Wednesday, October 28, 2009

IT'S NOT BLACK ALRIGHT?! (It's hunter.)
OK, I've learned my lesson. I really have. I neglect way too much in my closet, on Websites & real live stores that isn't INKy & ONYXy. I'm going to do better. I really am. I got lost in a season in which fashion went totally ROCK&ROLL. I'm so hook, line & sinker sometimes. And I'm learning, RIGHT HERE, to correct that. Really. I will reach for attire that isn't JET BLACK, put it on, wear it. Sometimes.  And I'll add BRILLIANT POPS of color to all my inkiness. I commit to it. I promise. Just give me back my black. 

Alright. That rant was necessary. Tomorrow I'll wear color.


(Vintage pin & feather hair accessory acquired at Stitch Rock. Necklace from Forever 21 of course, the site & store I totally recommend you get your accessories of the more "trendy" nature. Insanely gorgeous photo of chica in black & blue courtesy of Elle's November issue.)

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