Monday, October 19, 2009

So yeah, I've got quite a few t-shirts, mostly band t-shirts, that are men's size small or the like. I buy them on a passionate whim because I love whatever band at hand, am generally motivated by a great show & want, no, NEED something to remember it by, right then.  However, these men's size small t-shirts fit me like crap. And yet, I continue to accumulate them. Surprise surprise. 

Have been doing some research on tee reconstruction, or as some call it, tee surgery & have found some mad cool techniques. Decided to dig in and give it a go Sunday when I was couch bound. However, was scared to cut into one of my ill-fitting band tees right away, first go. So I dug up a little boy's crew-neck tee I'd bought in a 3-pack awhile back (a different crafty idea, used one for Indian block stamping). 

First things first I chopped off the sleeves. Being a little boy's t-shirt they were an odd length anyway. And I prefer tanks. Then I flipped it over and cut several horizontal slashes across the back. 

Then thought, now what? Think. Think. Think. T-shirt flowers! A raw-edged flippy little corsage of them at the shoulder. YES!
I cut out two sets of three flowers each, in graduating sizes. Then sewed each set of three flowers together by hand. Next, I sewed both flower trios to the tee itself. 

Don't think I'm done. But need to try it on before I do anything else. Think of altering the neckline. Adding some stitching to the back slashes, a patch? Studs? Who knows. 

Then, it's time to dig into a band tee. My plan is to tackle ruching ASAP. 

Made anything cool lately? If no, do. It's good for the brain.


p.s. when i do more to this tee turned tank, i'll post more photos.

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