i got it from... gotta LOVE a black satin bow with a sparkling mini tiara attached... if it came from your booth, claim it!

There was, as I said, MUCH coolness at Stitch Rock. Oftentimes though, we felt things were overpriced for what they were. Indie doesn't = overpriced. I do realize crafting takes time and effort. And accumulating a booth's worth of vintage goods does too, if quite a bit less. Being a cha-ching conscious shopaholic, I did pass on much. Overall, such a brilliant event though! Will find my way back to it as long as they keep doing it.


Special thanks  to Felt and Paper AND Sky Clad for the following fun treats in my SWAG BAG ;-)

(Photo of moi, in one of my C.A.B. Fayre necklaces consisting of layers of chains & vintage rhinestones, additional C.A.B. Fayre photos are from her myspace page)

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