Sunday, October 25, 2009

The ShoeDazzle 
Story Takes a Harrowing Turn
So there has been some major improvement in my custom "shoe showroom". So improved that I can't bloody decide which to go with. I have eliminated one pair. Can you guess which? Yep, the gold. I abhor them for some reason. And trust me, metallics for me are like a flame for a moth. But they're just not floating my boat. The studded black cut-out booties? A couple months ago, YES. Now? Kinda tired of the style. I can blame the nature of my industry for that. Should I get over it? I mean, they ARE really hot... The killer red platforms with golden soles and tonal textured stripes? SO BAD TO THE BONE. But what percentage of my wardrobe will work with them? I suppose ANYthing black. Or denim. They are truly amazing, they are. What's with me being so practical!?  The tri-color patent round-toes? DARLING. Seriously. Fresh. So fun. Again, somewhat limited when it comes to the wardrobe, but they certainly could liven up all the GREY my closet seems to be so freakin' fond of. And last and most definitely what I'm leaning towards most, the pewter screw-studded croco-inset pointed toes. They get to me in big ways. I think in this case it's the screws, the croco, the metallic-ness. I'm so nowhere near narrowing this down for myself. I could see myself doing my best to rock all four.  What do YOU think? This is so UN-ME asking for other's fashion input. SOS.  :-)


p.s. wish to be in similar shoe turmoil? ;-)


  1. My vote: #2 by far! They will be an awesome alternative to the winter boot staple.


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