Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going Out On 

a Limb for Shoes....
This could totally suck. I realize that. But I'm intrigued. 
Here's what I did. Got an email earlier today from my evil little co-worker, Debbie. She's not really evil but she DOES know sending me shopping sites tends to get me in trouble.  She's the lovely little culprit of my addiction. So here's the email I got, thanks Debbie! ;-P

Debbie Soles wanted to tell you about Here's her message: "Hey! I wanted to share this amazing shoe site called ShoeDazzle, where you get custom shoe selections picked by fashion stylists. It's an interesting concept, started by Kim Kardashian. Just joined, so haven't bought anything yet but could be fun!"      

 More About ShoeDazzle:  Founded by Kim Kardashian, ShoeDazzle is the world's premier shoe society. For $39 a month and no obligation, members receive: 
5 personalized shoe recommendations selected by our professional stylists
One pair of fabulous shoes
Free Shipping
Exclusive access to fashion tips and tricks from Kim and the ShoeDazzle stylists
A no-obligations guarantee 

No obligation guarantee eh? Need to complete a fun little fashiony survey where I get to click on gorgeous photos of runway looks, celebrities and shoes? Just $39 a pair??? OK. I'm in. I am not good at reading the fine print but it seems to say and Ms. Debbie's confirmed, that I can cancel at anytime if all the shoes they spit out at me suck. 

We're both a bit weary, and justly so, about the quality of their selections ($39 is CHEAP). We have no idea what to expect. But, it's a fun little experiment. So why not? Dying to know what Kim Kardashian (wink. wink. wasn't born yesterday!!) and her team of expert shoe stylists are going to pick out for moi. The survey was fun though! And it does feel quite cool to be a part of "The World's Premiere Shoe Society!" 

Do know, NO ONE has put me up to writing this blog post. If ShoeDazzle blows, I'm totally going to tell you.


p.s. i have to wait a day or so to get my picks, hold tight!

another p.s. they're @shoedazzle on twitter &


UPDATE: near superfluous tears here! where's MY shoe dazzle email!? another friend got hers. oh woe is me!


  1. wow cool ! I will look at the website for sure :)

  2. HA HA HA. Oh no! I could end up being responsible for you needing more SHOE STORAGE! ;-)


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