Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i did it. i wore a maxi dress. they've been HOT for like two+ years now. i never gave in. but THIS maxi dress. well, it's a killer grey color and the neckline is comprised of INSANE pewter-colored metal rings. got it from boston proper with the intention of cutting it into a mini. but i tried it on and i thought, "give it a go sarah." it came with a self sash belt. BLAH. i switched that out for a fun pyramid stud belt i got with a twelve by twelve top from forever 21 i have, put on my pyramid stud stretch bracelet, my HIGHEST heels and rocked it. HA. no really, i felt weird all day. a handful of people i ran into actually stopped in their tracks and said "i've never ever seen you in a long dress before sarah." so i did conclude, as i presumed i would, that i'm definitely a mini girl. do you think i should take scissors to my killer rings maxi? weigh in. 



  1. Debbie8:30 PM

    No don't cut. U looked sooo pretty!

  2. thank you debbie. very much. we'll see...

  3. I like it long. Very glam & sophisticated. Versatile-u could go beachy and wear wedge espadrilles or dressy w/ heels or boots.

  4. Anonymous3:16 AM

    I love the dress. You never know when you'll be in a maxi mood again. I vote keep it...though I would die if you figured out a way to turn that neck detail into its own necklace!

  5. It's good to throw everyone for a loop every once in a while- keep it long:-)

  6. Ha ha ha. Susannah you KNOW i've been loop throwing for ages! ;-)


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